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  1. IRs are just a tool to cool inflation, always were, dat wa da 80s, we are in a wonderful new world of funky voodoo economics. The reality is they are experimenting with QE, printy printy and the rest, they are sitting with a tall whisky and cigar waxing lyrical about post boom and bust and how inflation has been tamed, a tax rise here, an little interest rate increase there. Reality is there will never be actual interest on loans again, what a barbaric concept. Hopefully the grand experiment does not go too badly wrong.....
  2. More props and natty government wheezes to come, “step right up and get you freebies” they will cry. “None of your inflation nonsense, we are fighting covid “.
  3. Dats a pay cut my dear boy, basically you were asked to suck **** and then patted on the head for swallowing
  4. Personally never downloaded the government spyware myself. Not for any other reason that a very simple one. If I am sleeping in a hotel room and the bedside cabinet is on one side of the wall and the other side of the wall is someone with Covid I would get pinged. Same if I’m parked in Tesco beside someone else waiting for the wife to come out with the shopping. Also, how accurate is it, accurate to an inch, or 10 feet? Pingdemic indeed. I always said they need to vaccine and then make a decision that we’ve done what we can and move on. It’s an 80% vaccination Uptake now and the hold outs are basically kids. Time to get the ****** back to work.
  5. Hilarious though when you think about it, printy printy brings higher prices, people go daft buying it’s the extra money. Everyone gets a pay rise (hopefully) what’s not to like? Just stick a few zeros on everything and say in an authoritative voice that it’s realignment or something. Find an economic expert to stand up and talk about it. Job done. Average house prices 500k and round we go to 2030 and the next crises!!
  6. Yea, da wage inflation is good, more shiny stuff for monkey, monkey like. Monkey not like long line at McDonald’s, monkey think other smelly monkeys should not be getting more shiny stuff too. Monkey not care too much as monkey buy new car with shiny paint to sit in while waiting for burger and do online shiny stuff shopping from de car. Monkey hear the pretty nurse monkeys getting pay rise, monkey like nurse as dey good monkeys.
  7. Unfortunately I think you are correct and also would add that people are too Furlough happy to give a shit about it. I suppose there will be jobs for plumbers and car suppliers and of course call centre workers. Ah well, at least there is the Footie and booze.
  8. I thought the move by Lloyd’s was the final move by the bankers and elite to show their hand in a return to the bad old days of slavery. You pays the Lord for your house and work on his plantation and get a little left over to drown your sorrows. Hopefully they will offer their tenants cut price burials on one of their properties, I suppose they will convert a car park for this purpose.
  9. Checked in here today to see whats happening after taking a break. I am struck very much by the tone of the topics and the posts. There are many bitter people on here and I think much jealousy and a fair measure of hate. Cheer up all, cant be that bad.
  10. General opinion is they will extend and pretend, UK is a bit fernucked with Brexit and COVID on top. When in doubt print it out. What this means for us is stimulus, more furlough and more stamp duty hollypops, more grants for business.
  11. Middle managers are your Director and VP types, when you first meet them you assume they are genius but after 25 year in the business you know for a fact they are bullshiters, I get offers of some dismal Director role on a regular basis. Load of crap. They spend their time watching their back in case someone with actual ability gets noticed. The problem these slime balls face is that we are 18 months into remote working and businesses have done fine, at some point the penny will drop that people don’t need someone to supervise them, it’s an outdated concept. So yes, they are desperate to get people back so they can be seen to have a use. I know one of these middle managers that bawled out a grey haired veteran as he had a stack of papers on one side of his desk. The old geezer calmly explained that the forms come in, he deals with them and the stack reappears each day. What a bunch of ******ing muppets.
  12. General feling amongst those I know over there is that you would not want to be without insurance. Sure, if you breal your leg you dont need insurance, but if you have something else you might languish for a long time before you get seen. Mind you, is the NHS much better these days.,......
  13. Beware these places, impossible to heat and damp, buy a proper house not the pig shed some idiot put a sofa in
  14. A lot of English or Irish ex pats retire to Ireland, north and south. You need health insurance in the south and I think it’s 2k per year. The north has the NHS. The gap in house prices has narrowed but if your coming with 500k from the sale of a UK house you’d get a great house outside Belfast and Dublin. I don’t think there’s an issue with savings, there are plenty of banks that would hold your money but they would have crap interest rates then same as everyone else. It was common for people to sell their mid terrace in the north of England and buy a small farm in Ireland, I think the reality is most get sold again in five years.
  15. Well, ya see what they want to say is "we know house prices are daft and we caused it but actually it only affects the plebs so no bother". But what they have to say is they will "take action". In reality they will take "no action" other than talk. Meanwhile back in the real world, we all get roasted with price increases and evaporating value of our hard earned cash.
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