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  1. 'fraid I dont know too much about HBOS or JS but you can DYOR, it just takes persistance - I dug the A&L thing up from their corporate website No 1. rule of investing is DYOR: Do Your Own Reasearch
  2. I dont think anything has changed, this is like all those 'in flight incidents' after 9/11, people are getting twitchy. Bank systems go wrong all the time. If they didn't, I wouldn't have a job!
  3. This is worth reading: http://www.alliance-leicester-group.co.uk/...ionjuly2007.pdf A&L do not look terribly exposed to me, not much high LTV and almost fully securitised with long term notes. Unlike Northern Crock A&L are firstly a bank, secondly a mortgage lender, so they have other options. I agree with Flat Bear on this one, A&L have played the securitization game while the going was good but they are not dependent on it like NR.
  4. Run out of fag packets? I supose the whiteboard is beter due to it's dynamic rework capabilities....We usualy do the design only when we have finished the job! Only joking, keep up the good work!
  5. Citigroup are 2nd biggest credit derivatives player in the world, so you could say Citi is already in the sh1ty Perhaps thats why they have such trouble sleeping?
  6. From your graph, it would appear that a corection was 'due' around 2001 but then events overtook (9/11, liquidity surge) Events are overtaking again now - the torent of liquid credit that CB's began in 2001 is drying up of it's own devices, most important point this; CB's do not have the ability to start it again. So 50% correction? has to be a posibilty IMO. Didn't fall so far last time? but then they didn't have so far to fall. thanks for the graph BTW!
  7. Erm....they are! http://thescotsman.scotsman.com/business.cfm?id=442822007 Looks like Tesco have called the top for UK property
  8. Maybe, maybe not When I worked at BofA they carried on hiring people at the same time as redundacies - some depts just have a high natural staff turnover, they still need staff to do some jobs even with reduced headcount
  9. This deserves a thread of it's own alabala! I had been wondering about Oil elasticities in the curent financial turmoil. OPEC have been keen not to kill the goose since the 70s, but it seems that they now have a bit of a dilema!
  10. I agree The current bun are masters of judging the public mood, they do not lead they follow IMO Since sentiment is so important to HPI any bearishness from the Sun will mark an important turning point
  11. The forum has been down all day, where is all that pent up posting? Or is it that now HPC seems such a cert it's not worth taking about anymore?
  12. I know a couple of young, foolish FTBs and I have to say I feel very sorry for them, they just wanted to 'get on the ladder before it was to late'
  13. When I worked at Citigroup building some years ago, we discovered that there were not any light switches for most of the offices. You had to call a control centre in Swindon or somewhere to switch them on and off! Apparently it was to save energy.....?!!!!!!!!!
  14. Did you say BEAR STEARNS!!!!!!! I rest my case IIRC HSBC have managed to offload their tower to some spanish lot on a sale and leaseback - bigest property deal ever, over 1 billion (dolars or pounds? who cares!)
  15. It Just occured to me that there seems to be quite a concetration of troubled or very exposed banks with UK or EMEA heaquarters based on Canary Wharf: Citigroup HSBC Barclays Bank of America Lehman Bros Morgan Stanley From my limited knowledge ALL of the above have serious exposure to various credit instruments, IIRC Citi and BofA are 2 of the 3 bigest players in credit derivatives in the world! Collectively these banks employ thouasands of people on the Isle of Dogs. I think it's fair to say that there are likely to be quite a few redundancies on the Wharf in the not too distant future, plus pay freezes, overtime bans etc. I wonder what effect this might have on the local area? Can anyone add to or contadict this?
  16. This is from Citigroup Have you checked their exposure to credit derivatives? These guys have one hell of a VI! Bit of a desperate plea for a rate cut!
  17. Interestingly A&L did decide to 'come clean'; it wiped 10% off their share price last week http://www.alliance-leicester-group.co.uk/...est_results.asp Seems like A&L have acted pro-actively because their exposure is relatively trivial, perhaps they think it is better to get this out of the way before things get realy nasty......
  18. Stop being paranoid - its probably just a network outage. happens all the time. ATMs 'time out' and go out of service if they loose network for 30 secs, so any network fault that lasts longer than this can take down a whole load of ATMs in one go
  19. What a completely meaningless statistic. How do FTB numbers compare to last month? this could equaly mean that speculative demand from BTL has dropped even more than FTB demand More damn lies........!
  20. Would be funny if it were not so true. The mad geniuses have all gone into finance, because there is nothing left for them to do in industry.
  21. I wonder if NU will accept BMV offers? Now that would be telling.....!
  22. well A&L mentioned the 'S' words in a news release: http://newsvote.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6977745.stm
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