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  1. £125 Xmas bonus, that was across the board in my company from the lowest paid right up to the MD. Manufacturing repair. We hardly ever hit the profit target to make a monthly bonus but when we do its only £100 - nothing like 1.5 x the salary!!!
  2. Bring it on. Sad fact is, less shops = more unemployment. More unemployment contributes to house price falls. Don't fret, once houses return to fair value people will be able to afford to live again and shops can open just as quickly as they are closed down.
  3. Didn't know about those visas. Although talking to her today she seems to think it is all easy with a good attorney. She didn't know and she still doesn't know now. However we've talked aout that kind of thingt and shes happy with a pre-nuptial in place. Going by the continued government plan of money printing, bribes to banks not to re-posess, payment holidays, expect 0.5% for many more years and mortgage payments paid by the state means prices will not correct as they should. Instead a decade+ of pain. Hmmmm no American girls are nice? Nearly 40 here too
  4. True. Ireland is a possiblity, but an even worse economy there. Jobs for me would be hard to find, so too in the US. I'd have to get a minimum wage job. There doesn't seem to be many technicians jobs in MI either. Weather in MI very hot in summer, very cold in winter. Ireland is just cold and rainy all the time! Also I suppose unless you did a pre- nuptial the woman would take all your money in divorce in the US! Edit: I had better say: a woman I met out there actually works in real estate (!) and was explaining how the system all works out there and how to buy a foreclosed house then sell i
  5. I'm still saving up to buy 100% cash, but the problem is that even at £200K what passes for a house in the SE is a poky little box of a terraced or semi. Why should I sink my life savings into an asset thats going down 30% over 15 years or so? And the other problem is it could take 10-15 years to correct and only after inflation has done its work. I can't wait for that before buying, I need a house sooner than that.
  6. I feel your pain - I think the same, and despair at this money printing (theft) from hard working savers. They BoE and MP's seem intent on saving asset prices at the expense of causing a 20 year depression then moan about banks not lending. (hoping it might pick up) But they are not lending for good reason, why would any bank lend much money in this climate, to businesses who will default? Its time the MP's especially Cable, shut up
  7. Just back from the US, I had a look at houses in Michigan while I was over there. Grand Rapids, Lansing kind of area. There, you can get many foreclosed 4 bed detached HUGE (by UK standards) houses for $50K. Of course you would need a visa, the easiest route is going over there on a holiday visa and meet a nice person to marry. Anyway its tempting, or so I thought, but amazingly now I'm back in the UK I actually missed it a little bit and faced with the prospect of giving up my job here and actually doing it its a lot more difficult. The point of this post is that prices in the UK are so insan
  8. Yes I heard that , it annoyed me. Ian Collins is the presenter. Seems to be on about other topics for a bit now.
  9. Only just tuned in here. Started off bearish, then some idiot who has just bought came on to ramp.... Have a listen....
  10. I've been thinking the same way as you for a while. Currently I'm thinking the USA. lots of cheap housing there! The only thing that puts me off is similar problems with the devaluation of the dollar by mad governments as we have here with the pound. The us has a bigger debt problem than us, the only difference seems to be they have not worked to prop up their houses. This could be down to the over supply whereas the UK doesn't have this? Anyway I'm feed up with this crap country!
  11. Any updates on this story? Lend them money if you will but I wouldn't. People like that just have no idea with money. They really don't. Like one of my friends. She is always in her overdraft and on credit cards. Everytime she remortgages the house to pay it off she says thats it I'm not getting into debt again. 3 months later shes well back in the red. She must have remortgaged the house 3 times now. She seems to have no concept of cutting back on things or that the answer is sorry I just can't afford it. She has NTL TV with all the movie channels and rejected my suggestion and her fathers th
  12. My take on it is that house prices are still way too high. I disagree that we will all be dead before they correct. My savings are earning about 3.5% net. UK houses are pretty much -1% PA even with QE and meddling. I am continuing to save hard about 10K a year, even more so these days to beat QE etc. If I carry on as I am I'll be able to buy a decent place completely outright. I can now - but an extra 20K or more may lead to a much better house. They cannot keep rates this low forever, when rates do rise there could be a sharp correction. There is no rush to buy unless I settle and have kids
  13. As to?... Anyway yes its the anger from being screwed over by the government for being prudent. I work with a load of people, not one person there has any concept of how the pound being weak effects petrol prices, or how inflation effects them and more importantly, why. If I raise any discussion about it goes over their heads or they look confused. They don't see how we are being screwed because most of them are the slaves to the system with high mortgages who don't understand financial matters. Ie sheeple. Women are usually the same, in fact you have an even slimmer chance of finding a woman
  14. Hi guys, got some time to get back on here to post. This is exactly why I've not married yet. I'm 39 now (prospect of nearly 40 and no family yet scary) , and I could have married about 4 of my exes. Something didn't seem right with all of them, usually could I see myself with them for the rest of my life? The answer being no. I am scared stiff of DIVORCE. Guys are screwed especially when children are involved. It seems to have become that I'd rather not get married at all than to try it and risk a fail. No we split up over the arguements and her rush to have children and marriage. Plus
  15. Anywhere but overpriced UK housing. You post on this site, you should know that. You should also know that housing in the USA has corrected therefore is not likely to go down much more now. A place to park his money would be US housing. Especially if he is moving there. Its not easy to make the move over there without a US company sponsoring your visa. Either that or buying or investing in a US business. What does he do? If I could get a job/visa in the USA I think I'd make the move before I get too much older. Good luck to him.
  16. My ex and I split up about 2 weeks ago. We argued a lot generally but one of the things that really were the worst arguements was about house prices. A typical snippet from one: Her: "You've been saying for 10 years that prices will crash" Me: " They have crashed" Her: "No they haven't" Me "Yes they did, in 2007 and going lower still now" Her " Well they haven't in St Albans" Me: "Thats because its overpriced due to London, places away from London are still going down" Her: "Well I suppose if you keep saying it will crash for long enough, one day you will be right" Me: "(Fuming!) You
  17. To call this piece of trash an 'article' is insulting. This is nothing but a mass advert for various building firms who are building new shoe boxes for minimum 250K right up to 750K in St Albans and other places near a train line. They way they word these prices as if the money being asked is quite normal to try to justify them. Builders ads dressed up as news in a 'news'paper. How poor
  18. Smart TV's are things for people who live alone, then who cares if your surf on the TV. Actually smart TV's are a good way to avoid the TV licence.
  19. Hello Mr Tulip- original HPC poster I believe. That is very poor support.
  20. Gym membership is another one of those non essential expenses that are easy to cut back on when times are hard, as they are now. Doesn't surprise me in the slightest. We'll see more go under too before this has finished. Talking of Argos, they must be struggling because they are giving away £5 vouchers when you spend £40 in store I think it was. My mother told me about it, she'd gone in to spend some xmas vouchers and came out with more vouchers, and the thing was reduced too!
  21. OK. So what if you replace your bolier, and you've already got the current level of cavity and loft insulation.....? Then what. Bloody stupid idiotic green obsessed stupid mumbo jumbo crap tree hugging government!
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