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  1. Once you go 10+ miles north of Cambridge the rents are perfectly reasonable. Unlike central London where you are having to go 50 miles + to find sane rental prices.
  2. I'm no way some Eurosceptic ranter but your points on the Eurozone are very valid. I was explaining to a Greek man last week about Britain's disastorous experience in returning to the Gold Standard inthe late 20s. The chanellor who put us on it was Winston Churchill. And like the modern founders of the Euro was a big picture politician looking at the long term global consequences rather than the practical economic damage that resutled from currency over-valuation. The experience taught Churchill to defer to advisors on economic matters in future. Similarly the Euro politicians like Kohl and MItterand ignored the advice of Brussels technocrats and took a punt. They were more interested in grandoise dreams on a united Europe than mass unemployment.
  3. Interestingly if you watch some of the school's programmes that come on later in the morning, the presenters and narrators speak to their audinece in a less patronsing and grown up manner than GMTV (and are a fraction of the cost)
  4. Any website that can make a property spiv like Kirsty Allsop that angry must be doign something right.
  5. What green grass low tax, crime free paradise are your friends going to? I particularly like the idea of becoming an immigrant because they don't like immigrants. Sounds like someone has been cutting and pasting a whiney Richard Littlejohn article. By the way you only pay your student debt if you are earning a decent wage- I don't see many people swapping for a "chav" wage to avoid paying a debt.
  6. Well said, it's been a lonely decade persuading everyone we are living in a madhouse
  7. Even not seeing the vile Phil Spencer and Kirsty Allsop and their greedy guests on the box is a small bonus. This story is real. Rosie Millard is similar sort of smug media type who has got her hands burnt by buy-to let spivvery- http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/dealing-with-...p;in_page_id=62
  8. Maybe supermarkets and other High Street retail outlets are dumb and Estate Agents are super clever people, but in the present climate don't you advertise price cuts in order to attract trade? Here in London Estates Agents do not even seem to have acknowledged the crash judging by the advertised prices of property. Is this because- 1) This is just a bogus opening bid and you can make an offer. As someone who is at last considering becoming a first time buyer I walk away and will come back in 4-6 months time because they are signalling that they are not desperate or squirming enough just yet. 2) The good times are just around the corner and prices will rise in a few months so they are holding their nerve. 3) They are in a complete state of denial and because of their greed and stupidity and they would rather have an empty shop than mark down their prices. Either way looking in Estate Agents windows and watching them twiddling their thumbs gives me a smug warm glow- am I bad person?
  9. I heard Kirsty Alsop wants to be a Tory MP. How ironic these children of Thatcher think is okay to make money through inflation at other people's expense when the Conservatives built a whole political philosphy around lecturing low paid workers in Unions for doing precisely that
  10. I spent a few months in the public sector and felt hugely privelidged to be in public service and getting well paid for it as well. Sadly my enthuiasm was not appreciated and the more I worked hard the more i was resented. It makes me sick just thinking about it. Of course there are some good people in local government but they have serve a large army of drips and layabouts who wouldn't last five minutes in a real job.
  11. The US dollar is the world's reserve currency and they are a huge internal market. As a consequence they are shielded from the harsher winds of global economics. Not a crticism though lucky America.
  12. Yeh the idea that house price inflation is a bad thing is very basic economics but not as base as seeing property as a specualtive investment.
  13. Joined this site after reading some interesting debates and comments. I suppose the title has a slight inbuilt bias, as would a website called houseprofit. I am again a wouldbe FTB refusing to participate in this inflationary madness so it is no surprising I end up googling the word house price crash. Highly recommend Evan Davis's programme on tuesday morning on radio 4 on property economics. He talks a great deal of sense and like his comment that he hopes his flat price falls to 50p- then he could buy Buckingham Palace for a fiver.
  14. Having found myself back in Cambs after fifteen years in London I find the city's cost of living utterley baffling. It is still a very provincial town, paying provincial wages with Zone 2/3 house prices. A lot of city commuters are blamed for the high prices, but they must only be a small proportion of the population. I wouldn't be surprised if it is because the professional classes that exist in Cambridge are in sectors that have done well in the last few years; health, edcuation and IT for example and inflated the housing market.
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