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  1. Hey Mike I've been visiting the site for a long time . Todays posts are a world away from the days when the bulls used to charge through. Its a terrible shame those in power didn't act when it was obvious what was in store. Mr Joe.
  2. Yikes doesn't time fly! Not so many bulls around these days Expensive property prices were the reason this site started. How long ago was that! Its hard to believe its taken so long to get the turnaround we always believed would happen. Mr Joe.
  3. Up and down like a Brides nightie Boy this site is great! So long watching and waiting. This last twelve months in particular has been very entertaining regarding stock market threads. Mr Joe.
  4. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6906914.stm Mr Joe.
  5. Where have all the old skool bulls gone? Mr Joe.
  6. Good luck Yogi. I hope you enjoy your new purchase. Mr Joe.
  7. There is a certain irony that low interest rates perpetuated HPI. Low interest rates are ok as long as the credit associated with them is controlled. Mr Joe.
  8. I lost my job in 1999 being made redundant after 8 years of service (IT). Had periods of unemployment and short term contracts until 2003. Ironically I am earning 12k less today than I was in 1998. Living with the uncertainty of job security is one of the factors that stopped my buying. These days its a case of affordability. Keep smiling. Mr Joe.
  9. As a long time member of this forum I certainly cannot remember a better week on HPC. I believe next year the property market will be a completely different landscape. Keep saving and feel confident you didn't buy into the madness. Mr Joe.
  10. Another one bites the dust. Stay around mate and the best of luck. Mr Joe.
  11. Apparently this is the boom that will break all the rules and not bust. This seems to be the opinion of many people I speak with even at this point in time. I really cannot understand why so many people think buying property is a free ticket to easy wealth? Many people see property as their pension fund and appear happy to subsidise any short fall from rents. Whatever I think or feel the lamp that is property ownership still continues to attract the moths. Mr Joe.
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