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  1. It's a huge country. That has it's own problems - especially ones of governance, corruption etc. Doesn't the US Congress have something like 15% approval ratings or thereabouts? Everybody detests the feds.
  2. This too, though at least so long as landlords need to find people to farm you'd hope that the rental sector is at least somewhat responsive to the money that ultimately goes into their pockets vanishing.
  3. I don't hate the "lazy scratters" (what an awesome term!) but this policy sounds like good news to me. Some people able to exploit the system to live life as a parasite are having to face the real world, and some slumlords who are farming these people are going to find the money drying up. A policy designed to row back on some of Brown's insanity is going to cause pain. If it didn't provoke sob stories I would assume it's not working... Nobody is going to like free money being withdrawn.
  4. Iceland did get it right, but when Greece tried to do the same thing, Germany sent in the viceroys, remember?
  5. These people can all find work in Dubai if they really feel like it, so the government can't just tell these people how it's gonna be without repercussion.
  6. I'm married to a Slovak. She's been here for longer than Slovakia was is in the EU, effectively a non-EU migrant. She had British citizenship within about 5 years. I honestly don't understand how these people can have a problem.
  7. I've not moved THAT much. I think my average length of stay is about 3-5 years. When I do move though it's about 50/50 whether it's because I wanted it, or because I had no choice in the matter.
  8. I'm "cpscipio" on the Graun. The HPC Massive has it's tentacles there too, in other words.
  9. The EU will be desperate for us to stay enmired almost as much as the resident Eurofanatics will be. This will be an ongoing thing, just like it is in Norway. The Norwegian elite are constantly trying to sell out the plebs there, even though EU membership really is not a popular position to be in. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, etc.
  10. I guess because he pins his hopes on the House of Lards?
  11. True enough, though I think the Tories are not quite so bad. I don't think the Tories have a real love of social engineering like the Labour Party does. I guess the only ones who don't are the LibDems, at least in theory, they always seem to have a big hint of the crazy about them though.
  12. "Breathing space". Interest rates have been <1% for almost a decade. There has been plenty of 'breathing space'. So much that all the air is running out!
  13. Maybe in times past it was different, but the Labour Party has stood for nothing but overweening state control of everything, up to and including our thoughts, in my adult lifetime. It honestly puzzles me how anybody can vote for Big Brother - I find them utterly repellent. You may as well vote BNP, frankly. It's just a case of which flavour of totalitarianism you want. Apparently some eccentric old dear was standing as an independent candidate in the Stoke by election. She didn't get the message that thanks to the Labour Party, we no longer live in a free country, and said that she wanted immigrants repatriated. She was promptly arrested, had her laptop and such taken, and bailed. Merely the latest outrage in a decade plus of outrages. In the US the 1st Amendment would have given her a cast iron protection against that sort of police state nonsense, but thanks to Labour, not here. They used to be nicknamed ZanuLabour for a reason.
  14. The best argument for Brexit has always been what comes out of the mouths of Guy Verhofstadt and people like you.
  15. Does everybody not in the top 10% live in a box in your low trust reality?
  16. Heh, what a lovely attitude to your fellow man. But then I'm not surprised, I did say as much earlier in this thread. Thanks for backing me up!
  17. Sure it does. Hope you live in a defensible position, to borrow Blyth.
  18. Not everybody is going to be a professional. Everybody needs a house, though.
  19. 50k is around about the top 15% of salaries, so you're objectively wrong there. And an economy has to work for everybody. Even those on the median. Even those below the median.
  20. Plenty of academic work on this subject that backs up my position. It's just psychology.
  21. I think you'll find most English are happier to let their tax money go even to Scotland than they would be to send it to Germany. The UK has plenty of national unity... compared to the EU. The fact you don't give a monkeys just makes you a sort of cultural parasite. It's a pretty small leap from not giving a monkeys to just cheating and lying your way through life - after all, why pay tax, it's only going to the damn Brits after all. Why obey British laws, the idiots. Why give anybody the time of day. When there's enough people like you, who feel nothing whatsoever for your next door neighbour, and indeed hold them in contempt, you got a failed African state.
  22. It's purely a hypothetical question. There's a reason why nation states exist, and why their cohesiveness is at least vaguely important. Most obviously important if there's a war on. Less obviously, low trust societies are crap, corrupt and often unstable societies, and national unity or the lack thereof plays into that too.
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