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  1. Well this is nothing to crow about. Their economy is far from fixed if nobody can afford a house still..
  2. For the last 4 years I've taken my car to the local council test station. £35 with free retest. Its saved me a fortune. If anything fails I phone around all ther local garages for the cheapest quote to do whatever work is required, get it done and rebook. I find Fridays are the best day to go as the testers are in a better mood and more likely to just advise on the 'indicator bulb not orange' enough thing! The last time I took it to a private garage that does MOTs they failed it on headlight aim which was fine before (how does it suddenly adjust itself out? - they must have either moved it
  3. Yes I have been thinking this since the beginning of the year and have been despairing as I see the pound fall day by day. If you go back to the summer we had 1.28 to the euro! Trouble is we have been here before during the last time the pound weakened. I nearly bought a load of Swiss francs. Good job I didn't as sterling picked up and the Swiss devalued by manipulation. Same with Gold there have been times I nearly bought in then gold fell.
  4. Hey guys thanks for the reposting here of the Saffron BS email. You've hit the nail on the head. You see what choice do we have now? I don't want to finally be forced into buying property just because those who hold cash wil be wiped out. There have been many fears and predictions of this but so far I am 'just' about keeping up with inflation. The thing we don't have is wage growth above inflation, so houses are looking more and more unaffordable. I have saved bloody hard, done loads of overtime and scrimped all my working life for enough to buy a house and over the last 10 years I have seen
  5. Did anybody hear it? http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01qdqzy The guy was a Swiss Banker he said. He clearly understood that residential mortgage lending in a bubble can be riskier than investment banking. Woman didn't have a clue what she was on about. Guy from BBA wasn't much better! Any comments? I think Vine gets it in fact he talks about overpriced houses a lot.
  6. I have no answers either. But I have been here since 2002 watching and waiting. I have no idea what to do. I can't see an end to it which is why I am now looking for a country in which to move to that has realistic house values. I could buy now--- I have nearly enough saved now (by scrimping all my life and lots of overtime) to buy a small 3 bed detached in a average area here plus I am currently in a shared ownership house which I could sell. It just seems crazy to buy into an overvalued market which should have gone down if it weren't for the amount of government meddling in the free market.
  7. our current rate is as follows; Saffron BS: 2.20% gross p.a./AER* Annual Income 2.18% gross p.a./AER* Monthly Income On 4 March 2013 the rate will change as follows; 1.70 % gross p.a./AER*Annual Income 1.69%/1.70% gross p.a./AER* Monthly Income Why are we making this change? You may have seen from the financial press that from a saver’s perspective the Funding for Lending scheme ('FLS') introduced on 1 August 2012 has had a rapid and continuing downward impact on interest rates. This £80 billion mortgage scheme provides mortgage funds at a low rate which means that Banks have less
  8. Not here it isn't. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-01-16/san-francisco-area-bay-home-prices-surge-most-since-1988.html San Francisco Bay area home prices surged 32 percent last month, the biggest increase from a year earlier in at least 24 years, as fewer distressed and more higher-end properties sold, DataQuick said. The median price paid for a home in the nine-county Bay area climbed to $442,750 last month from $335,500 in December 2011, according to the San Diego-based data provider. The median was the highest since August 2008, when it was $447,000, and the year-over-year gain was th
  9. "...through the goodwill and economic sense of the taxpayer, via Gordon Brown's office in the Treasury, Barratt was saved. The government told the banks to lay off indebted businesses, especially property firms (to save the housing market). It also came up with a £1bn lending scheme and grants for the building industry. So like Barclays and HSBC, which always trot out their bogus boast about surviving the crash without a government bailout, Barratt is only still with us because the government saved..." I F ing hate Gordon Brown, he has ruined so many lives including mine. I hope he rots in h
  10. The national lottery. The only tax that people queue up to pay willingly. I stopped after I won a tenner on week 1 of it back in the 90's. Bloody scam.
  11. I have not seen any financial figures but I disagree. They are not expensive... they are competitive with online prices, they have a good online presence and because their stores are small, they have low overheads. The staff actually know what they are selling too unlike Currys etc. They do seems to be struggling with the consumer shift away from hi-fi seperates and the ipod generation though. But they have shifted into TVs too, something which years ago Julian Richer used to say he wouldn't do.
