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  1. You think I am a estate agent ! No I wouldnt even know where to start the bull. If an arsehole is me, then theres probably around 30 million arseholes in the country, I can live with that.
  2. nomoney

    I Quit

    I cannot do this anymore. What a waste of time. Delete my membership.
  3. Have I bought a house at an over inflated price ? Yes Am I debt ridden ? No more than anyone else Will I have kids and can I afford them ? Yes as much as anyone else Your point of this post being what, i am just like you or are can you not afford a home to start with, let along kids.
  4. So I post this subject this morning and someone probably a moderator has decided that I am a troll and an asshole. Why ? Because I bother to voice an opinion on what I believe ! What you are all failing to realise is this, people out there are paying attention to this site, if people cannot give their own opinion then it is censurship and what is the point of this website. Do you only want people to post subjects that agree with your interpretation of the facts or else they get trolled ? I must say I expected better.
  5. Not buying at this point, they will look back in 2 years when prices will be even higher and affordability will be off the chart, and say "I wish I bought in 2007". I couldnt afford to buy my house if I came today, not to even think of what it will be worth in 2 years time. I dont think prices will crash enough to make me regret my decision to buy in 2004. The door is closing on affordable house if it is not already shut. Look at "Homeless", A bitter, angry sad little man, hoping the BNP will come to the rescue and save him from being pricedout.
  6. I am an asshole, but I am not a homeless asshole.
  7. Nothing is secure. Where theres a will theres a way and criminals pride themselves that they have a lot of will.
  8. The point I am making is these databases already exist. We already live in a big brother state. Hackers and frausters are commiting the identity fraud. My point is a plastic card to help me prove I am who I say I am isnt going to make any improvement to the existing system but it will make my life easier as I dont have to cart my life around in a bag when applying for things. No amount of complaining about databases is going to do any goods. ID cards are coming. The databases already exist.
  9. In 2004 when I before I bought my home, I asked people should I buy now or wait until a crash. Everyone told me to wait. I dont like doing what I am told, so I bought my home for £195,000. I got a survey done for my will and the report came in yesterday, the house is valued at £265,000. Thats an increase of £70,000 equity. Taking into account any future crash or correction, even if it was to happen today I would lose £70,000 thats not mine until I sell anyway, i would not lose any money on the purchase price. My advice to FTB is you can wait and keep on waiting and the house prices are just going to keep rising. Others on here will disagree as I expect them too, thats their point of view. My view is based on the evidence around me. Now that interest rates are on hold, expect prices to keep on climbing, are you being left behind on affordability. I know for fact I cannot afford to get a mortgage for the house I live in, if I bought it at todays prices. Thats one decision I made that paid off.
  10. How many databases are their at the moment. Equifax Experian Callcredit NHS DSS Inland Revenue Driving Licence Passport etc etc etc These databases already exist. There not going away and here to stay. We live in a big brother state, no one can deny that, we might as well have a perk of carrying round less id and just a single card. It would for one stop the abuse of the NHS by Jonny foreigner from Europe. Thats not racist that fact and it is a liberty.
  11. I am in favour of having a National ID Card. I think the current system is worse possible situation. I dont want to carry my driving licence or passport or a heap of bills to open bank accounts or apply for loans, mortgages etc. I just want a card that is unique to me and cant be copied. I have no problem with the format as shown in the image above as it shows good basic information. I cant say i would be offended if my NHS & NI numbers were on there, so if I got sick and had to go to hospital or claim benefits then I can easily be identified as me and foregoe silly questions when I am vulnerable. I do not agree with DNA or any other similar nonsense being put on the card and quite frankly I dont think the government is capable and will instead roll out the driving license style id card as in europe. There are a lot of people that say the information can be abused and exploited. I only know that when id like passports, driving licenses and utility bills are being photocopied on average 6 times a year for the average person by banks, post offices etc, this is open to far more abuse than a card. If a card was identified as involved in a fraud then you can be quickly eliminated from the fraud and a new card will issued to you and the old would be put on alert. the next time it is used the authorities can take out the fraudster. Really. Whats the problem ?
  12. You mean like mmh Preston. (Thats where I live). I have lived in Lancashire all my life and it not that grim, not near me anyhow.
  13. You could always use next doors dog or even a stray, capital one dont bother to check unless they can check vacination certificates. The new instant credit pass. I did acutally void approval and bin it as neither me or the dog like pokey. I just wanted to prove a point with it. Point made. £250 credit limit too.
