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  1. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/images/re...raph-2007.png?2 http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/indices-h...ax-national.php
  2. big big house: http://www.idealista.com/pagina/inmueble?c...nm=fotos&tipo=I house 12 m2 (0 bedroom) cheap house: http://www.idealista.com/pagina/inmueble?c...nm=fotos&tipo=I Only 788.000 euros for 50 m2 (1 bedroom) (15.760 euros/m) beautiful house: http://www.idealista.com/pagina/inmueble?c...nm=fotos&tipo=I http://www.idealista.com/pagina/inmueble?c...nm=fotos&tipo=I http://www.idealista.com/pagina/inmueble?c...nm=fotos&tipo=I http://www.idealista.com/pagina/inmueble?c...nm=fotos&tipo=I http://www.idealista.com/pagina/inmueble?c...nm=fotos&tipo=I
  3. To Rent: Seville, centre apartment 110 m2 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms 700 euros/month http://www.idealista.com/pagina/inmueble?c...nm=fotos&tipo=I to buy: Seville, centre. apartment 118 m2 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms Price: 349.000 euros http://www.idealista.com/pagina/inmueble?c...nm=fotos&tipo=I mortgages (30 years) - 110% (385.000 euros) = 1.750 euros/month (euribor 2,7%) 2.210 euros/month (euribor 4.7%) To rent = 700 euros/month. To buy = 1.750 euros/month (30 years). It is a housing bubble.
  4. more "cheap" apartment: apartment 15 apartment 16 apartment 17 apartment 18 In Extremadura: towns: Merida, Badajoz, Caceres, Almendralejo. map extremadura
  5. "cheap" apartments: apartment apartment 2 "big" apartments: apartment 3 apartment 4 apartment 5 apartment 6 apartment 7 apartment 8 apartment 9 apartment 10 apartment 11 "reformed" apartments: apartment 12 apartment 13 the other face of the housing bubble: apartment 14 apartment 15 apartment 16 apartment 17 apartment 18
  6. the foreign real estate investment in Spain: 2003: +10% 2004: -5,3% 2005: -17% next year: -30%? the house in Spain is already expensive even for the foreigners. Who will buy the 800.000 apartments that have been constructed this year? Only in Andalusia (7 million inhabitants), this year but of 100.000 houses is constructed, just as in all the United Kingdom (60 million inhabitants).
  7. demonstration of the housing bubble apartment in Seville, Spain: apartment To rent: 700 euros/month To sell: 360.000 euros (=mortgage to 30 years, euribor to 2%: 1.420 euros/month. future euribor to 4%: 1.823 euros/month. To rent: 700 euros/month. To buy: 1.823 euros/month (to 30 years). is this or not a housing bubble?
  8. my country, Spain, is the first world-wide power in something
  9. http://www.burbuja.info/inmobiliaria/attac...hmentid=2&stc=1 http://usuarios.lycos.es/burbujona/Burbuja/Arreburbuja.jpg
  10. You do not worry. The Olympic Games in London will not produce an ascent of the house price. In Spain, in the Barcelona 92 Olympic Games , the prices fell in Barcelona a 30% in only 12 months (October 91 - October of the 92).
  11. Mr. Mayayo, president of the Spanish Hypothecating Association, affirmed categorically that: "it is Metaphysical impossible that fall house price" Would have the gentleman mayayo to begin to look for elvis presley in the moon?
  12. sorry by the translation on-line (babel fish) If the house price is falling in the United Kingdom (4% this year), why people this buying houses now? is better to hope, and you will be able to buy a house more cheap. I don't understand. Thank you
  13. Hello from Spain. Look this: http://news.moneycentral.msn.com/breaking/...1216&ID=4150984 Even the steep 13.1 percent decline in housing starts in November, the biggest fall since January 1994, might work to the dollar's favor in the long run. ``If you start to see house prices come off, that may force people to think that their net worth has come down a bit and may feed into slower import growth,'' said Meg Browne, currency strategist at Brown Brothers Harriman in New York. ``It may force people to curtail spending a bit, which will help the current account.''
  14. Hello from Spain. Read this: http://www.revistadebolsa.com/blogs/index....ex.php/item/173
  15. Hello from Spain and congratulations: http://business.timesonline.co.uk/article/...1369080,00.html july: -0,1 agost: -01 september: -0,3 october: -0,6 november: -1,7 december: ? The next country will be Spain
  16. No, in Spain 700.000 new homes were built there in 2003 (http://www.consumer.es/web/es/noticias/vivienda/2003/11/01/90366.php) Most that United Kindom, France, Germany and Italy all at once!!!! Spain has 40 millions inhabitants. U.K 60 millions. In Spain 83% people have a house in property. Only 15 % live in rent
  17. The prices in Europe (in euro): A house of 100 m2 Switzerland..........320.000 Luxembourgo....300.000. UK............ 233.000 Holland........205.000 Ireland........205.000 Spain......... 174.000 Germany.......164.000 Austria........153.000 Belgium........117.000 Finland...... 115.000 France........157.000 Sweden......... 164.000 For example, in Spain a coffee or coca-cola in Restaurant (in Spanish "Bar") cost 1 euro. In France the official minimum pay is 1.200 €. In Spain, 450 €. In Spain is most dear the hause that france, germany, belgium...... In Spain, the house buyers
  18. Look this. The price in Madrid and Barcelona: http://www.tinsa.es/english/imagenes/NOTA2T2004.pdf
  19. Hello from Spain. Sorry, but this is a translation online. In Spain the interprofessional minimum pay (SMI) is of 450 euros. In the rest of Europa is 1.200 euros. In Madrid and Barcelona a house costs 200.000-300.000 euros. A house costs 8 years of pay annual. In the United Kingdom is 5 years. In Spain the mortgages are to 35 or 40 years. In Madrid and Barcelona the square meter is paid to 3,000 euros. A house of 100 m2 cost 300.000 euros. If in the United Kingdom there is a real estate bubble, in Spain is a air balloon.
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