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  1. Some of the more hysterical things that have been said by Remainiacs, like planes from Heathrow not being allowed to land at Malaga for example, or fly over Europe, go well beyond EU membership and into severing all normal relations territory. If that actually happens it's practically a declaration of war.
  2. You realise Corbyn has been a eurosceptic for his entire political life, right? He barely mentions the EU in his speeches. He three line whipped his MPs to pass the bill to leave. There's only one party that openly espouses the Remainiac position - the LibDems. They, like Corbyn, have been consistent on this issue for decades so If you want to undo Brexit and that's your #1 priority, the choice is clear. Not many people are making that choice.
  3. Apparently only about 1/4 of the electorate think the decision should be reversed. And I'd rather think that of the remaining 75%, a fair few of those will not cheer on being victimised by Juncker and co or submit to what would then be at that point, an involuntary union. I mean suppose you had your way, the EU punished us, and we rejoined as a direct result. Can you imagine the bad blood? It would make the past 40 years look like the model of Europeanism. The EU project would fatally poisoned. A significant percentage of the British population would consider them our sworn enemy from then on, and the notion of it being anything other than a gulag of nation states would be blown away. One reason why it's not going to happen.
  4. Thing is if the EU do make a big deal of it it says a lot more about them than us. And shows that Brexit was absolutely correct, because 1) they aren't anyone's friends less still ours and 2) they have shown themselves to be a bunch of tinpot dictators. i imagine this sort of intransigence will merely harden Brexit hearts, who voted that way for that reason in the first place.
  5. Farage should consider it a compliment. He's not going to be PM ever, next best thing is getting the PM to implement his programme surely?
  6. Well, I know the Scottish unionists will be left out in the cold. Sorry about that. I can't really see a Scotland continuing in the UK forever though, or even beyond the short term. Thats why I mention the minority SNP government, it'd be pretty hard to keep Scotland in the UK so long as the SNP has all or most of the MPs, even if a majority of Scots want to stay in the Union. They wouldn't need a referendum even necessarily. If I'm wrong though, great!
  7. Ah I see, so that's the fear. That there's no winning against the Evil Empire, so you may as well go along with it and bend over as the UK. Nah. A united UK means nothing if it's just an imperial satrapy. The EU would want to break it up anyway, indeed, they've been doing their best for years.
  8. The Austro-Hungarian Empire and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth are no more as well. Oh well. What this has to do with Spain though I have no idea.
  9. Spain as we know it only agglomerated in the 15th century. Before that it was Castile not Spain. Wales has been attached to the UK for considerably longer than that and still has significant independence of thought and culture.
  10. Though to make it clear, I'm very much in favour of Scottish independence. I think they have as much in common with the rest of the UK politically as we have with the EU, ie precious little. If the SNP were standing here I'd vote for them, and I always encourage any Scots I come across to vote to leave at the earliest opportunity. It would make Scotland happy. It would make the rest of the UK happy. One day probably fairly soon, even without a second referendum, the SNP will govern in coalition with a minority (Labour?) government. When that happens, Scotland will be independent, if it hasn't managed it before via referendum. That's going to happen within 20 years or so I would say unless SNP support collapses, and there's no sign of that.
  11. Britain for now includes Scotland. You didn't care about the interests of the South West either even though there are more living there than in Scotland.
  12. Pretty obvious really given how CCHQ has been putting as many Remainers onto shortlists as possible. Sometimes the local associations have fought back and that comes across my screen, I assume that more frequently they don't. I actually live in a Tory marginal where the LibDems are right behind the Tories - despite this, and the worry of Steptoe, I won't be voting Tory. Theresa May the unopposed dictator would be bad for Brexiteers. The only way we'll get a hard Brexit is if the EU continues childishly as it does, and secondarily in Theresa May's own sense of self preservation come 2022. I trust in their childishness and bullying ways though. It's all they know.
  13. Which will be granted within reason. They already had one remember? They'll get another one in time. I think asking every 4 years is a bit much but there undoubtably will be another vote at some point fairly soon, certainly within my lifetime. Either way I wouldn't be sad if Scotland leaves, which is your original accusation. Why would I be? That's democracy for you. True sovereignty in the EU, what a laugh, tell that to any of then ations the EU has bullied or flat out ignored. Even France has been flat out ignored at least once on a major referendum issue. But then, you're basically an uber-patriot, so I wouldn't expect much reason from so biased a source. I preferred the tiger with the headphones btw, I used to like your posts back then even.
