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  1. you cant do it, unless you are living off someone else, parents freinds etc. We all know housing takes up the most, so 10 or 20 a day on food doesnt make alot of difference!
  2. But who cares, who wants to spend their life living as cheaply as possible, what for? to buy a house? because if you are saving saving saving then you will be the buyer at the bottom and then you will end up in 30 years being the person you despise now, so houseprices have ruined your outlook on life!!
  3. yeah very funny, fact is I sold my house in 2007, thinking I'd sold at the top and easy times for me. But the reality is I've been renting for 4 years now and although theres not much difference between in my net worth between being a home owner and a renter, I do feel like I've lost 4 years off my life worrying about it!! But i'm not at the stage you are...yet!!!
  4. no he didnt he said 'comfetably', must be a new disablility benefit or something!?
  5. One of the unmentioned benefits of labour opening up the boarders is cheap fags. I pay about 2.80 for 20 fags, russian, off of the people now living here, one way to stick two up at the government and play them at their own game!!!
  6. You need to get a life mate, its after 12 on a saturday night and thats what you're thinking about? Forget houseprices before they destroy your life. If you cant afford them go and do something else with your life. I've been on and off on this website for a few years and although I agree with the premise that houses are overvalued I'm coming to the conclusion there is alot of fanatical people on this site who are wasting their time on this earth. This attitude of sitting around moaning aint gonna get you anywhere, go and do something else with your life, FFS!!!
  7. £100 from reading!!! I pay £66.50 a week from Redhill, thats 30 mins away from London, and no I hardly ever get a seat so there must be alot of people paying more than me if the train is full when I get on. Its a significant chunk of my salary but I need to work and havnt got any other choice
  8. They make tiles, and tiles and erm more tiles - no wonder they are toast!
  9. Went to watercolour & park 25 last weekend. Looks to me like building has stopped there. I was last there a few months ago and it seemed that the buildings that were half built are exactly the same. Drove around seeing alot of empty properties. Some had posters on offering £5K furniture vouchers or stamp duty paid etc. The sales office was shut even though it was a Saturday, with a note saying there was only one property left to sell and to contact a local EA. It appears to me that they have given up selling the rest as there are alot for sale on rightmove with the lcoal EA's. The place reminds me of a new version of those concrete jungles that went up in the 60's, theres no space, every house has been crammed in, there are no front gardens and front doors open straight onto the path. I reckon you are about 20 foor away from the house opposite. The roads are very narrow and there obviously isnt alot of parking as cars are already bumped up on the kerbs everywhere (and this is with the place half empty). In the summer this place will be a nightmare with windows open and TV's blaring out up and down the street. They have 5 bed town houses which are now down to £299 I think they were nearly £400 a while back. Everytime I see them on rightmove they look nice, but as soon as I get down there I just think I couldnt bring myself to live in a model village. I think thames valley HA has bought alot of the flats, I would advise anyone to give it a miss myself.
  10. Since you work with 18-26 year olds (lucky you) I reckon they were all taking advantage of the 2 mins silence to get some much needed shut eye and recover from the hangover from the night before!!! At least thats what id be doing in their shoes at that age
  11. Do you know that area? Looks like a hovel to me but maybe its a really nice ex-council area in south london which will attract people willing to pay that kind of money??
  12. Oh yeah and I'm renting as well, but they probably dont know that cos if I was a homeowner then moved to rented and dont apply for any new credit how do they know I'm not a homewoner anymore? I reckon they just assume once you are a homewoner you stay one!
  13. This is a free 30 day trial then £6.99 a month which I will cancel, but had to pay an extra £5.99 to get the score there and then, total rip off but I needed to know what my score was. Suprising about the electoral roll, maybe they prove residence with something else now, or maybe cos I 've only been in the house 8 months makes a difference but to be honest I hadnt registered in my old house for a few years either. 'Also havent tried to get any credit for a few years and currently use 1% of available credit if that makes any difference.
  14. just completed my credit expert report from experian, high salalry, loads of credit cards always paid on time, 997 only negative was i was not registered on the electroial role. So is it really only 3 points out of 1000 for the electorial role???? Only reason not on that is because I havent bothered after selling to rent in Sep 2007, oh how i love to tell myself how i sold at the peak!!!!!!!
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