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  1. I feel sorry for these kids having sombody like you 'teaching' them. As somebody with such a responsibility (forming young minds) you should look at this as a challenge and part of your professional duty, not some whinge that comes straight out of the daily mail. Grow up a bit and take your job seriously or leave it, it's almost a teacher training 101 lesson that teachers perceptions of kids affect the way they see themselves. You obviously just see these kids as a drain and the parents as spongers...great start. Also, I know many people that have moved to countries with the kids not speaking the language. The kids invariably pick up the language very quickly and there is no reason whatsoever that these kids will 'drift' through an education system.
  2. The other assumption is that prices flatline for 20 years...very unlikely IMO.
  3. I posted an article yesterday on here from the FT. Basically, the smart money is now selling up fast before the gravity principle kicks in too fully and drags house prices back to where they have historically floated. I suspect that the BTLs going in now are just the dumb and stupid that still think that houses prices will only ever go up. Just imagine that HPI is like a very large train with the brakes now being applied big time. The train cannot stop straight away as it has a momentum. The johnny come latelys still wish to hop on board as 'trains only ever go forwards'.
  4. The two are not mutually exclusive: they gain by selling papers.
  5. Sod that...ive got a video! http://www.metacafe.com/watch/154274/paris...on_nipple_slip/
  6. No worries...your cute avatar more than makes up for it...
  7. The thing is though is that this guy posts on a number of other forums often under the same name. It came out recently that he is a single recently-divorced fantastist living in a rented bedsit in blackpool. Apparently been on the dole for a number of years but passes the time by working out in his local gym (hence the avatar) whilst taking steroids (hence the aggression and posturing). Last i heard all of his hair fell out (just like his hero Sulk hogan) and his balls shrank to the size of my sainsbury's petis pois. What can you say? Have some pity for the poor PG.
  8. It's been said before a number of times on here but there's a major disconnect between the 'desire' to be in for the long-term and the reality of low yields, flattening HPs, increased competition and the inevitable correction. One can have any desire one wishes, however reality usually has a very nasty habit of introducing the 'gravity principle'© to even the most loftiest of dreams. These JCLatelys will soon learn the gravity principle when they land flat on their ****-s. 'but i thought sarah beeney and phil and kirsty said that i could be a miwionaire...sob...it's not fair'.
  9. The quality of the journalism in the FT is usually very good and way above the curve. Why? Well, whilst the masses can fume over pictures of Diana's corpse or the latest picture of Paris Hilton's nipple the people that run our lives need to be in the know. Anyway: looks like the smarter BTLers are starting to smell the bacon and are pulling their noses out of the trough. Of course, there will still be the johny-cum-latelys who think they are a property developer and will make 'miwions' because they've watched Sarah Beeney's show a couple of times.... ----------------- http://www.ft.com/cms/s/49830462-0e4a-11dc...000e2511c8.html Buy-to-let investors rush to sell amid rate rises By Jim Pickard, Property Correspondent Published: May 30 2007 03:00 | Last updated: May 30 2007 03:00 Landlords are selling off properties in growing numbers as rising interest rates and falling rental returns take their toll. The proportion of buy-to-let investors selling their property at the end of their tenant lease jumped to 5.2 per cent in the first quarter of the year, according to a survey by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics). This was much higher than the 4.1 per cent figure in the final quarter of 2006. The level of selling is now at its highest in two years, according to the group. David Underwood, an estate agent based in Stanmore, Middlesex, told Rics: "Many smaller portfolio buy-to-let investors are selling, some to cash in on capital gains." In Dorking, Surrey, James Turnbull of White & Sons, said there was an oversupply of new flats. "Due to the buoyant sales market, some private investors are now taking capital profits," he said. Interest rates have leapt four times since last summer and many analysts are predicting a further jump in the cost of borrowing later this year as the Bank of England's monetary policy committee seeks to combat inflationary pressures. But the unstoppable rise in house prices - in contrast to only modest growth in rents - has left yields (rents as a proportion of house prices) at record lows. Typically, a residential property may have a gross yield of 5 per cent. After costs and allowing for vacancies, the figure may be closer to 3.5 per cent, far below the 6 per cent or so needed to service many buy-to-let mortgages. In spite of this, tens of thousands of investors are still buying residential -property with a record 330,000 buy-to-let mortgages taken out last year, according to the Council of -Mortgage Lenders, a rise of 57 per cent on the previous year. Rics predicted that many more landlords may bail out of the market while prices remained strong. "Many landlords are -selling into the still tight housing market in light of falling gross yields and -rising borrowing costs," said Rics. "May's interest rate rise combined with the -prospect of another rate rise in the coming months may yet lead to further landlord sales as they come under greater financial strain." The survey found that tenant demand was slowing with landlord instructions remaining "weak". Overall tenant demand increased at its slowest pace since the start of 2005. Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2007
  10. That is one of the most philosophically sophisticated points ive ever seen on this site. Relativism lives!
  11. there aint any point blaming teachers and they have every right to strike for better wages...that's the only way that power will listen. If you guys got organised and stop doing the bidding of Blair in Iraq and the public-school Ruperts then maybe you'd have a better life. Good luck with your move to Aus.
  12. sounds like non-property ownership is the least of your worries. Go out more, blow some cash, get a woman in your lfie and get some mates. Live a little.
  13. Totally off-topic here but can I ask where you got your avatar of the balding skinny bloke with birdshti in his hair? Laugh everytime i see that.
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