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  1. XRP's more volatile... BIGGER gains in a shorter period. I'm just here for the money! 🤪
  2. Yes I am, there's confirmation in that chart it's going higher. Breakthrough and then retest. I only hold BTC and XRP at the moment though.
  3. My life has been consumed by women... That's supposed to be a good thing... 🤪 What's new?
  4. If either of you had read the article in its entirety, you would realise that it uses copper instead of silver. Silver still has a material advantage over copper. Elements are after all elements... they're building blocks. So whilst yes they can produce them cheaper... imagine what a silver version of the safe cell would do... This appears to be a cost driven exercise, but what you and the article fail to acknowledge is that peak copper was 2019 and it faces it's own rate of decline. There is 18kg of copper in a typical car, electric cars use around 80kg. Where do you think the copper (cheaper but lesser element) is going to come from and do you not think the price for copper will have to rise to reflect increased demand and dwindling supply? This is all a nonsense.
  5. I'm always after confirmation of direction. It could have gone lower this week... Might jump in tomorrow. Need to see if resistance turns to support.
  6. This is basically what I think is happening...
  7. There isn't much to go on at the moment... but here's the current train of thought. Another ascending triangle has formed.
  8. We don't share the same view... I now seen BTC as a safe haven asset because we're on the cusp of a new bretton woods and the green agenda. I don't think it's business as usual... but I am very conscious that they don't like BTC or any cryptos... they're not part of "their" plan to overhaul the monetary system and put the world economies on a green footing. At the moment I'm watching and I haven't got a clear view of what happens next yet. What I can see is that the death cross "appears" to have run out of steam... but I'm aware it may resume... so for the minute - I'm out... but I'm watching every tick.
  9. They said a few months which leads us up to the end of June...
  10. Any news on the PayPal announcement? I thought it was due by the end of June...
  11. I was interested when it was announced (10th June it seems), but I can see it's merely a suggestion at this point, inviting stakeholders to comment by September 10th. https://www.coindesk.com/basel-committee-proposes-conservative-treatment-of-banks-bitcoin-exposure
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