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  1. Without a shadow of a doubt, you've bought the top of the market.
  2. Putin is discussing the idea of pegging the ruble to gold: Kremlin
  3. It's just a punt... it's nothing more than putting £20 on a horse. It's cool either way... although one way, is way cooler than the other!
  4. To be seen... but it's already caused enough entertainment tonight, dreaming about the motorbikes and cars I'll buy if it comes back to even 10 cents, that I've already had my money's worth. $5 buys you 50,000 LUNA, if it goes back up to $0.10/LUNA which is circa 1/1000 of its previous high, that's still circa $5,000 profit for the cost of a pint. Gotta be worth the risk...
  5. Apparently there was a bug that allowed "someone" to print an extra 11% of the coins, but the bug has been fixed and patched and the additional coins burned off. It's back to normal again... Kraken are still trading it, but it's only been trading again for the last 10 hours.
  6. It hasn't been delisted... it's still trading... worth a punt for sure.
  7. 6 weeks ago my 300,000 LUNA was worth $34,800,000. Even if it goes to $0.10 it's worth $30K, if it goes to $0.50 it's worth $150K... $1/LUNA means $300K and that's still a 99% loss from the top, so tragic for those who bought the top, but when you look at it from the bottom, there's potentially large gains. I appreciate it's a punt... but for £20... who cares?
  8. I've just bought 300,000 LUNA... how much of a recovery does it need to make to turn that into significant money?
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