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  1. To be fair, they did knock some of the houses down & build new. Number 3 might be one of the new builds.
  2. It says that Hartlepool one is a 3 bedroom. I suppose that just means an extra window to get a petrol bomb thrown through.
  3. This is what I was saying back in 2008 when Borrowdale Street's houses were going for £50k & £60k, that nobody wanted them when they were going for £8k & £10k back in 2000, so the market won't start fully correcting till these type of houses are back to around £15k - £20k & nobody wants them.
  4. What I particularly hate about Homes Under the Hammer, is the way they always tell you how much profit could have been made by doing up & selling on the property or by renting, even when the people are actually buying it to live in. Proving that it's all about ramping property prices. Of course, they very rarely show anybody who actually buys a house to live in it, they focus mainly on property developers & btl'ers. Actual home buyers appearing only as a tokenistic gesture. They must vet all the auction winners after the sale to avoid wasting valuable time filming the 1000s of people who actually want to live in the homes they buy.
  5. It isn't simply just misnamed. That's like saying the mafia have simply misnamed their services as 'protection', rather deliberately using the term as a smokescreen. Rich elites & the right want people to think that it's a free market, to try to get the poor to accept their lot without state help, whilst as we all know, the rich seek massive protection from the state. Free Market propaganda also works on a National level, if you can con other countries to accept free market principals, you can pretty much push their economies into recession & go in & buy everything up cheap. The rich don't really want to be subjected to the ravages of the free market, they aren't stupid, they just want the poor to be subjected to it's horrors. They haven't fully succeeded, all thanks to the labour & people's movements, which, in a system of force & coercion, have sadly been forced to use that very force & coercion to get the state to throw a few crumbs from the table, just like slaves might force a slave owner to do, if they'd gotten the chance.
  6. How come everyone seems to have forgotten that Rightmove, pretty much, instructed sellers to drop their prices last month? Sellers will soon face reality and cut prices according to Rightmove
  7. Why do these right wing politicians expect people to take responsibility when the people's ability to respond (responsibility) is deliberately deprived of them by the state? If they really want people to take responsibility, they should stop making land and resources the hostage of capital. Liberate it & let people organize & take the things they need to be responsible.
  8. Why no option for emergence of true socialism? You know, the one where the means of production are in the hands of the people & not the state.
  9. Certainly looking 'Beartastic' in Hartlepool today. The Hartlepool Mail's lead story is: Hundreds of town families face losing homes
  10. Maybe you aren't seeing any cuts in the south, but we've had plenty of services cut up here in the north, quite ferociously.
  11. Can somebody explain to me why a football team winning a cup is considered a good thing by anyone except shareholders? Surely, one of the key functions in sport is to build irrational attitudes of partisanship in spectators, ie training in irrational jingoism.
  12. Brown was referring to the very real New World Order in which the Western Capitalist nations are free to exploit the third world without any Soviet hinderance NOT the NWO imagined to be ran, according to David Icke (the son of god) & Alex Jones (political smashy & nicey - disc jockey extraordinairely crap) - by the Bilderbergs, the Masons, the Trilateral Commission & the Lizards.
  13. That happened back in the late 70's & early 80's with the financialisation of the economy & outsourcing of manufacturing to all those third world countries in which we had previously installed fascist dictators & funded torture & death squads to crack down on profit eating social reformists & union members.
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