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  1. Stay silent" - "The economy is getting better" - "We're in a recession" - "We're fighting terrorists" - "We're spreading democracy" What a bunch of maroons. 2nd tidal wave approaching. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kunB4SnAh4g&feature=player_embedded
  2. Of course people will not realize anything is wrong when the leaders are handing you down sugar coated lies. The wars, the useless spending by consumers, and corporate greed is what spiralled Uk out of control. Nothing to do now but to ride out the storm.
  3. Gordon is a gimp alright, he's a clinging Stalinist gimp who seems to enjoy pushing the intrusive left-wing agenda. He needs to stay out of the whole 'Britain Rules' mentality that seems popular with Parliament. He needs to remember that we, the UK, are a tiny Island, with next to no colonies anymore. The country is at the recession that's on the verge of bankruptcy cause of his and Blair's Middle-Eastern adventure and there he is playing it like we're the USA or something. Oh and cheers for selling all our gold Brown and plundering the Treasury for daft social engineering plans. What a tosser. :angry:
  4. Banks lend money out of thin air and yes it is usury, but the power started with those who owned the gold and it still secretly all controlled by those who still own the gold. This is no longer socialism or capitalism imo. Its a plutocracy. The rich (being banks) are gaining more control and ability to govern... What's the future of this it all keeps going this way? a monopoly of socialist banks that govern the world and decide how much you're allowed to earn on you're weekly pay check by controlling a nations economy??? (oh wait! time to wake up ) Everyone just pray for a breakthrough in tech called free energy, that is our only hope.
  5. Take the breather pipe off (under air filter housing) drive car without It If it doesn't cut out it's the cylinder valve burned out,or about to burn out you will get bit of fumes in vehicle,just leave windows open. Let us know how you get on
  6. To summarise what may happen, I will address each issue. The crash of the US economy will indeed affect the UK in a negative way, as it will the rest of the world. The main reason for this is the interdependency of the world economy and the internationalisation of major corporate interests. An example of this was the recent Sub-Prime mortgage blow out. This had a knock on effect on the UK's economy as a lot of institutional investors in the UK had put money into the US sub-prime market. A result of which was a run/panic on Northern Rock as they could not borrow any more money from other financial institutions as the Sub-prime crash in the states made inter-bank lending harder to come by. This is why the Bank of England had to bail out Northern Rock as the Bank of England acts as a lender of last resort. With the subsequent nationalisation of non-profitable elements of Northern Rock, the UK tax payer will pick up the bill and this will result in higher taxation. This is just the tip of the iceberg. As the US economy crashes, the UK's economy will also suffer and the government will start nationalising more financial institutions as a result, the direct and indirect/stealth tax rates will go up. This will mean that you will have less money in your pocket to buy more expensive goods as you will be getting less for your pound. This intern will affect the currency exchanges in relation to the Euro and bring the pound into parity with the Euro, making the change to the Euro easier. The coming food crisis or looming food crisis is being caused by a lot of things. The main one is that in the last year the world consumed more food than it produced. There are a lot of contributing factors. The first is the weather, some areas of the world are experiencing drought situations like in Australia, others are having floods or cold spells. The knock on effect of this is that normal planting and harvesting have been put out of sequence. There is also the problem of crop disease, the disappearance of pollinating insects. Another serious problem is the change over to genetically modified crops, which have been proven produce less food per acre than organic/traditional seeds. Another factor contributing to the looming food crisis is the insistence of several governments insisting that a percentage of food crops be turned into bio fuel. The outcome of this will be higher food prices in the short to mid term and shortages in the long term, the rising oil prices will contribute to this problem also and transportation costs rise, this increase will be passed on to the consumer. So your weekly shopping will cost more as time goes on. The subject matter of the NWO, How does this affect the UK, plain and simple answer to this is that after the signing of the Treaty of Lisbon this year by Gordon Brown, the UK as a sovereign entity does not exist. The UK has been sold out by this current government to the Europe as a part of the consolidation into a World Government (NWO). How will this affect you and your family? The simple answer is more legislation forced through parliament from Europe, less governmental accountability. The end of democracy, as a lot of the law makers (EU Commission) in Brussels are not elected, but appointed, not by the public but by the EU itself. The EU is not a fully democratic institution. The NWO is the consolidation of power into the hands of the few. Expect a curtail of the freedoms that you take for granted now. Rising fuel costs are going to affect everyone in the UK who owns a vehicle, or uses any public transportation as the fuel costs rise, the end user picks up the bill. The oil industry is a rigged game as it is run by a cartel of oil companies, which are owned by a very small group of people. The UK government will not do anything to lower fuel costs for the individual as they rely on the taxes on the petrol to prop up their budget, and more so now that the UK has transformed itself to a mainly service economy, as the manufacturing portion of the economy has been eroded or offshored to Asia. This will mean that transportation costs will increase and the price of food and goods will go up. Finally the Iran build up, this will affect you and your family directly in the form of petrol prices increases. If there is a war with Iran, there may be a necessity for mandatory military service. Hopefully this will not happen as a war with Iran will put the UK more in debt to the International Banking Cartel. I hope this gives you some areas to research and look into.
  7. I have tried pointing out to people many times before just what an illusion Democracy is. Two main parties and a bunch of also-rans who, in all honesty, will never hold any real power and are there simply to give the illusion of choice. The people fronting the two main parties are just the front men, the taking heads, whereas the real power lies with the backroom players and the old boy network, as well as big businesses and their deep pocketed lobbyists. No form of government oversight, everything shrouded in secrecy and ever more draconian always to keep us all in line and criminalising dissent and investigation into their misdeeds. Some choice we get!
  8. It doesn't matter what country, in what part of the world. One thing stands as a fact. Politicians don't get into politics to make our life better, they get into politics to make THEIR lives better.
  9. The scale of the expense fraud that has been perpetrated is staggering, it looks like half of the House was in on the deal. My personal favourite are the Sinn Fein MPs who hate the crown so much that they refuse to attend parliament, but still claimed half a million quid between them in expenses. Priceless. I wonder if the Conservatives will be able to repair any of the damage done by Labour, there is so much that needs rolling back where on earth would they start? I say give UKIP a shot at it, something radical is required.
  10. Our whole electoral and parliamentary process is rotten to the core, is it any wonder it produces corrupt MP's. We need to throw all the current bunch of MP's out of parliament and replace them with non-aligned Independent MP's who vote on each issue in accordance with their conscience and the well being of their constituents. Party Politics has failed us miserably. :angry:
  11. Copy and past from Interactive Investor forum H.E. Khadem Al Qubaisi also said: 'IPIC has a high regard for Barclays, and great confidence in its management team and ongoing strategy. The Emirate of Abu Dhabi intends to maintain a close commercial and strategic relationship with Barclays in the future. The decision to dispose of some of its interests in Barclays reflects the focus of IPIC's long-term investment strategy on hydrocarbon-related opportunities.'
  12. Majority of people i know are apathetic and say what's the point in voting. Well as the geniuses of Southpark put it: You may be voting between a giant douche and a turd sandwich, but only you have the power to change things.
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