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  1. Thursday's BOE decisions were hardly a surprise and was therefore already priced in to the value of sterling on the forex. Fact is £GBP has already crashed hard over the last year against virtually every other major currency.
  2. roflmao!!! where the hell are the windows?
  3. wow what a dumb cow that woman is, i don't know how anyone could read her diary and feel sorry for her, she's a moron. some great quotes from this already but here's a couple of my favorites (from the ridiculous £400k they had it on the market for) Sure would have been a disaster to have sold it for £380K 10 months ago, you needed every penny after all dear..... or maybe it was greed. go figure. and this is sick........ I have no sympathy for that old couple but you have to feel a bit sorry for their offspring who get a toxic investment dumped on them from their parents who one can
  4. Comedy gold from the BBC. summary for those that missed it: - Couple want £460K for their 3 bedroom house. - Estate Agent reckons £450K in "todays flat market" - BBC crack team of experts come in to paint the walls white and iron the bed sheets. - Open day takes place, impress potential buyers with pamphlets and try to get them drunk on cheap champagne. - 1 bid from a scraggy auld hag that is a property developer "yah, i buy houses and do them up and sell them". - £420K - won't budge - Couple reject the only bid. - 12yr old BBC presenter tries to convince viewers it was a success. Ro
  5. What are you talking about? Glasgow is the call centre capital of Europe!!!!! A city full of just-above-minimum wage earners in secure call centre employment will have those 95%LTV mortgages paid off in no time.
  6. the chart at the bottom of the article shows what a joke CPI is
  7. The decisions on interest rates are announced at 12 noon immediately following the Thursday meeting. The announcement of the outcome is made on the wire services' Bank of England pages and on the website. http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/monetarypolicy/decisions.htm
  8. Looks as if most people now think it will be a hold. Pound just spiked up 0.5% against EUR and USD in the last hour and betfair odds swung from 0.25% cut favorite yesterday to 0.00% hold as the favorite right now.
  9. Yes I rent a new-build flat in Glasgow city centre for £650pm which was bought for £242,000 by my landlord 2 months before I moved it (March 07). At that yield i reckon it's worth less than 50% of what was paid for it. My parents still want to tell me that renting is dead money though.....
  10. Just had a phone call on my mobile from Halifax who I've had a current account with for many years. The purpose of the call, a woman trying to sell me a mortgage. My response, "I don't want a big fat loan to buy an asset that is now depreciating in value." "Ok no problem sir thanks for your time." Never had a call like that before from them, they are surely getting desperate if they are phoning around all their customers trying to punt their mortgages. Wonder how many they sold this month.
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