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  1. Lol about the mansion. Her house needs a bit of work she's just come out of a 20 year marriage hasn't the time money or strength to sell and I think she would be lucky to break even with selling. Thanks for replying
  2. Can anyone advise what will happen to a neighbour of mine. She and her husband have separated she has been unable to pay her mortgage. I know she will be repossessed eventually which she is prepared for. She has 3 children and works flat out but has so many out goings she can't keep up her mortgage payments. It's down to how much longer will the bank let her remain in the house. She has not paid anything for 2 months. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  3. stupid question then ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  4. this is very interesting. I have heard of the IMF (international monetary fund) i wont even air what i thought that was may be a result of reading to many consipiracy theories. But does any one know what part they play and who they are?
  5. Wow your soooo right there like we Irish are just the worst ever. so unbiased and all yourself there:rolleyes: piglet or hitler or whatever they call you.
  6. what does bull or bear mean duck or swan
  7. Dont know what the rateable value is. Sorry
  8. I live in the county down Area and i know of someone who has just last night accepted £160000. House was previously on for £172500. i think this my have a snowball effect. People will be pulling the plug if they think they have a negative equity Good news for people who cant get on the property ladder
  9. good comments on there brother ;)

  10. scarlet i cant pm how do i do this ? Please let me know you have been getting a real hard time here, God bless you sister for the love you have shown to these people

  11. Dogbox have you seen anything, are you talking about buying a property with a business going or buyiny and then waiting on someone renting. my position is that i would need it to be tenanted from the first month ie i can't afford to leave it sitting. What do you think about commercial property with someone already renting and that also has apartments? Have you seen anything i saw a property with a business and apartments attached. It was berlin-capital.com it is a bit out of our price euro1.5 million it has 5 commercial and 19 ressidental tenants with well established business. Also s
  12. Dogbox I have been reading your posts with great interest you seem to know a lot about investment. I am at the minute looking to invest in property in berlin and would like some advise as to how i would go about it. I was interested in your post about the commercial property but i dont think i could go that high with investment i wanted to invest a small amount as this is the first time iv done this, however i might be intereested in going into the commercial thing if it was a bit lower, my friend is also interested in investing in property and could also be interested in going into this w
  13. What return would get if you sold the room and didnt wait on the mortgage being paid off. i would be interested in something like that.
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