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  1. fatso

    Are you a complete ****?

  2. I havent sold up, I still keep a house in Onchan. I have the intenton of returning for three months of the year, whenever that will be.
  3. I worked for as a tax advisor for Royal Scandia in the Isle of Man. Now I am working on my own projects.
  4. i dont think your far wrong with your prediction "dog", not far wrong at all.
  5. Thailand is great. The only the only complaint is bacon. Yes Bacon. You get a decent dutch anywhere. I would happy pay for someone to fedex me some. The avatar is of me in Koh Chang, an Island near Cambodia. How are things back in the UK ?
  6. Keep telling yourself that, you believe it dont you.
  7. You fell for the biggest housing scam there is. Half the people on here bang on about not buying because prices are too high and convince people like that you that you should hold out for a crash. While your holding out, writing on here, they are pounding the street buying whatever is left. Dont be a complete dumbass and buy now. I do not see a crash anytime soon. Its bullsh1t, all of this.
  8. There is plenty of housing, but very little of which is affordable. So I will correct this by saying "Shortage of Supply of Affordable Homes".
  9. It has occured to me, that no matter how much time we wait for a house price crash and a decline in prices, it just never seems to pull off. Just yesterday, I was convinced that the BofE would increase interest rates by 0.25%. A lot of people said they lacked the b4lls to do it, they were right. Interest rates are high, but not that high. Supply apprarantly is low and therefore demand is high. Affordability is off the chart, but the banks just react by loosening credit terms (10x salaries) lie to buy, etc. Just as one lot of BTL investor fold, another pops up, theres no end to the madness. The so called HIPs was meant to stall the system and bring about a crash and a big old c0ck up that was. There is talk (dangerous talk) that house prices might just crash to 2005 and then start rising again. Everything we talk about on here is 100% correct, there should be a crash. So where is it ? This time next year, we will be in the same situation, allegedly on the verge of a crash but not yet. Is this a fools errand. The way things are going, even with a crash you will still be paying 2005 prices. Because in the meantime the price of property however slight is going up. Just a thought, what do you say ?
  10. This is an article found on the BBC website. Good bear food. Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6549299.stm
  11. I love the difference between Northerners and Southerns. Try this one. A bloke walks into a bar and fat bloke knocks his drink out of hand and walks off. The Southern says something like "Your having a laugh, mate. Your avin a laugh." While the Northern says something like "You are taking the 4cking p1ss and chins them". Different approaches and I know which one I would do. But was from the Isle of Man.
  12. I use tradindex.com to spreadbet the FTSE. However I only bet on a rise, when the market recinds a little like back in Feb. Spreadbetting is extremely risky. Shorting the market takes a high level of skill, confidence, information and a certain degree of luck. Personally I wouldnt but I am a pussycat.
  13. I know what you mean. they call them Katoys here, we call they ladyboys or shemales. So in answer I could be looking up a guys skirt, but what an ass on it. IMO, if has a no Adams apple, a nice pair of 2i2s and a good ass, then I will look. I have a long term girl, so I wont touch, but in fairness I bet theres a few out here tonight going home with a couple of balls in their hands. Some dont mind either, because they will be back tommorow.
  14. I would agree emphatically with you on that. Good post Winnie
  15. I am alright when I am back up north in Chiang Mai, but here on Koh Chang I am in the hotel, it has BBC world but no other UK channels, but I am down in town at an internet cafe watching some Thai Birds while chatting to you lot about house prices. Jeez, imagine saying that 20 years ago, I would be sectioned under the mental health act. They would say : Living in Thailand ? Internet ? Satellite television ? House price crash ... yeah we know about them. The rest is science fiction.
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