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  1. Ha, ha, ha, fall down laughing, yes the tories are all pricks
  2. More pins, ye gods how can this Ponzi scheme still be going
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-58670355 Pins Pins everywhere, round we go and up goes the bubble, bigger they are the harder they fall
  4. Lots of printy printy sloshing about and proces gone daft, plumbers, sparks, brickies and one armed handymen are all up to their ears in money and tasty furlough money people just could not wait to spend. Get ready for the mother of all disasters the likes of which we have not seen before.
  5. Yep, even six year ago I was getting invited to colleagues houses, just the once mind you” so they could gloat about their 600k house in Camberley or some such dismal commuter belt/wage slave town. Walking about I noted the MDF and cheapo fittings and wondered where the 600k went, I suppose they got a garden and four beds, shame about the shared drive and cheapo finish. Point is people are getting raped by the banks.
  6. While not in favor of Brexit I often wondered if taking away the ability of UK politicians to roll their eyes and blame the EU would actually force them to pay more attention/try harder. Of course then Covid comes along so they can blame Covid so its possibly academic now.
  7. In some areas possibly but the areas I watched never even recovered to the £350k. The south of England and London is a different matter
  8. Interesting to consider the possibility of a confrontation between China and the west. I had not included that in the original list. Also not included was another global lockdown or emergence of a new variant that closes international travel again, mass failure of airlines etc
  9. I still think gold is a good thing to hold, generally it has held its value. Art and cars, crypto and shares could all tank bigtime but better than keeping the money in cash. I think some shares in big Pharma would be a sound place to park your money.
  10. Right, but you would not expect anything else from this bunch. In 2008 people believed the house that was 200k a year earlier was now worth £350 and in three years it would be a million. Quick quick, buy something before you are renting for the rest of your life and hating the fact that your landlord is diddling your wife.
  11. Interesting to see how this plays out, we have alot of headwinds now, increasing prices are one example. Meanwhile Evergrande fails which on its own does not sound like something the Chinese cant manage. But if we start to see anything like a change in sentiment, maybe due to people realising they have less money due to inflation, then we are in for a bumpy ride. I have said it before that there is a danger of inflation turing to deflation where people. stop spending. There is no room to cut rates so the central banks will literally have to send money to peoples bank accounts to stop a total collapse. Then what, back to inflation again. You see there are no bullets left, all gone, spent on empty promises.
  12. The money was never expected to be paid back, sure some might have kept business afloat but most went into back pockets and then off to do up the garden or buy a new motor. Look, Im not saying its right but honestly people are all sat with new motors outside, marble patios and diamond collars on their 2k dogs. Meanwhile back at the ranch BJ is laughing behind his hands at the whole thing, Im just waiting for the day when he decides hes done with politics to hear him say "frightfully difficult being PM and who knows where all the money went".
  13. Lies, Alcohol is a well known health tonic, it has prevented the death of many of my colleagues, especially the dim
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58627325 Price of your bacon sarnie will be next to triple......then we will hear the squeals of horror from jo public
  15. I suppose they will have some natty plan with slogans ready to go. I though BJs analogy of 250% gas prices being equivalent to the ropes pinging off a giant as he stands up from his repose to be a brilliant start. Its not inflation to a politician, its just simply a temporary symptom the rocket ship taking us off on some jaunty trip. I do have to say hes a clever one that BJ.
  16. I doubt he's too concerned, he would be well insulated from the inflation thats coming, so long as he does not get the blame he will be happy enough
  17. As I said before the Tories are now out of bullets. Inflation is here and it will continue, not least because Asia is getting richer and we printed too much money. Gas prices may come back down but not by much.
  18. Reality is most ladies want it all and dont want to be sat at home with kids. I listened to one recently scoff about how a friend had done nothing but change nappies. I thought it was a bit sad as I do admire the closeness of the family. The current model of UK society where constant growth is needed and that machine needs to be fed with cheap labour has its cost. The cost includes people working too hard to keep us with increasing prices and putting family a poor second to career and position for some dismal job.
  19. Reality is a big part of the almost triple price of gas is inflation. The concern is that this sector will now be bailed and bailed with more printy printy money. Oh me oh my more inflation.
  20. Still unclear what the damage will be. Given that tasty furlough is ending and there is no mass redundancies I’m not convinced there will be immediate chaos. On the other hand, how many of these jobs will be zero hours contracts in posts no longer needed. I can’t see there being many employers paying their share of Furlough for posts they don’t need.
  21. I think a lot of Brits are happy enough so long as they believe they are not at the bottom of the social ladder and are on the climb.
  22. I don’t know why you bother trying to explain, there are two types that take the attitude that Pandemic measures are a waste of time. Those that can’t understand the situation and are not good at marshalling facts and those that are selfish and realise this particular Pandemic would probably not have made them too sick. The reality is the next Pandemic could very easily take out only the young. To believe that something that impacts the old should be allowed to run unchecked is bizarre. in fact many of these deniers like the idea that they are given an opportunity to beat their chests at the old, one of which they will soon become.
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