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  1. I have some dim recollection of "non-repayable loans" being used by individuals who donated to political parties so that they didn't have to declare them. Unsurprisingly it didn't end well. An attempt to google for the details turned up this completely unrelated piece of pure comedy gold from the House of Commons Standing Committee:
  2. Another periodic update: asking price now £40k
  3. A good point and not one I'd thought of. Imagine being £15k in debt part way through your final year when your uni goes bust and you get nothing. Not difficult to see how riots would start in that situation.
  4. University education is just another bubble. The amount of building work by universities in the last 5 years alone just beggars belief. Pretty much all paid for with debt, some carried by the students and some by the institutions themselves. I would put good money on at least 1 university going bust before this is all over. And you can bet that the banks are still counting on university debt as high quality, After all, universities don't go bust do they? I can't think that one has in the past. But this time, everything's been bastardised by debt.
  5. JJB chief Chris Ronnie under cloud over share grab by bank This perfectly demonstrates the murky world of shady deals, holding companies and offshore offshoots. Some choice quotes: WTF? Simplification needed methinks.
  6. Thanks to the spangly new search facility, I can now find this thread again. These flats now on offer for £57.5k
  7. You can still get your fix though, by my reckoning it's the Land Registry today...
  8. Mine definitely looks different too!
  9. +8 0r whatever it is. I'm sorry but only narrowing down a deliver time to 'between 9 and 5 on a given day' is not good enough. Nor is the nearest depot being 20 miles away when you in a major city.
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