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  1. Thanks, all that noted. I hope it all works out for you. Yes, I would like to go back to being a happier person who looks forward to the good times to come. Somebody who is positive about the economy and the future. Being so 'doom and gloom' is depressing for people who hang around me even if it is true and realistic. I think when you buy house you hope for the positive and almost switch side. But the reality is, ZIRP will end and the UK will face its demons. It would be nice not to worry anymore about inflation, interest rates the exchange rates etc and just enjoy life. If I did buy I wouldn'
  2. Thanks and points taken I will try to do that
  3. Great comment - that's about right. Apart from I can't afford to buy one. I can, even at these stupid prices because I worked and saved like hell. But I can't bring myself to buy an overpriced house that will eventually fall. Seems like a waste of the savings and I want at least some reward for my lost decade. This my issue hence the thought of get one outside the UK
  4. A quote of Gordon Brown proportions. Cable supports the Help to buy, when Osbourne was destroyed by Labour in the commons over this issue he was speechless, he could not answer back, it was Cable who stood up and mumbled to his defence, this makes me think it might even be a LibDem idea in the first place
  5. The fools won, I lost. A decade and counting. Add another 3 years to that thanks to Osbournes HtB. That's even if they stop it after 3. I'm old now, I don't have another spare 3 years. That's why emigration or just getting a place abroad is on my radar even if I can't properly move due to my job,
  6. It was her idea... for me to sell my shared slave box, and for us to buy a big family house with a granny annex for her Mother plus our future child to live in. I have been wanting to move for a long time though as my neighbours are noisy idiots
  7. Thanks for posting this on workaway. I've had a good look at this site. That is a really great concept. It got my thinking to what you can do, there are other sites like it which enable you to work or live abroad. Probably something I have been guilty of is sitting in my own bubble and comfort zone for too long and not getting out there much to have new experiences and meeting very many new people. I have lived alone since 1999. The last time I had new life experiences like workaway was when I used to live in houseshares in Surrey from about 1993-1995. It wasn't all roses especially if you don
  8. I was referring to the gap between RPI and the approx. 2.3% net on average I am getting from the savings. Oh yes I am still saving about £500 a month. This panic is probably to due some kind of mid life crisis triggered by hitting 40, but the reminder on here that every year I am older my future 5 year mortgage will get shorter and the amount available to borrow will be less doesn't help. But I only expect a 20% mortgage at worst unless prices carry on going. Perhaps I am obsessed in HPC in the way that those idiot presenters of Homes Under the Hammer are obsessed with HPI and profit... god I
  9. With me being 40 that's a 25 year mortgage and counting less every year. I suppose that by putting down a very large deposit I can get around that problem
  10. Er thanks. I think. But seriously I had no idea I would get so many responses thanks. I suppose I raised some talking points!
  11. 2009 was another buying chance missed. (Again) I worry about rising wages though Famous last words of 2004 - 2013 I hope you are right All logic and common sense has left this country. I expected greater things of the Tories than Browns mad policies mark 2 This stops me from buying but the prospect of losing it through ZIRP and inflation panics me to buy something somewhere. I think I could not work for 7 years if I used the STR money to fund my unemployment.... but people get it for free from the government, might as well have blown it on a house and got interest paid etc if out o
  12. Worry about that quote too. Just came back from abroad hoping to got to Spain soon. Which developing countries in particular? Very good! £1.4M for a flat in Cambridge. Its car hating, bike loving Cambridge. I hate the place, full of park and ride crap and too much traffic. I wouldn't live there even it it was 100K We do, that would be a great idea, who is going to add this to the site? Another one of my fears although a few friends of mine are examples of how you can meet a stunning bird get married and live a great life. True but I'm not sure about no sentiment from non HPC'ers
  13. Thanks for the replies. I will respond to a lot of them: The North of England I was wondering about, but in my area (electronics test) I am not sure if there is much about. I know the salary drops off once you go up north. Abroad again you get the problem of the only places that are cheap are the ones with no jobs. Indeed Nottingham is quite cheap (good place to snag a woman I hear too). We have low wage growth compared to inflation. How long will this continue? This is my fear, what will happen when wages growth picks up? Inflation will take off - and will they have the balls to raise
  14. So, regardless if if its realistic or not, sentiment is improving. The doom is not as bad as it was. With government meddling (QE, negative rates, help to buy, etc) they have prevented a full blown crash. Now it looks as though they are inflating houses prices to win an election although they will not ever admit that. 10 years I have been at HPC. Summer 2003 I became effectively a STR'er, although my rent is a shared ownership. I have crap neighbours, the house is a tiny poky box but I have not moved and put my life on hold for all this time because to put all my savings into a house in a mar
  15. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/overseasproperty/10121339/Portugal-property-embrace-a-lifestyle-of-sun-sea-and-sport.html "In 2011, we sold 12 properties," he says. "In 2012 we sold 53. So far in 2013, we are averaging two a week. This indicates the renewal of appetite for Portugal." Is this article VI bull? Looks like the market is bouncing back if you believe it!
  16. If I was to do Spain, no I wouldn't become a resident not while working in the UK. It would have to be holidays until retirement which is 28 years away. The game could be different then. Thanks I'm glad someone takes notice of my posts!
  17. Get over it and do what? Stay in sterling cash, not buy a house and wait and watch while the £ devalues as we print to infinity and FLS decimates savings - all the while hoping that sense will prevail? - ONE DAY Or resign oneself to the fact the government have saved the feckless, punished the prudent, so try and limit the future damage. I think its all down to personal circumstances. Some of us would like to move house but can't until they are fair value. Or won't do it until they are fair value. Or maybe some like you? are not personally effected and can sit back and wait - and watch for
  18. Very true. There is also a tax on high street shopping. Its called parking.
  19. I think this story is misleading. If you are resident in Spain you don't have to pay that tax. Sounds like these two only are being hit by retention tax because they were non resident. If they were there for all that time but were non resident then they must have been doing that for tax reasons?
  20. Not desperate Bruce but fed up after 10 years of not buying. Fed up with theft through inflation of my money. Seeing Spain being cheap, but after reading all this stuff this morning, its seems Spain is best avoided for the moment! What about the islands eg Tenerife, do they suffer the same corruption, and possible asset theft by Spanish government? It seems the way they are going they will either leave the EU or hold Brussels to ransom over it, letting them get away with what they want. The EU won't want any country to leave as it will spell the end of the Euro experiment so will cave to Spain
  21. The price of heating is higher in Spain now than the UK. http://spain.othercountries.com/pages/articles/index.asp?page=cost-of-living "Electricity. about 20% higher than UK prices for a similar sized-property Gas. Where available, about 20% higher than in the UK. However, town gas is not available in many areas, and bottled gas is quite a lot more expensive. Water. Water is metered in Spain, but you would not usually pay more than 20E per month if you do not have a pool or garden. With a pool and garden the price can be 4 or 5 times that." You also need to run AC in the summer and that is n
  22. More realistic up north, away from the distortion that is London
  23. So the bottom has dropped out of the cupcake market. A mates girlfriend used to make those, they were very nice but very expensive for what they were when you compared them to Tesco or Asda cupcakes. Another fad gone then. How long before the coffee shop market collapses>?
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