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  1. More like a whole day. What is this to do with me? Or even you. I thought you didn't like 'globalisation' and yet you worry about the Chinese? Its irrelevant. Well, I write this from Exeter so I guess I'm "left behind". With my cheap Fiat. The instant "protectionism" and "British first" gets hauled out. So what? You've gone from British First to trying to recolonise China? I don't care about China, I care about Britain.
  2. Yawn, I see a distinct lack of answers to my own points, or indeed any points. Not that I'm greatly surprised.
  3. Christ, who would have thought that cheap Fiats were so pernicious? Should the directors of Fiat be added to the Home Office's terror list for subverting our democracy? I thought all they wanted to do was make something I want to buy...
  4. Well, I'll be screwed in this utopia, no cheap Fiats for me. I've noticed a distinct lack of desire in you to actually answer questions, you know, this debate thing, back and forth for mutual fun and profit. So, I'll ask again. How is Liberty compatible with you wanting to use state violence to price cheap Fiats out of my range and deny me my crappy roadster? The liberty to take photographs on the street or having a cigarette in a pub yeah, but they have at least left me my cheap Fiat... Well, thats true enough. But the guilty parties there are a) Gordon Brown, with his low interest rates The Great British Public, who did not have to be forced into the banks at gunpoint (not even by foreign stormtroopers in bankster employ), but of their own free will (and even voted for one G. Brown Esquire) I don't see what G.Brown and the Great British Public have to do with Johnny Foreigner. You aren't believing his tripe about this being an imported crisis are you? Actually no, this is a fallacy that was lanced in the 19th century. Trade isn't a zero sum game, we benefit from imports as much as exports. You need to listen to Maggie Thatcher re. job creation.
  5. Well, then Adolf Hitler was a top man, entirely justified by most Germans agreeing with him come election time. That doesn't mean a damn thing if you're grossly misguided, does it.
  6. Well, its the only mercantalist grouping we are in.
  7. You seem to mainly be bitching about the EU, but the EU is not the globe. Not even a very big part of the globe. In fact the main argument to leave the EU for me is that we'd be better off without their protectionism.
  8. Well, you are right that the EU is mercantilism, I just said that - but mercantilism is about protectionism and market control. Mercantilism <-----------------------> Free Trade You just want mercantalism at a smaller level - where it will be even worse than mercantalism at the EU level because the EU is a bigger market.
  9. The EU doesn't have anything to do with globalisation. The EU is a protectionist bloc - its actually pretty similar to how the British Empire used to work, though its in a contiguous area rather than all over the globe in little colonies. Its more about mercantilism, a very old idea, and an idea tested to destruction in the past. It doesn't make people richer.
  10. What are you on about? Its so "extreme" we're in a customs union (the EU), by definition a protectionist entity. We have things like the CAP to subsidise European farmers and prevent agricultural imports undercutting the locals.
  11. These two words are definitely not compatible...
  12. You still havn't told me why being punished by the government for buying a cheap Fiat is a good thing.
  13. Eh? Japan imports oil by the bucketload and exports by the bucketload too, its hardly an autarkic siege economy. Whose fault is that? I'm not in debt personally. As for the government, well, I expect everybody who voted Zanulab to go out and flagellate themselves on the nearest high street and beg every passerby for forgiveness, but I'm not guilty of that either.
  14. No, there isn't, which is why it puzzles me that you are so authoritarian you want to use state power to stop me buying a cheap Fiat?
  15. You are being authoritarian. You want to use state power, the law, to force people to change their buying habits even though it isn't in their interests to do so. This by definition is going to make people worse off. I'm not aware of any autarkic siege economies that have ever brought prosperity to its people. Are you? Wrapping yourself in the union jack isn't going to change reality.
  16. If a protectionist tariff barrier means anything, it will have to be such that people who want to buy imported goods no longer will. A job in a dead end industry with no future because it is fake value, shielded by a tariff wall. A dead industry that, one day, will be shaken loose when my fellow countrymen finally get sick of paying through the nose for it. We'll end up making Ladas.
  17. Actually it is a statement saying you aren't allowed to buy what you want to buy, but will be forced to buy whatever the government approves of, which in all cases will be worse in some respect than the free market alternative (assuming the protectionism is actually having any impact on the market).
  18. Nobody forced Americans at gunpoint to buy Chinese tat on credit.
  19. Yup. Look on some economics forums with Americans on it - they are all clamouring to raise the drawbridge, along with a lot of shouting about "screw the Chinese, screw EUrope, Americans can make anything China can". This is idiocy, if the Chinese weren't making stuff Americans didnt want to buy they wouldn't import anything from them. So they are trying to use government force to stop Americans buying what they actually want. Protectionism is war with the governments own people.
  20. Mandelbrot et al are having a laugh with veiled insinuations that British jobs for British workers leads to Auschwitz, given they run the most authoritarian government since WW2.
  21. It is about the US, but applies here too. I imagine Injin would like it. http://www.nyu.edu/projects/sciabarra/nota...ves/001540.html
  22. I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to be outraged about. "Workers replaced by other workers prepared to work harder"? The housing issue isn't the company's fault, thats the fault of Gordenron Brown.
  23. Rubbish, I never voted for Scargill. Soviet democracy maybe.
  24. If more stupid numpties read this website (Gordon Brown especially) then maybe this crisis could have been averted. So no, she's wrong. Does she think ostriches with heads in the sand are safer or something?
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