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  1. The deeds to your home are important. They should be with your solicitor if you have repaid the mortgage. You should where possible get written confirmation from your bank that you have repaid your mortgage and to update the credit reference agencies and the land registry. This is essentially the electronic version of the deeds as other members have indicated. Just to tie off the account accordingly. As fara as know to your second enquiry is as long as you have fulfilled you contractual agreement to repay your agreements, even if the bank went bust, you would be covered by the FSA compensation scheme, otherwise you could argue that as the lender is no longer in a position to lend that you refuse to pay unless a new agreement is drawn up, you could even argue that the debt is null and void. oif course this does not happen thats why we have a FSA to cover both the lender and the borrower. Hope this helps
  2. When will you concede that fact the people (bears) have been saying we are going to have a house price crash for years. They have so far been wrong. there has been no crash. Every bit of bearish news that comes out, the bears jump all over it and shake it to death and still there is no hous price crash. Why dont you consider the possibililty that there wont be a crash for at least 12 months. After that 12 months will look at it again and take it from there. Alternitivaly we can keep going around in circles, exchanging insults and banishing anyone that doesnt agree with your point of view. Worth a minute of thought Charlie
  3. Here is a question I would like to ask all the bears on this post. Do you think house prices will increase by 30th June 2007 ? If not why not ?
  4. The same drivel as yesterday I see. Why dont you call me a troll again. I respect a lot of bears on here, they have theories and debate that is in advance of my limited understanding. I think they do look for past trends to try and paint a picture of what tommorow will be like and thats fair enough. Then you have people like me, that dont have theories and an understanding of the encentricities of the markets stock or housing, i just just look around at what I see and pitch for the long term on the limited knowledge I have. Funny thing is I am not often wrong though, so I cant be that thick. Prophet-profit contribution just seems to call people trolls and come out with posts like above. You will have to do better or join the yahoo 3 year old club.
  5. I joined 24 hours ago. In that time, I have been called a Bull, Idiot, Uber Bull and Troll. To add salt to my wounds, I was mocked for my beliefs and then stuck with a stupid orange haired troll avatar, when I a nice one picked out. My point of view is this : Prices have increased for the past 6 years to what they are today. We have had shakes in the stock market, we have interest rate rises, we have had bears screaming at this very site, saying that this is the end. Still the prices rise. So someones buying and they will continue too.
  6. No one on hear can tell you the point of living. The UK is my country and I love it. We have a capitalist system here not a soicialist or communist system, its not Fair for all, its Free for all The BNP are never going to win an election, Vote Conservatives. The same racist policies but you also make a few quid in the process. You dont know your born. I for one am happy with Labour. I dont want a return to the 1980's or 1990s having a some Oxford or cambridge twit telling me what I can and cannot do. Give me the tools and I will do the job. For me and not for anyone else.
  7. I have actually no idea what you have just said in this post. How is this going to crash the housing market or am I missing something. I am not a finance guys, so please spell it out to me.
  8. Yes but it will happen as you said eventually, for my sake I hope before June 2007. -£9,000 so far, yesterday, I was +£10,000 Just the way it goes.
  9. Family members will always step in to help younger members of the family get onto the property ladder. Usually at any cost. Its called Love. Never underestimate it. Ask yourself, what would you pay or do to ensure your children get on the property ladder ? When you truely understand the issue you will beleieve as the country does, that house prices will continue to rise, maybe not at the same rate as they have in the latter years but they will rise. The notion that everyone is going to just give up and house prices crash is a "STUPID" idea and will not happen.
  10. He is right sentiment does affect the market. No one understands why ehrn markets in Asia fall, European markets and US markets fall too. It happens but the only way to ride it out is long term investing to ride out any luls in the markets.
  11. Down 75 points today on my FTSE 250 June 2007. Expected increase tommorow though. 9k wiped off my portfolio, but its will bounce back, it always does.
  12. I have been hearing the same old arguments from people since 2003. Yet month on month prices increase. The bulls on here keep getting it right time and time again, while the bears are living in fantasty land. I am not being offensive, but when we people realise the truth, there wont be a house price crash.
  13. Only the poorer members of society, the rest of us have enough put aside.
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