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  1. I was offered 2% in a money market account from the nice chap at Morgan Stanley today. He also advised me to STR (suburbs of Seattle).
  2. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-04/manhattan-apartment-prices-collapse-most-four-years -6.3% YoY. I hope it catches on in the UK..
  3. Bought near Seattle in 2012 for ~$520k. 4 bedroom house, 2700 sqft on nearly an acre. Seattle seems to be going through a mini-boom now, probably caused by Bay Area tech industry transplants. Zillow reckons the house is going to be work north of 800k next year. Seriously thinking about selling up and just renting, as I can't see it lasting.
  4. I wasn't accusing YOU of being a ranting loon, namely the person I was responding to. You're putting words in my mouth though - I have no doubt it is incredibly dangerous, but I did not state that the problem was "solved" after 25 years. I was only saying that the core is at ambient temperature and is not currently melting down (we'd all know about it if it were). FYI I live in Northern California, I have a 19 month old son who guzzles milk like there's no tomorrow and my wife is 7 months pregnant with our next, so please don't accuse me of ignoring the dangers. I am concerned about the physical health, psychological health and economic impacts of this disaster. It _will_ affect us in ways not yet known.
  5. Fixed. No, have you? I think I'll take wikipedia over some ranting loon any day of the week. Seeing as it has been 25 years and it hasn't yet melted through to the core of the earth (or so I'm led to believe), I can't imagine why it would just suddenly heat up and do it now. But I could be wrong and it's just one giant conspiracy!! Zomg..
  6. Wow, you don't half talk load of crap. The corium at Chernobyl is actually at ambient temperature now. NOT 2500 C. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corium_(nuclear_reactor)#Degradation_of_the_lava Try to stay off the acid, there's a good chap.
  7. What can I say? I know human nature If TSHTF in a serious way though in reactor 3, I will consider leaving California ASAP. Here is part of an email I sent to my relatives back in the UK not so long ago. Now obviously don't believe everything you read on the internet. but I'm planning for the worst-case scenario, as the worst case scenario has happened every day since Friday. I believe the media and governments are underplaying the potential for global catastrophe here. And who would blame them? </tinfoilhat>
  8. This is what I was talking about earlier. I'm not too worried right now about the fallout (if any - yet). I am worried about the reactions of fellow Californians though and food stockpiling. So I stockpiled on Saturday and Monday . Beat the rush! Got some odd looks, but whatever..
  9. Really. To the guy who said I was over-reacting about 80 pages ago...f*ck you. This has the full potential to be the most serious disaster to affect mankind.
  10. Exactly. To the fool who thought I was being silly.....well lets just say this California resident has a Geiger counter on the way, potassium iodide secured and I'm going to get a *shitload* more food and water tonight. If I can't get to the airport and have to hunker down, I'm hunkering down for months. I have an 18 month old son and a 6 month pregnant wife to consider. Heavily considering getting "personal defence" as well.
  11. Are you for real? You might just be retarded, I'd go and consult a doctor if I were you. I'm not scared of background radiation for crying out loud. I'm concerned that if things were to progress and get worse, there might be a significant release that would be transported to the west coast of America, which is where I currently live. Hopefully the release would disperse by then (it is ~5000 miles after all), but I like to be prepared.
  12. To be fair, that image is pretty useless. That's normal background radiation and has absolutely nothing to do with the current situation. I live in the path of the jetstream from Japan, and I'd rather be safe than sorry if that plant (or the others nearby) goes critical. I'm not being silly, I'm just being careful. Needed the food anyway for regular local earthquake survival.
  13. I live just north of San Francisco. I needed to stock up on emergency supplies anyway so I went and raided Safeway today, got two months worth of canned goods, etc. Apparently there were a few people in there today doing the same thing. By and large the populace seems oblivious though. Other things I bought today: 35 Gallon water drum + purifying tablets Two weeks worth of MREs A lot of plastic sheeting + duct tape I also put in an order for potassium iodide, which is selling out though. Also going up in price quite rapidly. Probably won't need any of it (and hopefully won't). Better safe than sorry - need the supplies in case of the "big one" anyway.
  14. I know quite a few people back in the UK who would love to emigrate, but are tied to their houses or have too strong family ties. My wife and I have never regretted it though. We knew we couldn't afford a house in the UK. Mind you we can't afford a house in the San Francisco bay area either, but at least we're saving at a faster rate than we ever could have in the UK (plus she doesn't have to work ).
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