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  1. The entire way this has been handled shows how the rule of law and any notions of good governance have been completely corroded in the modern age. Illegal subletting is probably a fire hazard. Not to mention the manifest injustice of these people being offered housing of which most can only dream as danegeld to the media. Surely this is a matter for the insurance companies? Meanwhile T.May is now grovelling towards the press pack, a mawkish display of self-abasement in a transparent attempt to curry some votes, or mollify some journalists. Was she ever a Housing Minister? Any chain of responsibility to her is extremely dubious - illegal subletters are more culpable than she is, not to mention the council, or the migration regime that filled London to bursting point. Yes, it's a tragedy, but the response to it has been just insanity
  2. Have I signalled my virtue to you? No, I have not. I want results, not feel good puffery. At the first hint of disagreement you started drivelling on about how moral you are and how you care so much. I merely called you on this nauseating, dehumanising (only you care, eh?) ********. Wages don't need to rise. The cost of living, ie housing costs primarily, needs to fall. Given we're on HPC I assume you recognise that at least. At least LVT is a good idea, but it'd be for naught if landlords get flooded with a tidal wave of benefits cash.
  3. Swedish benefits are contribution based. Sweden does not torment it's people with ridiculous planning laws. Sweden is very open to business. Yeah, that would help.
  4. And now the virtue signalling. Your shit ideas will encourage people to become completely worthless to society by living off the state forever, have children born into this misery, and increase the cost of living still further when it's already catastrophic. And all to make you feel like you're the morally big man. It's vile. Frankly, it's vomit inducingly pathetic. You care so much. You're such a good person. You're so ashamed of your gilded life. Get the standing order to Shelter sorted out and give it a rest.
  5. Price controls don't work, they have never worked. And if it's ad hominem I stand by it. You are totally without empathy or sense on the subject. The only thing that seems to matter to you is that public policy makes you feel better about yourself, not whether it will actually do any good at all. And he is surrounded by Leninists. I would say someone who has been in the Communist Party for 40 years is a Leninist, no? It is called the "Communist Party of Great Britain Marxist-Leninist" after all, so I assume it does what it says on the tin, and that guy is his #1 man, who ran his campaign.
  6. It's always guilt from people like you that drives you to hurt everybody else. If you're ashamed by how much money you make, give it to charity, don't ruin the poor with misguided socialist nonsense.
  7. If you just give tenants more money across the board, then the landlord will bag it all. You will actually screw all the poor who actually work, because their rents will go up too even if they aren't on benefits. If you want to help the poor rather than handing out bennies then the catastrophic cost of living needs to be tackled. I know people game the system, to be frank if I was offered a role at £25k pre tax and worked out I could earn £20k post tax without working, I'd not work, i'd study, grow vegetables, make use of the free time and less stress. However, I am educated and motivated to earn an awful lot more than that, so I don't. Don't call me naive, but for every one gaming it, there is someone who needs the safety blanket of benefits, so that's ok with me. So you're frankly mad then. You actually know it's a crazy idea, and you're supporting it anyway. It sounds like you have absolutely no empathy for what's going on at all - a typical champagne socialist. Leninism, no it's not hyperbolae. Corbyn is surrounded with actual, bona fide, Leninists. You are just in flat denial.
  8. 20k is a huge amount of money. It's more than a lot of people can earn. The median wage is only 22k, if you include part time workers, so the temptation to become a professional benefit farmer must already be huge. I personally know shocking amounts of bludging from people who are now unemployable, unemployable because of the limbo-life of bennies. It's actually inhumane to set up this honey trap of a system for people, IMHO, and shockingly naive to think that there's not a lot of gaming the system going on. He had bugger all to do with the Northern Ireland peace process. Absolutely zip. http://labour-uncut.co.uk/2015/08/07/the-idea-that-jeremy-corbyn-laid-the-foundations-for-peace-in-northern-ireland-is-total-fantasy/ Brexit is already going to shake shit up, we don't need Leninism as well.
  9. That'd be my only hope if he does end up in charge. The PLP have some saner heads amidst the Leninist nutters. Maybe he won't have that much freedom to act. God knows I'm no Tory (Not voted them for many years now), I just don't think Corbyn is going to be any sort of improvement.
