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  1. And to think we had such high hopes for Mr B! Forum May 2006 I guess we were wrong on this one!
  2. I thought Irish house prices only went up! Sunday Business Post Mortgage brokers predict drop in house prices in 2007 13/08/2006 - 10:56:24 AM The Independent Mortgage Advisors Federation have predicted that the property market bubble will burst next year. The mortgage brokers group have warned there are warning signs of major slowdown in the market that could lead to a fall in house prices in 2007. The federation claimed that the latest hikes in interest rates and fuel prices will mean consumers will tighten their belts next year and first-time buyers will be affected, as the amount of
  3. From RTE.ie ECB sends strong signal for August rate rise July 06, 2006 14:50 The European Central Bank sent a strong signal today that it was planning to raise its key interest rates again next month after already raising them three times since December. The ECB has raised its benchmark 'refi' refinancing rate three times since the end of last year, each time by a quarter of a percentage point, with the last move on June 8 bringing the key rate up to 2.75%. The ECB held its key rates steady at its regular monthly policy-setting meeting in Frankfurt today. But ECB chief Jean-Claude T
  4. Sunday Business Post OECD: No crash threat to Irish housing market 19 February 2006 By Eamon Quinn A major international think-tank is preparing to deliver a glowing report on the Irish economy, in which it will say there is no threat of a housing market crash over the next two years. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) will say in its report, to be published in the next two weeks, that the economy will continue to grow rapidly. The report is one of the most positive reports on the economy ever delivered by the Paris think-tank. It is prepared every two yea
  5. I wasn't aware banks reduced the rate of interest as the value of a property increases! But I accept that lower LTV ratios attract a lower rate if interest. As the equity share increases they pay less interest and finaly they can take some of the value rise in to consumption. Surely if you borrow more against your property your repayments will increase. Hardly a benefit to the owner.
  6. That would certainly make an interesting reply! Just another indication of the stupidy that is prevalent amongst the general public
  7. This must be a first! Just got an email from Rabobank Ireland telling me about the joys of saving. They must be preparing us for a fall! Link HereLink
  8. RTE News "The Ulster Bank's Outlook also says that euro zone interest rates could catch up with the Bank of England's monetary policy. He says that the ECB could paradoxically be forced to tighten euro interest rates, even if oil prices rise further and the euro zone economy fails. "
  9. 1, Private 2, 1300 Euro PCM 3, 2 4, Dublin 5, 440000 Euro
  10. http://www.ulst.ac.uk/news/releases/2005/1655.html Can someone explain why we seem to be different over here?
  11. After many months of lurking, I have decided that now is the time to add my voice to this debate! I live in Northern Ireland where house prices have been going mental you the past few years. I STR'ed (free rent i should add!)in march and since then the value of my former house has risen by 25% and rising! Furthermore about a year ago I agreed to buy a 2 bed apartment BTL apartment for £52000, now the builders have finally finished, the neighbouring apartment has sold for £90000. Its all gone mad! Average NI salary is a a tad over £21000. In the words of Peter Kay, Sweet Baby Jesus and the
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