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  1. The only good thing about Dunstable is that it's not Luton...
  2. I did think of that, and decided I would not leave much of value in the place. I'd fly there £40 return if you get the cheap airlines right. Or drive it. 14 hours. Spain has gone tits up already unless you have heard a forecast of even more tits up?
  3. It sounds nice but if you rent in Spain and France every winter and summer doesn't it get tedious moving all your stuff backwards and forwards all the time? I can understand owning a spanish house as you can move stuff in and leave it there, but a rental??
  4. My gf and I split up partly because I could never see her. She was doing lesson plans and marking from the moment she got home until bed time and at least half the weekend. She doesn't get home until 6 some nights. Many other teachers at her school off with stress. Its ruining her. She says she would gladly take a pay cut to have an evening. I told her to change school - she said they will all be the same. Where is your niece's school??
  5. But you can't! There is nowhere to go, they are all offering below inflation returns, every bank or BS. This is partly due to FLS !
  6. I've never thought about a holiday home before. but now I have given up on a UK HPC in the near future due to government support FLS, help to buy etc. I'm seeing my savings destroyed by the FLS, inflation. I give up on the uk. The only thing keeping me in the UK is my job So I thought a home abroad would be a good thing it least it stops the UK getting hold of my hard earned savings
  7. OK thanks for the thoughts. Cheapo flights Ryanair, Easyjet etc. Local kids: Well where I was thinking there won't be any local kids, it will be in the middle of nowhere, although with unemployment up I suppose break ins aren't impossible. A burst pipe wouldn't happen if it were somewhere hot. And surely travelling to check up on it is a common problem for those with 2nd homes for holidays. How do they cope with it?
  8. I am forced to watch this crap programme every weekday morning (don't ask). It constantly annoys me but others around me are glued to it. These programmes do sucker naive punters into doing the BTL thing. They nearly never make a loss and even if they do they just 'rent it out until the market improves'. Its all repeats (Auction date May 2009 etc) Those too presenters really really annoy me especially the woman who gets all excited over a crap house. The public really are influenced by this programme its very irresponsible of the BBC
  9. I thought there was a website set up years ago where one could sell their house without an agent??
  10. LOL. They tried that, it only made the problem eventually worse until they finally woke up to the fact you can't borrow and spend your way out of recession.
  11. Thanks for the tips. I would love a transfer yes. But I worry about the standards they expect in the US branches. My place in the UK is a very disorganised operation and as I see it a very poorly run imitation of our European branches that I have visited. I would worry that having been used to the bodgy nature of my job here, abroad they would be expecting more of me then I can give. Thats my only worry. Then I'm out on my ear!>.
  12. Thats me sitting on cash. It was to buy a house with, by now they should have corrected. But due to government meddling they haven't. I will not buy a house with it now and throw in the towel, they will correct in 5 - 10 years time depending on policy. But I can't wait and watch my money being stolen by inflation/QE/0% base rates/FFL etc. The only thing I can think of now is to buy abroad in a place that has had the crash. But stay here while I still have a job. I also have a bolt hole if I lose my job. Good idea?
  13. This isn't good though to ease up the tightening up of supply - its only going to make things worse
  14. There's no Tax, its not a tax, nothing to see here, go home!
  15. OK.. well remembered. But prices in my area (Bucks), have been rising all year. According to Land reg, the average price is up £7000 in Jan 2013 compared to Jan 2012. I give up now. I am going to buy abroad with a view to moving out there when I retire. I can afford to buy I have plenty saved but I don't see why I should risk my hard earned savings on a UK overpriced box which will correct - one day. But when? How long can the government keep up this chirade?
  16. The number of properties sold in England and Wales reached its highest level for three years at the end of last month, a report said today. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, which polls its membership on a regular basis to give a picture of the state of the housing market, reported estate agents in a more buoyant mood recording just over 17 property sales on average during the first three months of the year. The RICS survey result will raise hopes the worst of the property market slump may finally be over. At its lowest point, RICS said its members were selling ‘less than ten’
  17. Really, well thats good then. I must have been brainwashed by the BBC, for everytime they want to put on a person in a debate who is there to attack Thatcher or the Tories they are nearly always Scottish (usually from Glasgow) I also work with a few scots and they hate her too.
  18. Those seem like wise words to me. But houses are just too high here. I don't fancy waiting 10 years on top of the last 10 I've waited for housing to correct.I might be able to get a job transfer to the USA if I tried. If you get on international dating sites then you could move for a relationship. But I just want to spend my money (before it ends up being stolen by the UK devaluation) on a house which is not at risk of falling over the next 10 years or more as in the UK.
  19. Hello Count. I am thinking the same thing. I am ready to throw in the towel and buy out of England. The FLS, and stupid new scheme by Osborne is going to send the market up again this year. I'm getting too bloody old. I've been waiting for UK houses to return to true value since 2003. The good thing is I have now saved nearly enough to buy one cash but because they are still overpriced boxes I'm not going to. Scotland I have considered moving to, but the trouble is the scots really don't like the English. And seeing as most of them are loony socialists who hate Thatcher I could never live up t
  20. That's the trouble. To the OP I consider £175K euros for a detached in your area to be still overpriced, its not much different from the north of England really. Jobs are scarce there too. But glad you are doing well out there and do let us know of any updates to your story. I am fed up with the UK even more so as there seems to be no end to this madness from Osbourne. As some of my family have put it "you could be waiting forever". Ireland is great nice people, chilled way of life but its the lack of work and poor weather that is a shame. But Spain has the weather but has 30% unemployment w
  21. That's a good line of reasoning I shall use that in my next arguement at work with all the Labour supporters
  22. I'm not a capitalist either so I wouldn't know. Look how this topic is even here on HPC, its only here because the BBC have stirred it up and the £53 thing. That's what people are focussing on. Its about time the lazy, fat, good for nothing tax payer leeches are forced back to work (if they ever had a job in the first place) And as much as what this government have been doing to bugger up the country with its printing, and FLS and other stupid schemes I support them on this one. Welfare is out of control. People's sense of entitlement is staggering and they wouldn't know real poverty at all.
  23. No they don't the media are distorting the truth, aided by wailing from the Labour party. The BBC, again on Vine today showed their true left wing biased colours this afternoon. Of course the man could if he had to but it was a stupid question as this is £53 a week after all the other multiple benefits after having free housing.
  24. The cost of renting (or buying) in this country is insane!, just bonkers! Yes I know we all know it but yesterday it hit me in the face with a bang! My gf wants us to move into a one or two bedroom flat or small house to see how we get on living together with a view to marriage etc. We were looking on right move... £700 a month for a poky studio flat in Luton! Its got so stupid now that when you search for a 1 bedroom rental up comes 1 Bedroom things for around £400 a month, then you read down and its actually a poxy house share!!!!! Last time I did a house share was in 1993 and it cost me £1
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