  14. Hardly. If Scotland wants to leave they are free to do so. The UK has the lowest bar for secession (simple majority in a referendum) of any union of nations in the world. That's something to be proud of I think.
  15. You're the one worried about strong men. It says more about you than it does about me. Putin's economy is smaller than the UK's right now. You may as well be scared of Dr Doom in Latveria, that's the level of fantasy at work here. I find that imperialism is ultimately the root of all pro-EU arguments. Why do we need to the EU? To strut like titans on the world stage. Why can't we have a decent deal with EU nations? Because that would undermine the EU's authority. That's the alpha and the omega of it all.
  16. Oh I'm not talking about Brexit negotiations. I assume there won't be any, due to EU intransigence. Personally if I was in charge I would just break them off, it's pointless, the EU will give the British government the runaround just like they did to Greece, and then blame the UK when no deal is made. No deal will be made because the EU don't want a deal, they want submission. That's the whole reason for leaving in the first place! I'm talking about long term British strategy and foreign policy. The EU is inimical to British interests, and as it's intransigent the only way to deal with it is to accept being one of it's satrapies which, thank God, is unacceptable to the British people. Therefore we should do what we can to reduce it's power and influence. Not much different to the USSR, really.
  17. 1) One read of a Michel Barnier or Guy Verhofstaft speech shows that to be false. Or one glance at an occasion where the EU bullies some member state over an issue that has absolutely nothing to do with anything written into an EU treaty, but is just some naked power grab. I notice Slovakia/Hungary are raising the mid digit to the EU this very week on one of those issues. 2) The ruling classes don't like change. It might take the British establishment a while, if ever, to realise that EU delenda est. That doesn't mean it's wrong.
  18. Ridiculous. Treaties don't normally come with a legislature. Only the EU does that. And it's kinda funny having someone making veiled references to nationalistic chauvinism when he has a smegging flag as his avatar!
  19. They probably recognise the EU as their enemy as well and are doing what they can to subvert it. A strong and successful UK right now is probably the best way to do that.
  20. Fairly low. But we should leave the offer open. There are plenty of unhappy-but-bribed in the EU, like Orbans' Hungary. They are in it for purely mercenary reasons, not out of any EU love, and if alternatives are available then there might be mercenary reasons to leave. The point, after all, would be subversion, it would erode Poland's loyalty, require the EU to make sure to keep them happy and bribed. It does it's job just by existing as an offer, just like how a fleet in being does it's job merely by existing. Also they might just do it anyway and remain in the EU and dare them to kick them out, the Visegrad countries are making a habit of that as it is!
  21. The Irish won't do it because they get more bennies, and more threats if they don't toe the line, from the EU. If, instead of the EU, we simply had bilateral agreements between national governments, then none of this would be an issue. We would have the a la carte Europe which the Eurocrats are so openly hostile to. They are hostile to it because in that sort of Europe there's no place for the EU - even though it'd make the citizens of Europe a hell a lot happier. The EU has demonstrated time and again that the continuation of their brand of imperialism is more important to them then the actual wellbeing or happiness of European citizens. If that was not the case we'd see al ot more cooperation from EU officials regarding a Brexit deal. Why do you think "we can't have a better deal than membership would give us"? I mean why not? What celestial law decides that? Only the desire of the EU to continue in their empire building. That's it.
  22. The reason why it won't happen is because of the EU! There are all manner of eminently sensibile measures that are not possible to countenance due to EU inflexibility and intransigence. This is precisely the reason why the world would be a better place if the EU was not in it. TBH the British (and American) governments should recognise this and do what they can to subvert it. We could offer Poland, but only Poland, free movement for example, in exchange for some bilateral deal. A price I'd be willing to pay to set the cat amongst the pigeons.
  23. I doubt it tbh. Money talks... Especially as there's no legal obligation for the UK to do so, no contract having been broken. When Iceland raised the mid digit to the world, didnt' take that long for things to normalise. Iceland is the size of Bristol. If anybody is going to be bullied by international bodies, it's them. But Iceland is fundamentally law abiding, as is the UK, there's simply no reason to give them a wide berth, unlike, say, Argentina. Hell, a business has more to fear being predated upon by the EU than the UK I would've thought.
  24. Guess an imperialist like yourself (EU flag? please.) would like that. But no, they really aren't. They just need to be told to talk to the hand. The end. Assuming May has the cojones.
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