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  1. I agree. BBC 4 is the new BBC 2. What they should do is close BBC 4 and restore BBC 2 to niche high quality non commercial programming and cut back on the crap on BBC 1, homes under the hammer for a start
  2. A few words to these idiots dreaming up this tax. No bloody way. Get stuffed. What a bloody stupid idea!
  3. What is the chance of sterling crashing compared to what would happen if we moved into Euro assets then the Eurozone collapsed? Those Euros will be swapped for Pesetas and Cyprus pounds/ DM's and they will sure to devalue.
  4. I see your sentiment but the BBC did actually report the riots a few years back. But they initially (and for a good 2 or three days) reported them as racial protests even when it was obvious it was just general chaos that was nothing to do with the murder of a black teen. Just about sums up the PC BBC for you. If its climate change, they love it and only report the one side the pro global warming. If it could be racist they report it as being so. I could go on but I'm bored now. I don't subscribe to the BBC so I'm glad my money isn't being wasted.
  5. I sort of see your point having travelled all of over the place. Yes USA and Aussie TV is not as good, but you have to remember that its free. The BBC is costing you £145 a year on a very wasteful bloated organisation. The answer is to drop the fee and reduce the BBC by 50%. Close all those minority radio stations and TV channels like BBC 3 and 4. Back to 2 channels. Sell buildings, cut staff 50%. Reduce the fee to £70. BBC online is also very costly, cuts there too. Back to the early 70's when the fee was better value and the services leaner that's what they should strive for
  6. I'm not that spoony LOL. I used to have a much better username back in the early days of this forum, but I I forgot it and the email address I used for it has long gone so I couldn't reset the password. Despite appeals to the mods I resigned myself to a new username and Spoony for some reason was all I could think of at the time. I am a veteran now!
  7. You are right. For ten years now I've been waiting for the proper correction in house prices. Now I am just older and becoming increasingly bitter and frustrated. I had the choice to join the party again in 2003, I viewed us in bubble territority. A 3 small bed detached would have cost £160K then. Now a small 3 bed detached costs about £180K. I could have rode this bubble and still ended off up, and been able to move on with my life 10 years ago. It's got in the way of relationships because I wouldn't by any means buy a house at these prices. I still won't even though I can buy with cash now.
  8. No you are right. The UK is full of idiots breeding idiots and I really detest it.
  9. Had better answer this, only just seen this reply.... I'm not afraid of doing my job well, I try to do it every day but am constantly unable to and demotivated + frustrated at the lack of equipment and support. There's lack of knowledge from clueless management who only understand one thing... profit and revenues at the expense of being able to work properly. There is no forward planning or investment in the future which would help things in the long term, just short term survival. There are shortcuts galore and corner cutting going on plus some dishonest practices happening towards customers.
  10. The BBC biased PR machine was in action on the day that news story broke. They were trying to counter this anti licence story by making the DJ's run a campaign. On the Steve Wright and Ken Bruce shows, they were both featuring 'funny' stories about peoples 'excuses' for not having a licence when the TVL goons turned up at the houses.
  11. The good Merryn said: Back in 2004, I was arguing with some pro-property girl at work about house prices being too expensive fuelled by cheap money. I said they will fall sooner or later there is a massive bubble forming, she told me "The government wouldn't let it happen". My response to this was there is nothing anyone can do about market forces and there is nothing the government could do, there was nothing they could do last time either. Looks like I should have listened to her, but who could have thought it. I remember people on here at the time having similar grief from people at di
  12. Lots of new builds in Milton Keynes and boards about the 20% help to buy scheme plastered by the roadside. OP You are right. They are rabbit hutches which are going for prices inflated even above the current inflated prices of normal size older houses. I feel sorry for the suckers who are being conned into this pyramid scheme
  13. http://www.theolivepress.es/spain-news/2013/06/02/court-rules-against-brit-pensioner-in-property-deal-case/ Court rules against Brit pensioner in property deal case A BRITISH pensioner has lost her battle to prevent an embargo being slapped on her UK home over a defunct property deal. In a ruling that could have a widespread impact on British property owners in Spain, a Spanish court ruled that Joan Deak was responsible for the fact that a developer did not finish a property she had paid a deposit for. Deak has used the original agent she had bought the property through Palmera Properties
  14. Interesting plan. You are assuming a few things here: 1. that the relationship will go tits up, and 2 that they are not married/kids if it did. AS most on this site have a load saved up to buy a house, whats to stop her grabbing half your money to pay the debt back as you lived there ?
  15. SO what's your plan then? As from where I'm sitting, there is nowhere thats' safe to invest our money that pays even 2% anymore
  16. There has been some talk of stopping QE as the fed did announce that they will adjust QE as and when required. This has prompted people to speculate this is them hinting they may stop it.
  17. While this guy does make some good points eg not adjusting the graph to show the borrrowing adjusted for inflation and others, as you scroll down he is obviously a Labour party nutter and an anti Tory campaigner. I am no fan of Osbourne but you can tell these types a mile off.
  18. On the financial TV channels there have been excited bulls spouting, 'we are back in business', 'the market is back' etc We have been here before: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=178162 and http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=70489&st=45 Good jobs data out plus house prices have started to rise again.Will this last? I think it will keep going then fall again as the next EU country falls. FTSE 100 doing well also. Any opinions? Its depressing for me as I feel I can't stick my cash anywhere. Stocks too high now and risky. Gold ditto. F
  19. It was Gordon Brown who first started using the annoying "Hard Working Families/People" crap I think
  20. Here we go again. I am bloody sick to death of the poxy EU telling this country how to run things, the quicker we leave the EU the better and yes I am voting UKIP in the next general election I bloody promise that for nothing. Santander do the 123 accounts that require a fee, but could the EU remove the cashback having got people used to paying a fee for banking....>>?
  21. Apart from the view that the UK is so much better. Its not. Crime and risk of being attacked on nights out must be just as high in the UK. We don't have customer service in a lot of shops bar John Lewis. Just spotty teenagers who don't give a monkeys and talk to you in that street wigga accent, largely unknowlegeable about the products in the shop. Only place you do get the service is in indian resturants or in the USA! Bullying in schools here too. We don't like foreigners either, why should the spanish? High council tax here for not a lot of service, pot holes everywhere. From the Spain
  22. Hi, this is a bit old so some of you may have seen this. But I thought it was very interesting. I'd like the HPCers view on this please???: responses and a lot of comments that mainly agree: http://www.spainmadesimple.com/moving-to-spain/i-hate-spain/ I Hate Spain (by Nick Anders, disillusioned expat) Maybe hate is too strong a word but ok then I dislike Spain, I’ve had enough, get me out of here – whatever your choice, the end result if the same. I’m leaving Spain to go back to the UK. I’m not the only one who now hates Spain. It’s a bit like the thin line between love and hate. I moved
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