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  1. It's called pushing the string. Rate movement by a CB makes no difference if it is in the wrong direction to the market, as the BOJ learned to their cost.
  2. I completely agree, these 'token' eco warriors make me sick I was looking at an 'Eco' property mag round my folks hosue today, it amazes me that these people cannot see the irony of having a floor fully insulated and heated by geothermal heat pump, topped wall to wall with chinese granite Its like driving daily to the bottle bank in a Range Rover to deposit one bottle
  3. Sorry sambino but there seems to be a spelling mistake in the title of your thread; the correct spelling is 'will' not 'could'
  4. The problem is 'broadcast lag'. programes like 'location etc.' have to show a 'project' from start to finish; therefore they need to start filming a purchase up to a year before screening. If a project goes bust it will never make it on the telly, becuase there is only so much airtime you can fill with a building project that has stopped half finished. It just doesn't fit the programe format What is very interesting though , is the number of recent programes that end without a sale, with the dilusional 'developers' refusing to beleive that they have overspent, misjudged their market etc. Of course they get round this by saying 'we will just rent it out' but the truth is quite obvious to all but the most stupid, and to be fair the likes of Sarah Beanie are not slow to point this out To be truly balanced, these programes should say how much rent they will get and compare this to repayments, the yeild is bound to be negative, if there was any decent profit to be made surely the 'development' would be snapped up by a BTL? Therefore IMO it is obvious that many of these 'developers' are already loosing money, but the programes are not completely honest in pointing this out.
  5. Those same supermarkets that are under investigation for operating a milk cartel? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml...20/nmilk120.xml
  6. I you think thats bad, pity the farmer, they get about 36p for your 4 pints.
  7. I agree that inflation would be political suicide for GB, but does he realise this? I think that the position of BBs is often misrepresented on this forum; in my personal experence BBs are far more likely to be savers than BTLs, especialy if they are leftish (Think retired professionals, civil servants). I know several Labour-voting, Guardian-reading, very wealthy BB's who would not touch BTL as an investment simply because they consider it to be unethical. They also don't realy give a toss about house prices because they have paid off their mortgages. they are VERY concerned about inflation eating their savings/pension In the main BTLs are GenX/Y and younger, and also very likely to be Tory voters, but then GB is tring to pitch himself as a Tory.....!!!!!
  8. Apology accepted, I know what this forum can be like! Knee jerk reactions are a problem, but unfortunalty that is all we get most of the time, becuase policticains want to get re-elected.
  9. To be fair, I did say capitalism as we know it, which is a bit different, perhaps I could have expressed this more clearly I am not some suvivalist nutter, but I do think its fair to say that the coming shakedown will have a profound and lasting impact on the way we trade and do business
  10. IMO this is the achilies heel of democracy...Actions that are rational in isolation make us Lemmings as a society. 'Democratic leadership' is an oxymoron, if you think about it.....and what is needed right now is some leadership
  11. I have been pondering this point for a while I don't know if OBL could possibly have known that his actions would ultimatly result in the colapse of capitalism as we know it...But it is increasingly looking like this may be the outcome
  12. I seem to remeber a recent article where some BTLs were talking about this, they are efectively caught between susidising tenants or forking out a pile of CGT. Seems like these 'assets' are more of a liabilty...
  13. Scott Another great graph, this one says it all last time housing costs (proportional to income) did not peak until 1991, well into the crash when inflation and IRs soared, this time around housing costs are already nearly at the same level as the previous peak....and the crash is only just begining. Looks like the coming months are going to be very painfull for a lot of OOs
  14. Come on, you realy are taking the p1ss!!!! Not even the VIs are predicting ongoing DD growth now, when was the last time you checked the front page of HPC?!!!
  15. The spread is the difference between base and market rate for IR eg UK base rate is set at 5.75% but Mortgages are offered at 6.5%, (some now even at 8% or more) the spread is the difference. Recently market rates (mortgages, LIBOR, corporate bonds) have soared while base rates have remained static. In short, the markets are now setting rates at a level that is detached from base, so as ?...! pointed out, the only beneficiaries of a rate cut now are banks.
  16. That's just the point, house prices are not rocketing anymore, and IMO are unlikely to do so again in the near future. I don't know if a HPC is just around the corner, but I think that most would now agree that a HPC is much more of a possibility than ongoing ramapant HPI (the argument has shifted from HPI/HPC to one of crash or stagnation) So sitting on one's stash at this point would seem to be far more prudent than buying.
  17. FP, why not use that catchy expression 'professional optimist' when talking about VIs? It sums up the position in two words, the meaning is very obvious, and it is not openly derogatory (which makes it harder to dismiss) It's also catchy enough that some journo's might start repeating it! Good luck with the debate!
  18. Hi SD and welcome to HPC! Some great info on here but do be carefull, some quite extreme opinions on here too in answer: Bull: somone who expects the market to go up (not many left on HPC now!!!!) Bear: somone who expect the market to go down
  19. BEWARE of satistics presented in the press This table from the Telegraph is listed in order of exposure, and is more or less correct IMO HOWEVER tables I published by some other newspapers have rather fraudulantly placed the named banks in no paticular order....but with Northerk Crock at the top :angry: Always DYOR, journalists are full of sh1t
  20. I find it hard to feel sorry for those who have MEWed...they had a choice and have directly contributed to the misery of others who did not have a choice. IMO in the main BB's do not rejoice HPI and have been very prudent. They will not get burned unles there is hyperinfaltion due to some vain political attempt to prop up the HM I feel far more sorry for all those recent FTBs who just wanted to get on the ladder
  21. What a great term for VI, one that the shepple can relate to and none too complimentary either, almost sounds loony! That was the one thought that crossed my mind when FP did the Sky interveiw (and what a great interveiw it was!) will the shepple understand what a 'vested interest' is?
  22. erm, 20% of the UK mortgage market significant enough?
  23. The recent agflation has been caused by demand due to rising buying power (and therefore living standards) in china, India etc. and also the surge in demand for feedstock for biofuels These traders are simply chasing the next bull run Pehaps in the not too distant future building on farm land will reduce it's value?
  24. We don't have many bearish comentators to balance the deabte in the media, well done to FP for standing up to the chalenge Has Murdoch decided it's time for a HPC? first the Sun, now Sky......
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