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  1. The tories are like granny on her annual trip to Vegas, hopped up on free booze she pushes her children and grandchildren further into debt, absentmindedly she pushes a few more buttons on the machine and wonders what time the tables will be free at, why would she worry, she won’t be around to see their tears when the will is opened and an IOU drops out
  2. Thar she blows (said pirate style), markets down for the second time, where she stops?
  3. Ps, all done in time to make employers think twice about redundancy
  4. I think the new scheme will be used to bring people off Furlough on the cheap by many who were already scamming the Furlough scheme. It will likely save some real jobs and hopefully be much cheaper than extending furlough, say they are agreeing to top up the part of the salary for someone back part time, say it’s capped at 3 days per week and in line with 3 fifths of furlough they are costing us 1500 each per month instead of 2500.
  5. The global falls have continued with Asia, UK and US stocks down, investors fear the endless round of bailouts may be at an end. We all know this will have a knock on effect on margin calls and there will be further losses. How will it effect lending?
  6. Don’t forget you need to pay tax on it, especially as your leaving a trail of digital breadcrumbs
  7. Cull the herd now and then, it not a bad thing (joking)
  8. Houses are selling for big prices and no surprise really given stamp duty holiday. If the thing is for crashing it’s going to be after the end of the stamp duty holiday
  9. The two are different, the loan is a loan with repayments starting after 12 months, the bank simply starts to take it out every month until repaid with interest in full. Unless the business winds up your on the hook to pay.
  10. Yea, any legit business will have to repay the loan, it’s not free money although many believe it is.
  11. Well indeed, how many would have died of flu, ffs you couldn’t make it up, what has elf and shafety done to us
  12. Listening to Boris I thought we were listening to a PM talking about a Zombie plague, maybe he is hamming it up for his own reasons. Stiff upper lip has been replaced by shaking at the knees
  13. The deaths are in the order of tens and low tens at that. Honestly it’s a farce now
  14. Well there is some natural justice in that but at the same time it’s not good.
  15. Totally agree with the sentiment, the media are a disaster. They need to put things into context, what about the other side I’d each story? For example the headline “lockdown type restrictions imposed despite near 0% Covid deaths and sub zero chance of The NHS even breaking a sweat”
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