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  1. Couldn't watch much of this, very boring. All about maximising potential, what a great job they'd done putting in new carpet and magnolia paint etc.
  2. I'd not heard of this program before. Just googled and not surprised to see that same presenter, he's everywhere at the moment. FWIW, I viewed a house in Sheffield a month or two ago and it went to sealed bids over the advertised asking. Needless to say I didn't bid, but it did sell on the bid day.
  3. Surely lots more people will be choosing universities closer to home, so they can stay with parents and reduce costs.
  4. Great, I'll probably have nightmares now. It's only 600 sq feet too! One thing though, it does make the city centre, magnolia apartments look better value.
  5. Maybe check with previous owners / neighbours first. Don't want to "rescue" someone else's cat!
  6. Thanks for your replies. In my heart I'm leaning towards Sheffield, but the lower house prices (not buying yet!) in Lincoln and it seeming to have less crime is tempting me.
  7. Assuming you have some knowledge of both, which place would you rather live, Sheffield or Lincoln? You would be living in a good area of either. I have only a little experience of both and can see pros and cons for each, which is making it harder to choose which would be better to move to.
  8. Is it me, or are there more empty shops in Harrogate than usual at the moment.
  9. Oh what a surprise, now for sale at £275k. £90k and I may consider viewing it.
  10. If you get the new layout in FF, install the web developer tool bar (or use the FF options) to disable cookies temporarily. Then refresh the page and the new layout will go and PB re-appears. This will probably only work until the new layout is fully rolled out though.
  11. 30yrs old and have enough savings to buy a small house outright but have been renting for last 10 years and never "owned". In the near future I hope to find a cheapish plot of land and put up a german kit house. As over-valued as houses are now, I see them as even more over-valued for their poorly engineered construction.
  12. Apparently I'm the only one who likes it... Still wouldn't consider it without a 40-50% price-drop though.
  13. This made me smile: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-26894848.html Sold in March 2009 with a lot less "fancy" interior for 200k. The PDF on rightmove says offers in region of 325k. The actual listing is less... The owner must be in a dream world, the interior doesn't suit the type of property at all imo... Am sorely tempted to offer 100k and explain I'd want to spend a lot refurbing...
  14. I'm sorry if this is partly hijacking but I don't know Harrogate very well and wondered if the area just south of the Oakdale golf club is nice? E.g. Kent Road, Oakdale. It "looks" nice but didn't want to just rely on looks if there's any locals on here.
  15. I may be moving to Harrogate in the near future and wondered if there are particular good areas to try and get in, or bad ones to avoid? I'm leaning to the North / North-West / West side because that'll be easier for the gf commuting out of Harrogate in a northerly direction. Also, are there any estate agents in the area that aren't listing on Rightmove, Vebra etc?
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