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  1. You say that as if Germany, France or anybody else of consequence in the EU gives a monkeys about what we have to say. Blairite fantasy. What did the Celestial Navigator get for his abject capitulations? The square root of sweet FA.
  2. The ancient Greeks knew that elections tended towards oligarchy, after a century or so now of untrammelled elected power the oligarchy is very well cemented.
  3. I'm in pretty much the exact same boat as you, mate. And have about the same attitude.
  4. Would've thought it highly patriotic for anybody who actually wants to live here, as opposed to "invest in pwoperty" here. Bring it on!
  5. Says the guy who wants to import some Polish untermensch to do it, presumably. WTF? And this is the moral high ground?
  6. 1) Your first point - going by that Texas is a sovereign state. It clearly isn't. It's a potential sovereign state, which is something else. A bit like how Scotland is potentially independent, but right now isn't. 2) Your second point suggests to me that you're actually a massive hate filled bell end. Really? Is that the best you got? You Euronutters all too often turn out to be the detritus of humanity.
  7. Eurofanatics must explain why any of this matters, given nobody is expecting Canadian law to apply in England, or English law to apply in New Zealand. It's like they can't break the EU paradigm at all, so wedded are they to it .
  8. It being an English speaking bloc makes it way more attractive, certainly. Sweden is to visit, not to move to. The fact way way more EUers move here than Brits move to the EU is, I believe, largely due to language. Any CANZUK FOM does not imply free trade. Neither does it imply sovereignty loss if it can be unilaterally dumped by anybody. Only the EU forces all this stuff people don't want onto them.
  9. I mean personally I would be mad up for this :- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CANZUK_International And that's FOM. (It's also not possible within the EU. Are you getting it yet?).
  10. FoM and sovereignty have nothing to do with one another. Sovereignty is about being able to actually make a choice on FoM. I'm puzzled how anybody even remotely itnerested in politics can be in favour of losing that.
  11. But sovereignty really is a good thing. I like having some sort of vague say in my political future. I like my government being broadly reflective of the views of England, the unit with which I associate. I can put up with being outvoted as part of life in that polity. I like having institutions which are my own, and not imposed upon us by a foreign and uncaring regime. Do you think decolonisation was bad? Brexit is quite analagous in a number of ways.
  12. I think a lot of people died for it, and I think Edmund Burke is right, we have a responsibility to take the gifts passed down to us and pass them on in turn to our children. Not throw them in the incinerator for a few bob.
  13. Hey I didn't start that line of thought . You did! Bit of self knowledge is in order I think, Mr Open & Accepting Of All.
  14. By the same measure you could just move to the EU? It's going to be a pretty big place. Lots of choice. More than Wessex.
  15. I don't have any problem with secession. I mean I personally am happy with England, though I do sometimes think England minus London would be quite nice. London is a bit of a malignant cancer. It's still England though. Alas. I guess my smallest acceptable unit would be Devon. Or Wessex, maybe. Doesn't seem all that likely though so it's a purely theoretical point.
  16. Yup, absolutely. In fact I urge all Scots to vote SNP. This sick union needs the humane killer, and I'm sick of undue Scottish influence on England.
  17. Same reason as me probably, fundamentally they believe in nation state democracy. The arguments for it are only tangentially economic ones, from my PoV. Which is why people who see everything in economic terms are very confused by it all I imagine. There's that psychological theory that suggests that that some people are simply not receptive to certain messages, they just don't get it. A bit like how in my case I have absolutely no idea why anybody is religious. I just lack the religon neuron in my brain, it seems like madness to me. I've got the national consciousness neuron though. To me the EU is literally an evil empire - I REALLY detest it. I've had this internet monicker for over ten years now, that's how much I am repulsed by the EU. To me our political sovereignty is the #1 issue, because all other politics are entirely predicated on it - which is why Corbyn has been a eurosceptic all his life because what he wants is not possible under the EU regime. Brexit for me is the alpha and the omega of politics, and while I think long term there are economic benefits I'm quite prepared to accept an economic cost. I would still pay it gladly. Hell, if the price was a zombie apocalypse I'd still pay it gladly. I think Farage is the same. I think for those who don't understand this motivation, they probably seek other motivations which they do understand - greed, corruption, whatever. I don't think so. I think he is what he says he is, and I think he'd be better off if he didn't engage in this crusade if it was money he was all about. But I guess some people just "don't get it" just like me and religion. (Check it out, this is my earliest trace on the internet as 'EUBanana' -> https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/carriers-too-powerful.186113/ They lost my name but you can see it's me, from my name in the replies. Joined 2001, as a baby gamer, and hating the EU even back then. Some people have it hardwired in I guess. ) )
  18. US healthcare is just fekked. So many parasites, ambulance chasers. A lot of it is because of how litigous the US is; everybody needs insurance which means another layer of profit skimming middlemen going on. And on top of that, as they wanna make money, they are in the business of selling (overpriced) drugs. Whether or not they do the patient any good. It's very producer focused. Thats why doctors make such scandalous amounts of $$$ over there. Essentially it's massively unionised and a total closed shop with all manner of restrictive practices.
  19. The Commission are hardly the good guys. It's just a shakedown. As for the second article... very sad. There's certainly a lot of social problems out there. Corporate America, though? Lots of reasons why women are unhappy, lots of theories why.
  20. The tone is pretty clear. Ever closer union is something which is done to nations, not something they tend to rush into enthusiastically. It happens through a mix of outright bullying and carrot-dangling. All goes to show the tone of the EU nomenklatura. Pretty sinister IMO, it's not like this institution is built on noble foundations. Not at all.
  21. The EU wants ECJ jurisdiction over foreign nationals living in the UK. This isn't that dissimilar to what was forced on China after the Opium Wars, when Europeans had recourse to European courts, even though they were in China. The "Unequal Treaties". This sort of imperialism just isn't compatible with being a fully sovereign state. If you're in the US you don't get to be judged by a British court if they want to deport you.
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