  10. This is all just smoke. Reminds me of 1997. "Time for a change", with Tone, one of us, he listens, he roots for the underdog, he's someone you could have a pint with. The only substantive thing he had was "He's not a Tory". How ... convincing. And the status quo could always be worse. A lot worse. Suggesions are that in his case it actually will be a lot worse.
  11. I would have thought the postwar history of the UK would suffice.
  12. No he's not. Scandinavian countries are among the easiest places to do business in the world. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ease_of_doing_business_index The Corbynator doesn't believe in making life easy for business. The British Left is nothing like the Scandinavian Left (well, it's actually probably the Scandinavian Right that are not like the Tories tbh)... I think perhaps because a lot of the Scandi nations had Stalin on their doorstep so overt Marxism never really got going there. Unlike here.
  13. Was it one of those ones where people are too afraid to sit down, so it just goes on and on and on because nobody dares to be the first to end it?
  14. Let's not forget the Brits as well. I know plenty of bludgers gaming the system. and fix the cost of living so it actually pays.
  15. Utter fantasy. The Mail Online is the most read English language website in the world. They are actually by far and away the biggest success story when it comes to newspapers adapting to the online world. The Guardian meanwhile will be going bust in about 5 years. The bell is tolling.
  16. Jezza isn't t the rich's man, he's the leftist nomenklatura's man. High ups in academia, local government, the unions, the media. You know. Scum like Wil Self. What he absolutely is not is any sort of man of the people. He's the left cheek and May is the right cheek of the same ****.
  17. Never ascribe to malice that which can be explained by incompetence. Also, Remainer May would be best able to backstab the brexiteers with a huge majority. Thats why she called the election in the first place, IMO. Rather like Dave, she's being caught short on her schemes by the electorate. With every election that passes the referendum loses its moral authority too, I think that's another reason why she called an election quickly rather than have the referendum result loom over her until 2020. Actually a Tory majority not sufficiently large to swamp Eurosceptic rebels like the Mogg and Fabbers is pretty much the ideal. From my PoV the best result would be a Tory majority of 10-20.
  18. It has a superficial logic to it, and it's easily defended as a matter of principle. However, as a matter of empirical observation, it seems to be absolutely terrible, and especially terrible at the election or representation of non-establishment outsiders - which is supposedly the point of PR. There are plenty of examples right across the EU now of sizable chunks of the electorate being completely bypassed and sidelined thanks to PR, with the chance of being heard almost a mathematical impossibility because the system is completely stitched up. Meanwhile in both UK and US with their supposedly outmoded systems the establishment boats have been well and truly rocked. I'll take that empirical observation over theories of equality any day.
  19. If UKIP got 50-100 seats a cordon sanitaire would be created and they would be utterly excluded from power, thus pissing off their voters who would feel just as helpless as before. See: Sweden Democrats in Sweden, see Geert Wilders in the Netherlands. It's not like we don't have examples of how PR functions. It isn't hard to see what would happen here - same thing that happens everywhere else where they have insurgent parties. Even with 100 seats UKIP would be more powerless under PR than they would be under FPTP. UKIP on 15% of the polls under FPTP is a serious threat that needs to be courted by the political establishment represented by the Big Two. UKIP under PR can safely be ignored by the political establishment - which may be represented by a more diverse bunch by the BIg Two, but will still be the majority.
  20. PR would be a disaster. I've voted UKIP for aeons, forget when I started. They never won in any MP election. But they scared the bejeezus out of TPTB, and voila, their flagship policy is being implemented. Under PR we would be in the same position as SD in Sweden Sweden or Wilders' lot in the Netherlands. UKIP would have 50-100 seats and be completely frozen out of all decision making until the day they have 51% of the entire House, which would be HIGHLY unlikely. I feel there's more point voting for UKIP now, under FPTP, then there ever would be under PR. As I don't live in Clacton no Kipper I ever voted for ever got in. However my votes were not wasted, IMO. They influenced policy, more effectively than if they did return Kipper MPs even under PR.
  21. Plenty of bulls around here. Alas. I guess the south west will pretty much be last hit if there is a London-based crash though. Also alas.
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