  12. From the Crapital website: "Case Study: Comet February 2012 OpCapita acquired Comet from Kesa in February 2012. Comet is a leading consumer electricals retailer in the UK generating over £1.3 billion in sales through a national chain of 240 stores and online. OpCapita invested £35 million and benefitted from an investment of £50 million in new cash from Kesa. These funds were used to provide Comet with sufficient liquidity to fund its operations. Comet was underperforming operationally and its financial performance had deteriorated from generating operating profits to producing losses in t
  13. Hahahahahahah. Justice is done. The judge gets it and hats off to him. |Report says, "A millionaire property developer and his wife"..... No they weren't! It was all on tick!!! Stupid paper. Reporter probably has been watching too much property porn, eg homes under the hammer with that stupid blonde bint and that idiot spiky haired moron. I would love to put that bird under the hammer, shes the new Krusty Allsop. She gets all excited over a profit, greedy bitch.
  14. Made this paper too. Do we agree with this article? What currency to move into though? US Dollar faces its own problems, so does Europe http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/investing/9785201/Sterling-faces-destructive-triple-cocktail-in-2013-HSBC.html Sterling faces destructive 'triple cocktail' in 2013 – HSBC Sterling will weaken this year as Britain faces a potentially testing triple cocktail of destructive factors, says HSBC. Sterling faces destructive 'triple cocktail' in 2013, says HSBC "The pound's fiscal credibility is under threat as a sovereign downgrade looms," the
  15. Yep that's me Effectively I STR in 2002, and been posting here and waiting for over a decade. not a complete waste, but I could have kept that house and sold it in 2007 for 50k more
  16. I watched it with some colleagues in the staff restaurant. they were shocked at such a dire outlook they were hearing. I think he predicted falls 5 - 10 % this year if I heard correctly. Did anyone here see it?
  17. Has anyone heard the BBC Radio 1 and 2 news coverage of the fiscal cliff? They talk about it as it is some bad thing that needs to be stopped, like a war or something. Woefully bad reporting and completely biased, simplistic and lacking in facts
  18. Radio 2, news is reporting, high street sales up in the sales, credit card debt up slighty, consumers paying down debt, mortgage approvals up. Fflending will mean the housing market will continue to recover according to some estate agents. Plus southend and other Towns with good commuter links such as St Albans and Rochester house prices rose a lot
  19. I already do 2 regular saver accounts. Also Lloyds Vantage current accounts pay 4% on 6K max and you are allowed 3 of those. Its still not enough. About half of my money is in ISA's. Some 35% of that luckily is in a 5 year fix at 3.7%. Looking bleak. Gold I often wonder about but if you believe what was posted earlier about governments shorting the gold price with printed money then I am worried!
  20. Bits I noticed that nobody else commented on: How the Spanish corrupt banks went round doing fictional overpriced valuations on the houses to pretend they hadn't fallen and everything was still ok. This has happened here in fact its gone on for years in the UK, it in part caused our boom and its still going on now, why on earth couldn't the programme makers and presenter draw parallels to the UK??! Its so damn obvious! Countries would nornally devalue their currency to get out of the mess. Spain can't devalue as it is tied to the Euro. This made me think hmmmm, what is going to happen next ye
  21. Net obviously. I have got some of it in NS&I indexed linked, but only about 20% of the total house fund.
  22. I know this and you probably know this but at least they are highlighting it. I don't know what I am going to do when my House Fund 3.5% fixed rate ISA's and savings accounts run out next spring. http://www.which.co.uk/news/2012/12/no-savings-accounts-can-beat-inflation-which-reveals-306191/ No savings accounts can beat inflation, Which? revealsUK inflation remained at 2.7% in November 18 December 2012 There's no respite for struggling savers over the festive period, as official figures show inflation remained unchanged during November. The consumer prices index (CPI), the standard measur
  23. You may joke but this is quite scary. I could get to 2035 and still not have bought a house. Yes I could have spent my life holding off from buying something that should under normal circumstances fall, but due to corrupt government mass meddling in the market never did. All that putting life on hold, and worry and no better off I might as well jion the herd? And by then you are OLD and your life has passed you by. It even effects my relationships, as every girl wants to buy a house to nest in. If I do that I will have to leave my cheap rent shared ownership house and buy an overpriced shoe b
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