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  1. Is it just me, or is anyone else getting the familiar line : "but, it's a great time to buy now." ?? This is coming from 'normal people' - not VI's, but generally people who have had their property for quite a few years - people that have property simply to live in. I think their casual interest in the market is influenced by headlines in newspapers etc, but apart from that they don't really care that much. I then go onto my view about the bolloxed economy, unaffordability, banks not lending, historical 3.5 average, delusion, nama, etc etc ...and they go.......oh yeah......better wait a while then
  2. and all you little armchair critics would be the first to whinge when there is another terrorist atrocity and the police apparently did nothing to prevent it boing boing
  3. I had a wooden car once, but unfortunately it wooden go
  4. **NEW PRICE** Yes, you heard it - new price......it's gone UP http://www.propertynews.com/brochure.php?p=BMCBMC2501 damn those green shoots....
  5. Get in there quick, before house prices go.............er..........down ! http://www.propertynews.com/brochure.php?p=ECSECS12091
  6. Call me cynical, but with a username "aptowner", I would say you are not just a bystander with no strong views on the market - if that was the case you would not be on this site at all. Apartment owner ? - when per chance did you buy this apartment - 2006 or 2007 ? It is transparent that certain persons think that forums like this are actually talking the market down - (maybe like the BT assisted in talking it up not so long ago) John from Dromore anybody ?
  7. Well I do have some sympathy for people like you who were trying to buy a home. Although this is not a gloat, I sold my house in southern England in the summer of 2006 to move back home. I saw the silly house prices here, but had the foresight to actually do some research as I had the feeling that something would cause the madness to stop and go into reverse. I was no economic expert, yet I predicted this crash. With strength of character I resisted the urge to join in the madness and learnt a lot about hpi and bubbles. I was mocked, cajoled and spat at by others, but continued to rent, earn interest and spend my spare cash on enjoying life instead of the usual DIY that my funds would have gone on. I am now sitting on a nice wad of cash ready to pounce when the time is right - not yet for quite a while though - I have not come this far to jump in so soon. You seem almost quite bright yourself, but your tone is overwhelmingly that of sour grapes - I think to come on here and take the offensive is a means of trying to mask your naivety in the whole situation. However I genuinely do not wish to see persons in such situations - you are victims of the greed of others. Good luck in your quest
  8. Did anyone hear the Nolan Show this morning about the drops in NI house prices ? Jonathan Davies aka Financial Planner was on and as usual championed the cause. You have to listen to the "Property Developer", Mervyn who tried to make a nonsense of FP's previous predictions of percentage price falls.........that was until he had to admit that he had dropped his prices by 35% - classic Check out the podcast http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/podcasts/nolan/
  9. I would disagree with career opportunities better over there. If you look like your avatar, then there is always an opening for selling cigarette lighters in Cornmarket - "thee for a pound"
  10. Unfortunately when one cannot even spell basic words like "Exempt" - then I switch off very quickly to their alleged professionalism
  11. I think Ballymena Boy is a pseudonym for John from Dromore
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