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  1. I'm seeing a fair number of adverts for "properties wanted" I wouldn't mind if they were at £0 but.... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-128...=1&tr_t=buy
  2. Cost of a 4megapixel camera last year £200 Cost of a 4 megapixel cameral this year £150 Easy
  3. Just had a leaflet drop through the door. I've uploaded a copy to the web (link below) I'm interested to see peoples reactions on the type of advertising used, in particular the sampling used. Estate agent getting desperate for mroe properties?
  4. Out of interest wheres the huge one? Only one I know is the near the holiday inn
  5. If your talking about cash give it to your wife ASAP. Make sure you both invest in ISAs to the best of your ability. The settlements legislation cannot be used to attack the transfer of funds. The transfer of shares may be more problematic. The only thing to bear in mind is if she goes over higher rate band approx £35k of interest Tax Returns will be necessary to account for extra tax. And for those it applies to, the above will apply to gay and lesbian couples shortly.
  6. I'd go with a punative CGT system on any gains (Still exempt PPR but make it a one off election). Once i'ts your PPR thats it for life. Scrap all the rent releif etc...
  7. Might be a bit late but have to get this off chest. As we all know virtually every single estate agent has an attached mortgage broker. My local estate agent put up a sign straight after the interest rate drop which said the following. Perhaps a bit misleading as prices are so dam high.
  8. This may be very simplistic but .... in the long term won't everyone be paid the same wage for the same job throughout the world? Seems to be the only way to avoid sweatshops either here or elsewhere in the world. I suspect this will be aachieved via us stagnating wages and them inflating their wages.
  9. The idea of bugmenot was to give access to those sites which required you to sign up (just so they could get your site useage). A long time ago thetimes and telegraph ran this system - some the US papers still do. I myself have setup a login for another forum as they allowed guests to view and read the forum but not look any attachments. I was just lurker so set up an account to enable fellow lurkers to view attachments. If a website has a bugmenot u/p then its generally got a fauly in its design somewhere - eg not allowing accessto guests.
  10. If your renting a room out from your own house (principle private residence) then you are entitled to claim up to £4,250 tax free under the rent a room scheme. If its not in own house - then they can only claim expenses - eg repairs interest on mortgage etc.
  11. I've just finished the whole report and I have to agree with the above. So wish someone could cut throught the crap and state how many houses were sold in each area and for what price - leave out all seasonal adjustment etc... Affordability table shows homes even more unaffordable than a year ago though - due to wages on their way down.
  12. Stupid question - page 4 Why do the graphs only go up to Q4 2004? Are they still really saying HP growth is at 15%?? Those 2 graphs are really poor if you ask me with the labelling so vague its unbeleivable.
  13. I'm sure she could afford to buy a normal property but is looking for an equivalent to her us home. They have bigger houses as per standard due to their being more land.
  14. A surprising article sprung up on the bbc site and is showing on the front page of the site. Money worries? Our five-minute test helps you to sort out your finances http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/hi/busi...check/index.stm Is this going to be a wake up call for some people or will it just reach the net savvy? I ran through the test and the end result isn't in the most user friendly way. Wonder what the bbc will do with the data it collects
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