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  1. Foreign money is pushing up prices in prime central London and producing a ripple effect on the periphery. This will only stop when prime central London prices no longer appear to offer value compared to New York, Singapore, Moscow, Hong Kong etc. There is still a lot of upside before this happens.
  2. As suggested earlier on this thread : Immigration may boost total GDP but does it increase GDP per capita? If not the 99% all just get a bit poorer.
  3. That was seems to be the obvious conclusion. Hopefully someone will make a counter argument.
  4. Will there be a mass influx similar to when the Poles were allowed in? Will this increase demand for low end rented property and multiple occupation housing? Given that economic conditions in Romania and Bulgaria are worse than they were in Poland it seems possible. What impact would each additional million have?
  5. The Qataris are already richer than you could imagine and they are busy buying assets which will make them even richer in the long term. Curiously they have chosen to invest their hydrocarbon windfall. If only the UK had done the same.
  6. Agreed. Maintaining a healthy weight is simple. Only consume as many calories as you intend to burn. To protect the NHS budget people could be given notice that after a certain date all treatment would be withheld from patients over a specific BMI until they slim.
  7. Borrowing is not a problem if you do not have to repay the loan. Default. forebearance and bankruptcy are the way to go. The clever people are the borrowers not the savers.
  8. 7 billion people on the planet and rising. Giving birth and raising more consumers adding to pollution and resource depletion is probably the least import job on the planet.
  9. Seriously? (Blissfully renting for over a decade)
  10. Take a pessimistic view of future cash flows and discount them by your cost of capital adjusted for your personal appetite for risk.
  11. The real issue here is that this is just another in long list of stealth taxes to pay for non jobs, gold plated pensions and exorbitant senior management pay and perks.
  12. What people have to realise is that the material standard of living for all but the 1% has to fall.
  13. Since when have public sector wages been aligned to the cost of living? The private sector makes what it can. The public sector takes what it wants. As private sector companies compete in ever more competitive markets they are forced to reduce all controllable costs to survive. Wages are set at the levels the market can stand and the resultant standard of living is what it is. The public sector first decides what the "living wage" should be then taxes the private sector or borrows on their behalf to fund it. This works ok until either the relative standards of living diverge too obviously
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