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  1. The Independent is the Chicken Little of newspapers, the sky is always falling according to them. That said sentiment is definitely changing, I just think the so called Indy is not all that good a gauge for it!
  2. I dunno what you are on about, of my half dozen close friends only 1 is a homeowner, and he's a diehard Labourite, all the rest are either living with parents or renting (or at uni still) and they are all Tories.
  3. He's a europhile and got threatened with deselection.
  4. I'll never move to the US. I like my 25 days annual leave too much. They work your ass into the ground over there, I have a lot of US friends I talk to, I wouldnt swap my life for theirs, no way.
  5. Only 20% voted for Labour, thats hardly a sufficient mandate to change the basis on which we are governed. I rather suspect significantly more than 20% are opposed to this. *shrug* none of my concern. I actually rather like the existing setup (well, I'd rather no EU at all), but at least the existing setup limits the damage. You have /got/ to be kidding. What planet do you live on? A duty? No, we don't have a duty to "take one for the team" at all. Our government should be looking out for our interests, not the interests of the Spanish.
  6. Naw, people voted for them alright. I remember being apparently the single Tory voter left in the entire country at the time in fact!
  7. Frank Hovis is someone whose violence inciting post above has been deleted.
  8. Were the Spanish anarchists irresponsible and dangerous? No more so than the Spanish Establishment, I would hazard. So it has a lot to do with what you were talking about.
  9. Right. Do we have such a government? ...As the market is about to fall over hard and make all the BTLers bankrupt I don't think it'll come to that. But hardly thanks to the government governing fairly! Maybe if Bliar let Gordy be PM earlier Gordy wouldnt have seen the need to keep the boom going - and going - and going...
  10. I wouldn't be too surprised if there is violence over it, and you can't be too surprised either. Land reform has historically been one of the hot button issues and often drives people to violence. It seems to have been one of the key drivers behind the Spanish Civil War, for example.
  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paleocene-Eoc...Thermal_Maximum
  12. Looks like you can get a house in Bristol for ~100k. A shithole of a house - but a house.
  13. Canada has 17 billion barrels of oil estimated yet. the US has 21 billion. Mexico has 13 billion. Venezuela has 77 billion. The Middle East has anywhere between 400 billion and 700 billion, because they have a tendency to lie about just how much they have. ...Ghana is a little tiddler among those giants.
  14. I'm a (mature) student and live like a hermit, had some savings before I started and have some financial support too, still looking at about 10k of debt when its all over though. Its about a grand a term, so 3k a year. And really my position is quite fortunate, I think 20k of debt at least would not be unusual for most.
  15. We need to find something we can sell them in vast quantities to make up for it... like, I dunno. Opium. And when they complain about turning the country in a drug-pit, we should just go in and smack 'em about till they learn to stop worrying and love the poppy. ... Oh, sorry, wrong century!
  16. I moved out soon as I could when I was 22. Now I've just turned 31, and I'm seriously considering moving back with the parents. And looking back on it, while I am an independent cuss who likes living on his own, I do wonder if that was a serious mistake, because some small measure of independence cost me an arm and a leg.
  17. The market is ridiculously distorted the planning system - it seems its been made abundantly clear that government meddling in the housing market has made a complete and total disaster of it. I'd be prepared to take the risk of the travellers squatting next door, it can hardly be worse than the catastrophe the government has meted out.
  18. Council tax represents only about a quarter of the average council's "income", and its the only discretionary form of income they have - the rest is in handouts from central government in various forms (NNDR mostly). So they are very highly geared, a 1% increase in spending means a 4% rise in council tax. If they got a budget squeeze then massive tax hikes would seem to be a possibility. Hence, the problem, and hence why there is occasionally talk of letting councils set the business NNDR rate themselves, so they actually have control over their own purse strings.
  19. Reaganomics, supply-side economics and such come from Milton Friedman, not Keynes. In fact, it is pretty much opposed to Keynesian economics. While I am no expert I am certain of the above at least!
  20. You can of course do that, but you pay such high prices because the housing market in this country is far from a free market, but is instead distorted by a huge range of government intervention in almost every aspect. If capitalism was better embraced in this market the prices of housing would doubtless fall to reachable levels. Course, allowing that would be electoral suicide, a correction to their true value in a free market would be a huge crash. I personally think its immoral that a government should do that to its own citizens.
  21. Hmm, Harold Wilson /was/ a trained economist, and look what it did for him... and more importantly us.
  22. If we had a true free market, ie not one distorted by planning laws that mean you aren't allowed to build an outhouse in your back garden, by stamp duty and by all the rest, housing would be cheap. The green and pleasant land would be somewhat more concreted over than it is and the Lesser Speckled Grebe may be extinct, but to be honest, my future house is more than important than Councillor Oldgits view of Farmer Tripstick's field out of their back window.
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