  14. I have just looked at my credit score using equifax. It seems I have not scored well only 320 out of a possible 900 https://www.econsumer.equifax.co.uk/consume...rd=gb_cpssample You may find the following quotes from equifax about your credit amusing, I know I did. Comment : So they prefer you to be in debt in order to getting into it. Comment : Not only should you be debt, but they prefer you to be in debt for a least 3 years. Comment :You should stay put for 6 years and then move. Its that the seven year itch, not six. Comment : If they are going to lend you, money you had better ask them first, if not wait a year to be on the safe side. Final Comment : So you are more likley to get credit if you are in debt at least for 3 years and you cant afford to move, so you have to be on the voters roll for 6 years and if you are going to ask for money then they want you to approach them first. Well I recieved and binned the credit agreement and the credit card approval letter that my dog applied for with the no hassle platinum card from Capital One. I guess they have their own way of assessing your credit worthiness such as breathing. What chuckled me was the envelope and the approved letter was addressed to Mr Wimpy ....., We are pleased to offer the .... BTW Wimpy is the name of my dog. What a palarvous they give credit to anyone (all species) that want it.
  15. I think those city boys try to keep losses under terms of absolute secrecy as much as they can to keep future investments coming in to prop up whatever investments are performing badly. Look at the frantic buying at the beginning of the week. I heard they were billions of trades a hour on Monday. WOW !!!
  16. Yes he is, I find it reasonably amusing. Just a quick question are any profits from Mortgage Equity Withdrawl tax free or are they subject to something like capital gains tax. I genuinely do not know the answer.
  17. Just another day then. Dont forget the 600 jobs at Barclaycard in Manchester being redistributed to Mumbai (Bombay). I suppose barclay card customers will actually get the phone answered from now on, instead of being put on hold for 45 minutes and then being cut off to the sound of distant laughing.
  18. With an atitude like that, you wont get anywhere and thats who and where you, no-one with nothing.
  19. I dont care !!! This is the only attitude that will make you feel better and act differently. Anger is the closest emotion to love. It does dissapear until you say to yourself and believe it. You do know that noone cares that you cant afford a better house after years of living on the bread line trying. The banks couldnt give a stuff, neither does the goverment. People on here dont care, oh they may sympathise but they wont lose any sleep over it. You went to University, worked hard for what a slice of a dream. The perfect house, the perfect car and the great wife and children. You have to let it all go. Hate, anger, fear and expectation. Find something today that makes you happy. It could be a smile from a pretty women in the street. It could be a smell from a childhood. No matter how little it is, if it amuses you then good. Getting angry at the system that is designed to screw you over by powerful men, whom you cannot win against even if you have enourmous resources or torching houses in a fit of depression will only make you feel worse and you will lose something very precious, your freedom. When you watch the news and hear about interest rates on hold, say to yourself, "I couldnt care less". When you miss the train to work, smile and say "At least I have time for a coffee before the next one". What is normal ? The only normal person I know is me, why ? Everyone is so very different, thats what makes a world. You never know when today is going to be the day you die, it can come in any form at anytime. Live it well and you will achieve real and lasting happiness. Dont spend your whole life looking back at the past wishing you did something different and tommorow may never come. When something really gets up your nose, mark the sign of the cross on your left palm three times and take a deep breath (It is called self distraction) and by the time you have done it, I promise you wont feel as angry. My final piece of advice is you are faced with a choice today : 1. Let it all go and say I dont care anymore and start living today a little happier than yesterday. 2. Continue to get angry and see just how far you can go and how unhappy you will become.
  20. The BNP are bunch of selfish half-wits. Count me out of this excuse of a rally. Most people in this country are not from Anglo Saxon stock me included. We work hard and face the same hardships as everyone. Irish, Jew, Blacks, Asians, Chinese etc etc etc. The BNP are disgrace and my Grandfather did not give his life in the service of this country (our land) for them ( The BNP to alienate goods hard working people. Thats what I stand for irrespective of background. You can NO LONGER count on my support or no doubt a lot peoples backing if you count on the BNPs support. No one is calling you a racist "Homeless", we are calling the BNP racist ,they are a cancer in this land far worse than house prices, inciting racism through whatever bandwagon they can exploit. I am British and proud to be.
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