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  1. Well, the common fisheries policy pretty much wiped out all the jobs in the fishing village where I grew up. Appledore, in North Devon, if you're curious. In the 80s there were still a fair few fishermen, I remember going to primary school with their children. The place is basically an giant old folks home now though, although the shipyard is still going.
  2. Corbyn is down to Trot entryism, a perennial problem that Labour has suffered from over the years. Not some sort of general meltdown.
  3. As opposed to a roaring success with 40% youth unemployment and 30% of the population voting for openly Fascist parties because they are that angry with the status quo. This is practically a religious discussion. But then nationalism is basically faith based, and that's an avatar flag there.
  4. Nonsense. The EU is utterly impotent. It's simply unable to make decisions or deals due to it's sheer unwieldiness.
  5. It's not us that is relevant here, it's the EU vis a vis the rest of the world. It's an ongoing process, the EU has been becoming less relevant on the world stage for decades. It was 25% of world trade in the 1990s, it's about 15% now, despite enlargement. It's going to keep on shrinking as developing nations continue to develop. Of course it might all fall apart anyway even despite that, something we should be doing our utmost to encourage at this point. It's not exactly a rock solild political institution. It'll go the way of Austro-Hungary sooner or later, sooner would be preferable though.
  6. Certainly, if it's that or subjugation. I've been saying that for quite a while. Fortunately the EU becomes less and less relevant as time goes on.
  7. Whatever. The world is bigger than the EU. There's always some evil empire somewhere.
  8. Sure it is. People unwilling to become wards of the state when they have children are paying for that. it's absolutely horrendous, vile injustice, and I'm genuinely puzzled how anybody can be in favour of it. Everybody on the minimum wage who doesn't have children they can't afford - of which there are many - have 1/4 of their meagre income taken to give to people already better off than themselves. The only way out, for those whose labour is not worth enough to pay for a child in this day and age, is to become a parasite yourself. A deeply immoral system that punishes independence and turns us all into dependents or slaves. As the old joke goes, the word 'social' inverts whatever word comes after it. Social security means insecurity. Social justice means injustice.
  9. Indeed, as it's demonstrated time and again, but especially with Greece. Like all bureaucracies it's first priority is it's own continuation, which is a bit of a problem when you consider that it's fundamentally superfluous.
  10. It was indeed, and part sponsored by the European Union. I think you can see why just by seeing the little eurofairy. Long live Europe indeed.
  11. The propaganda is just hilarious. Who the hell can be in favour of an institution that makes dodgy guff like this. It's a bit more modern than it used to be at least.
  12. It's certainly a bit of a Wizard of Oz empire. It's really entirely unnecessary and it runs, at present, mainly on a combination of bluster, sheep-like acquiescence, and bribery. I think that's why Brexit is so scary for them; it demonstrates that ever closer union isn't 'inevitable' after all.
  13. It's not the will of Hungary or Poland, that's for sure. Neither is it initiated by elected politicians, but appointed Commissioners, who have sworn an oath to not take direction from national governments. Obviously it's a power in it's own right or why did that swear that oath? that's the whole point of the European Commission, why it exists. "The straight and narrow". Poland and Hungary are democracies, which is more than can be said of the European Commission, that are attempting to implement the policies their people voted for, not the ones that Angela Merkel, who is after all a foreigner who hasn't earned a single Polish or Hungarian vote, cares about, or the ones that the Commission has decided to impose. The EU isn't a club of voluntary nation states, it's a grasping empire dealing with a couple of rebellious satrapies in the manner that empires do, with a combination of the carrot and the stick.
  14. No they don't. They are censuring Poland and Hungary right now. Pretty much the first thing that happened after Macron's election is that he got a dressing down by the Finnish Commissioner, a body which remainers would have us believe is simply a neutral civil service, who reminded him about which parts of his electoral program he is not permitted to implement. Never mind what happened to Greece. The EU bureaucracy is a locus of power in its own right, one which over time will grow more and more dominant. After all, that's the idea; that's always been the idea.
  15. Unfortunately the alternative was subjugation, which is no alternative at all. And yeah as I said, I'd be okay with it in a Hobbesian realpolitik sense, I just hope that at that point it becomes clear that the EU nomenklatura are the enemy, indeed probably our #1 enemy, and should be treated as such.
  16. Like I said, I imagine if Scotland became independent we would expedite agreeing to a new framework. Deliberate obstruction is a thing, is it not. It's an option Michel Barnier may indeed choose, a bit of footdragging. You disagree that is not possible? This is how coercion works on the international stage. If that's the option they take it's a very hostile one.
  17. Stalinists don't resign. For the far left even 25% of the vote would be a stunning achievement. Better than than 1% the SWP gets. So from their PoV it would be great news. And they know that there's good odds that if they cling on, the natural swing of the political pendulum will have Labour in power eventually no matter how awful they are. I'm sure the far left entryists running Labour (into the ground) are thinking of that, not any elections in 2017 or even 2022. Their hangers on and activists will in many cases just accept the new dogma and run with it too, politics are as much about tribes as ideology.
  18. I know she is. Inasmuch as she's anything. I think she believes in power, and that's about it, which is good, that's how representative democracy works. Corbyn, on the other hand... some of those near him are well beyond socialist.
  19. Single European Sky. They are still working out the details though.... they've been doing that for the past ten years, in fact. And the hostility is them turning down any replacement agreement. If Scotland was declared independent I seriously doubt rUK would demand that planes from Edinburgh are banned from Heathrow. That would be a hostile act, even if we 'didnt do anything' and it was hostile by inaction.
  20. JC has surrounded himself with nutters. This guy for example -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Murray_(campaigner_and_journalist) Forty years a communist, worked for Soviet media back in the day, apologist for Stalin, Chairman Kim, just about anybody who is a totalitarian. Now he's running the Labour campaign. This is kinda scary stuff, these people have very dangerous views, and I wouldn't assume it's all just a moment of young foolishness in the case of a man who has been in the Communist Party for his entire adult life until winter last year. This sort of thing makes me think JC himself is not exactly nice old harmless Steptoe, but someone very dangerous - if only due to those who keeps company with - who should be kept the hell away from the levers of power. As for competence, well, that's hard to find in the House of Commons at the best of times. But the choice is between a Tory, a Remainiac who isn't very liberal and hates democracy, and a communist who has surrounded himself with communists.
  21. It would be easy to replace it, unless the EU doesn't want to replace it. Which is the whole point. If the EU wishes to resort to doing things like that then it's really no different to when we slap sanctions on Russia or something. It's literally suspending normal relations. Which is most definitely a hostile act. Which is fine by me. If they really want to play it that way. But we need to be under no illusions here if thats the way it goes; that there is basically a hostile empire right on our border that seeks our utter subjugation.
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