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  1. Its hilarious at the moment, there are building sites all about that noone would have wanted, Could not give them away. Now when you pass there are groups gathering and pointing excitedly at the "potential". Frigging muppets the lot. And what has changed from three years ago, what has changed is that more businesses have gone bust. Where will it end. Tears before bedtime.
  2. All very well and good but the bubble grows like a cancer distorting the abdomen of the unfortunate victim, the poor fellow continues to feel something is not right but carries on regardless
  3. Toilet paper stocks soon, I have no doubt about it. Printy printy money machine go wirr, monkey see monkey buy. Monkey go bankrupt
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57070373 Who could have predicted this 😆 Muppets would have more intelligence
  5. Nothing to do with the price, people are just gone daft buying and outbidding each other
  6. You need to get out more and get outside little England, worlds moved on and left these places behind, just because all you see is poor boxes doesn’t mean that’s what’s available or what has to be.
  7. Nonsense, you are talking about houses you see in new developments, thats not architecture, those are poor boxes. And of course you bring in some point about isolated estates that is nothing to do with the points made. Little England indeed.
  8. Again, this reinforces my point, people dont want to live in those brownfield areas for various reasons but they do want to live in Milton Keynes but not the areas around it. Of course Milton Keynes is not what I would be aiming for, planning and architecture have come so far since then.
  9. This does reinforce my point that the cities need to be built, simple enough to solve the problem of land banking, put a five year expiry on the permission after which the council takes the site back.
  10. Back to the good old feudal system, best all go out and buy a flat cap and pair of knee pads, shortly there will be a requirement to kneel in the presence of the upper crust
  11. I would believe this to be true. I buy and sell the odd property myself as a bit of a hobby and I am seeing this. House goes on on a Monday, usually I’d wait ten days before calling, this is so that I’m not caught in bidding wars. Lately if you wait ten days the house is sold. By day ten the answer is always the same from the EA, either it agreed at 20% Or more over asking or it’s going to final offers and they are not doing viewings as there were 50 people through already.
  12. The best think to do would be to build several new cities, personally I place them in the North of England, south west and the midlands. They should be equipped with industrial estates and all the houses be preapproved with planning. I’d also have the government come in and buy sections of London and level the lot and replace them with large apartment blocks. The problem of course is that this may pull people out of other areas. My solution would be to turn those areas over to nature and compensate the owners. I can’t see any government being able to do all of this but it would be good to
  13. So there is a lot of money sloshing about, both because people have been handed wedges of cash by Richi Rich and BJ and because they have been at home for over a year saving. However, it’s all relative, I went out for a day shopping a while back, Sainsbury’s shop for family, trip to get new household items (utensils, bit of shelving, bedding) then trip to get a few items for sports. Came to almost a grand and all items were basic, nothing flash or big brands. Hard to believe. The wife thinks it’s funny that we can afford it but I think it’s not good. In about 12 months the penny will drop
  14. Not sure the boomers are at fault at all, they just happened to be alive when assets were cheap. Since then the quantative easing and voodo economics have pushed asset prices through the roof. Million pound houses are to be found everywhere. The narrative that the government should now take from one part of the community and give to the other is not a solution but also very typical of people today. Rather they should be solving the problem of rampant inflation and lack of decent housing. The current setup of annual growth based on debt and imported cheap labour is not working. I do beli
  15. Mixed feeling about this, I do feel sorry for them, no one wants people to lose their home. On the other hand they were aware of the erosion so at some point the place was going to fall into the sea. Also, they would have been aware there were no efforts being made to stop the erosion. What bothers me is they expect the “authorities” to step in now to save them from poor decision making. Clearly the council has washed their hands of it due to the impact of sea walls etc on fossils and more likely the cost.
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