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  1. And I've had four landlords, only one was a pain in the ass (she was like Hyacinth Bucket). Two out of 3 good ones were British! I already mentioned one. I think you'd have to be a man of supreme patience to let a tenant get away with what I did. So I don't think all landlords are scum. I do think that the tenant who stands to be the one who gets screwed the most, but never having been a landlord with a bad tenant thats probably my bias talking...
  2. Presumably this is why so many landlords are "No DSS". I figured having guaranteed income from the government would be a good thing. And these days doesn't housing benefit go straight to the landlord?
  3. I had good UK landlords too, but none up to this Canadian guy's standards. I had one case where I moved in to a friends room, as he moved out, as he couldn't pay the rent. Landlord came in on Friday to collect the rent, there I was. (With my friend to cover). Times were desperate. Well, there was a bit of a scene unsurprisingly, but I agreed to cover the deposit with my friend, accepted a (small) rental increase, and that was that, off we went, with me the surprise tenant! Aside from that first day of aggravation they were always very nice to me. I ended up staying there for 3 years. I don't think I'd have the cojones to do that now.
  4. Most depressing website I ever read. Broadly speaking I think I agree with it. But just for the sake of balance, a different view. From seangabb.co.uk
  5. I've had pretty good experiences with landlords, I must be unique. That said, my first landlord was a bitch-queen from hell. The freezer door in the fridge fell off (this after I lived there for three years), she said that was OK, usual wear and tear and all. So I leave, thinking all was OK. Then I got some shitty letter from her about how she bought a new fridge but it was the wrong size, and wouldn't fit into the hole it belonged in. So she ended up buying 2 new fridges, which absorbed all my deposit (which was £300, and this was almost 10 years ago). My current doss has no deposit, the landlord personally comes in and cleans all the corridors and kitchens every weekend, any issues get fixed within a day or two, and he even lays on all the bog roll and washing up liquid! He's a really nice guy too. Genuinely nice. He's Canadian too. Maybe thats why he's not some shyster like a UK landlord?
  6. Probably a good idea, the arms industry is one of our best moneyspinners. I had a job interview for an defence related company a couple of weeks ago, they are doing very well for themselves!
  7. Use Tor and mailinator? You can still IP block Tor, but its much harder work.
  8. Dog whistle stuff IMHO, along with all these stories that suddenly materialised lately about how if you pay people cash in hand you're supporting Terrorism ( ). Story after story about benefits bludgers, this is them getting ready to turn you away when you visit the Jobcentre during Great Depression 2. I find the timing of this media offensive extremely suspicious.
  9. You got the right to strike, but I also have the right to cross a picket line without being intimidated. And I was quiet then because I was being pushed around in a pram still.
  10. It doesn't make any odds so long as work = reward. So we could still compete fine, so long as people accept they'll get 4/5ths of the cash.
  11. I've not worked a 5 day week for years. I did a 3 day week for a while, atm I'm doing 4. (quelle horreur!). I'm about to put it up to 5 again though, need more wonga.
  12. Game theory is just a model. Like any model it makes certain assumptions. It doesn't state everybody will behave selfishly. In fact it can demonstrate the opposite, it depends on what is being modelled. The "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" rule of thumb being one of them. Game theory brings that up as an example of an optimum strategy, for example. It even has a name - the retaliator strategy (ie give the benefit of the doubt to others but remember slights).
  13. Given we invented lovelies like VX gas and weaponised anthrax I think we're safely on top of the game there...
  14. Call my a cynic, but parasitism has hardly been anything new this last ten years has it. There have been plenty of workshy. There always will be too. They existed in the 19th century when being at the bottom of the pile was truly hellish. Some people just don't seem to care. Anyway. So its hardly new. And yet now all of a sudden there are masses of stories in the papers about extreme cases of parasitory doleites, and we get articles about how the benefit system is being tightened up drastically. The cynic in me thinks that this is rather deliberately timed given a whole bunch of not so workshy are about to hit the dole queues. Why get tough on welfare now? Because everybody suddenly needs it?
  15. It may well be that it isn't so bad, but surely with fiat currencies it can never happen unless the powers that be want it to, or the printing press gets uninvented. There won't be any new paradigm so long as they can make money out of nothing.
  16. Wow, tinfoil hattism. "Big Brother shit?" Its due to licensing. Its actually a phenomenon much more visible from the UK, as the US exports a lot of shows here, and all the US websites are blocked. For example, those well known fascists, South Park Studios, have this popup for me when I try and watch South Park send up Obamaniacs... http://www.southparkstudios.com/episodes/n...country_code=GB
  17. Osborne is an utter donkey. When that empty suit appeared (apparently out of nowhere) after the Camoron putsch, my heart sank. There is no way I'm voting Tory with a muppet like that as shoe-in for Chancellor. No way. He's as much use as a chocolate fireplace.
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