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  1. People lose confidence and try to withdraw their money. Try being the operative word.
  2. I like this guy too. He's from the same 'depression coming' community http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=A1mA24yPjaY and another american pyscho http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=wtQ32bH43dU
  3. If a german bond auction can fail for a few billion I'm sure a UK bond issuance for a few hundred billion could also.
  4. He would seem to have a few credentials - but of course that doesn't prove nowt. http://www.berninger.de/about.html Guess time will tell. I will drag the thread up again end of april
  5. Maybe, but the video has to be taken in context. He's provides a channel which people follow. He knows this - he assumes you are following his videos. I think you should watch the others videos in the channel before declaring it nonesense and without reason.
  6. Not really a positive statement or declaration, often without support or reason I asked if it was unreasonable - because nothing of substance was provided. If a statement if provided with reason in absence - you discern yourself if it has reason or not.
  7. I think he was refering to hyperinflation in the UK only? Is that an unreasonable assertion?
  8. I've been following this guy for a while - he's seems to have his head screwed on. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=1gPYgJZfRjQ Surpised me that he said Ireland had frozen deposits of over 20 million? I havent anything about that.
  9. My understaning is this: The bank creates a loan-account because of the loan-agreement. This is your debt - the bank asset (credit extended to you / your liability). The account belongs to the bank and is there for customer use to make payments (which makes sense because sometimes they ask you to provide a customer reference because they need to identify who paid what - if it used by many others). It is the interface between the customer and the bank for making payments and is not measured by M4 because it is an MFI account - but designated for customer use. The bank then creates a deposit (thin air) into your currenct account. This you extending credit to the bank - the bank liability (a debt owed to you / your asset). This account is measured by M4. M4 is a measure of banking liabilities to retail customer (etc etc....)
  10. Great. That makes sense. The loan account is not actually the customers account. Its just designated for customer use to make payments. It actually the belongs to the bank. My guess is you would have to provide a reference in your payments so the bank can identify which customer is making the payment (if used by more than one customer)? If its a bank account belonging to the bank - is it non-retail and it doesn't constitute money supply because M4 doesnt measure bank accounts held by MFIs at commercial banks....the money supply is increased by the deposit made into your personal current account ? (I agree with no money required - its thin air)
  11. Does a borrower draw money from this loan account - or as I think - is the money actually deposited into his normal day-to-day current account? The last loan I got was deposited into my existing bank account (which already had a balance).
  12. No - your forgetting electronic cash. Banks maintain their own bank accounts at the central bank to perform interbank payments between banks - much like customers have accounts at commercial banks. These accounts are different in nature however in that they contain electronic cash - not thin air money. So if a bank performs a CHAPS payment say to another bank - it will involve moving cash from one banks bank-account to another banks bank-account. Cash transfer. The receiving bank will then create thin-air money in the deposit account of the receiving customer. The sending bank will destroy the thin-air money in the account of the customer sending.
  13. (yes the point of agreement I stopped at) It is a negative liability I think - like an overdraft. A bank account is always a liability to a bank. It has a specific place on under liabilites on the balance sheet.
  14. Yes I agree with this (to a point) But where is the broad money that the loan event created deposited and made accessible? You dont draw it from this loan account do you ? You get the money paid into your normal bank account right?
  15. No, nothing in creating it. But it the money created from that loan is asked to leave that bank - the bank has to stump up some electronic cash. They have to acquire that like everyone else.
  16. No - you have the banks liability - your asset. A bank account is a banks liability - or an asset to you.
  17. When you get a loan - broad money is deposited into your bank account (where you might have some savings already). This is the bank liability. The asset is the loan-agreement. This stays on the bank ledger at all times. You transfer money from your bank account to your account at another bank.....the liability is dropped in the ledger - a cash asset is transferred via a payment system CHAPS say (operated in conjuction with the central bank) to the destination bank (the banks bank-account). That bank then creates a new liability in its ledger - an increase in your bank deposit account. You have a balance to draw against there.
  18. Yes I did it for 6 weeks before - but my campervan fell apart in Darwin so decided to come back to blighty. I'm going back now to finish it off ! Luckily I'm fully funded so wont be doing diddly squat! It's a great life - plenty of people do 'it' as their permanent lifestyle.
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