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  1. Hi, how did you get on with your main contractor build? did they project manage for you. How did you fair on costs. We  have just got outline planning with ridge height the only restriction and are keen to get advice on budget and any recommendations for builders, tradesmen and professional services (mortgages, legal etc)

  2. I think the lower corporation tax will attract new employers and help existing ones but it's over 2 years away from implementation. I would like to see lower energy costs and grants for startups in addition to research funding for local universities which have had their research funding slashed. Low tax alone will not create a strong private sector. How the welfare cuts and civil service cuts affect things needs to be factored in. For sure lots of people will be worse off. I can't see a boom coming but lower corporation tax should be good for jobs and give us more options but it's not going to be good for everyone. A significant period of change is likely where there are fewer public jobs, scarcer benifits, how many of those people will be mopped up by new businesses? Not many I think.
  3. It depends on the garage in terms of cost, I would only build a double skin garage with slate or concrete tile roof and for the size you mention that would cost about 20k before planning, building control and architect fees if you ate getting a good builder in. I would be looking fir a garage or space for one in any house if mine. I know a friend of mine had a garage build for 7k and he seems happy enough with it but I doubt it could be converted to living space for example but us fine for tools and the car.
  4. The changes are going to affect people jumping into BTL with the use of the banks money. Also, I would say its early days and we don't know the full impact. But for someone with a small mortgage BTL is still profitable.
  5. Strange, J1 was bought over recently so I wonder if the buyer is in trouble or just taking a profit, it will be worth the watching
  6. I would say buying at auction is not for the novice, title issue, access issues, boundary issues, planning issues, secured lending issues are all a concern, even you don't mind owning a repo who knows what your new neighbours will think of the situation. My experience is that you need to have a very good solicitor but even then there are issues they either miss or are not responsible for. For example, if the house or flat turns out to be poorly constructed its unlikely there will be any comeback.
  7. I am just glad of the advice received here, otherwise I might have been in the same boat, we are by no means rich but we're not bust either
  8. The post from Willie above struck a cord with me, we sold our house just before the crash, everyone told us we were mad.
  9. Seems that houses are moving up in many areas, still I think there is a backlog of houses to sell so there is still value out there
  10. Hi There, good luck with your build. You claim VAT back on completion but you have to provide receipts, this is a bit difficult for fuel on diggers etc but easy enough for materials. I would recommend you ask people who is building and who is good, don't go with anyone not recommended by someone you know or know through friends. I had quotes from 50 to 100 per square foot but the best builder may not be cheapest. There are too many points to post here! I am building through a main contractor at the moment, I would recommend this route.
  11. It's now much much cheaper to buy a house than build a new one so prices could be on upward pressure
  12. I would stay well clear, even with a full refurb that house will be cold to live in. Unless you plan to use it only in the summer it would be cold, those houses are probabaly red brick with NO insulation or cavity wall. If you really want that house go there and look at it with a local builder and ask for a quote. That said life is too short not to take a chance now and again and there is good demand in the area for property to rent.
  13. Hi folks! any ideas as to how much connections to BT, electric and water cost these days? Transformer is on the site.
  14. The double tax loop was closed already so the days of paying 1 or 2 percent tax are gone. Without a tax cut wd are already seeing investment here, so a cut to 12.5 percent will be a big boost. My understanding is the bailout is more about stepping the cuts to bring us back to a normal economy helped by a tax cut.
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