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  1. 2 Bed Flat 180k?????? Crazy money best to have walked
  2. http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2011/apr/14/oft-extended-warranties-investigation - More troubles ahead too
  3. Staff at large Electronics retailers are told margins on large ticket items are tiny IE £400 laptop may make £4 profit for the company. Employees are told this is the case because of competition in the market place from other retailers, online, department stores and supermarkets and justifies why they must sell extras to make a profit and therefore continue as a going concern. The companies further enforce this on their employees by suggesting that these items are right for their customer's and by not selling them the leads, software, antivirus, stands etc as part of their "solution" the emp
  4. Hardcore Bears will never go soft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus what in the Hell is there to be bullish about at the moment? Cameron and Glegg's Skynews flirting turning into a full on Bromance?
  5. Why is self cert fine? There is never a justification for it. God know's i have heard the mortgage industry spin on it enough times over the years, but all it amounts to is the person cannot prove there financial state is as it should be to afford the mortgage at that time, but they give their word they are good for it. Buyers lie. I used to love seeing Lender level Experian and Equifax reports and see how people would lie about their credit history lol
  6. Great Post : ) mortgage rules need to be sensible. No interest only. Max age at end of the term 65 or retirement, loans calculated for affordability based on long term average rates with contingency margin. Loans of no more than 3 times sole income on a status only basis. These things create healthy if boring, steady markets. Houses need to be boring affordable but great places to live.
  7. The mortgage industry was definately all completely built on fraud. As an example Future Mortgages [part ofCity Group] business development managers used to go round shouting how they did employed self cert as "they didn't wan't the outright fraud on their books that SPML [Part of Lehman Bro's had". There is no legitimate reason for self cert self employed in my opinion [let alone employed self cert which is just fraud]. If you cannot show three years accounts, with stable/increasing earnings how sound is your business? Self cert like interest only was designed to increase banks profits an
  8. Very subdued in the most part. Less houses decorated. Houses that were decorated less OTT than ever, very few Santa's personal red light districts. Decorations also up later in the most part. Shops seemed more toned down too. [Annoying Christmas music excluded of course]. As I have posted before a lot of retailers will go in 2011. My favorite to go at the moment is Argos. The business model simply doesn't make sense in the internet age, such a strange way of shopping.
  9. Online Rumors that Best Buy UK are finding it much tougher in the UK than they thought and that they are considering changing the use of the floor space in their flag ship Hedge End Store
  10. I am wondering if their business will ultimately be destroyed by the super markets? Will the supermarkets destroy all other retailers and be a one stop shop for everything? Sure the staff are clueless about anything electrical but the stack em high sell em cheap model seems to appeal to many in the UK.
  11. EG Smart Phone AV from Norton too http://www.geckoandfly.com/7758/mobile-antivirus-security-apps-for-google-android-smartphone/
  12. Should have re read before i posted. I should have written, of the Android based phones the HTC or Samsung Galaxy are the best in class, I Phone 4 Makes up the best of the current batch of Smart Phones. I am an I Phone user myself and considered my smart phone purchase long and hard. I was considering the Samsung Galaxy HD too. I have not yet found many issues with the I Phone, It can get online in about 2 seconds and can be happily surfing long before my netbook has even woken up. I can see why someone would have an I Pad as the screen real estate on a smart phone is not enough to browse fu
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