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  1. Its not even funny really. I can't believe that this is the state of political debate in the UK, its embarrassing. QT has really dumbed down. What Krusty is doing on any of the programs is a complete mystery, she is clearly out of her depth and has absolutely nothing of use to say. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells.
  2. The upgrade is terrible. Haven't been in for a while, won't be for a while longer. Awful. F
  3. Good job this kind of behaviour is sustainable over the long term or we would all be in a lot of trouble. F
  4. I also do the daily commute into tahn. And on a purely anecdotal basis the trains are slightly emptier than before and when I drive in the roads slightly less busy. My evidence? - my journey time when driving 5 mins or so shorter, on the train my journey home - most evenings i get a seat. F edit - typo
  5. True - but with regard to house prices the press are VI due to the house related advertising revenue they get. F
  6. Well, copper is almost yellow http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/comment...ncy-system.html Difficult to store much under the bed though. F
  7. Beyond Freedom and Dignity - BF Skinner http://www.amazon.co.uk/Beyond-Freedom-Dig...1294&sr=8-4 A Classic from the father of Behaviorism. F
  8. Hold on to your hats - here comes the hyperinflation......... http://www.unison.org.uk/news/news_view.asp?did=5269 F
  9. I still have a one to one sim card in my phone as well. You must have been speaking to a different call centre to me, i am now on personal terms with "Rob" from complaints. I am expecting an invite to his wedding. F
  10. Furby

    New Ast

    Thanks All - was aware of the TDS thing Bob, have been reading your posts for a while. Yes i am wary now - though the deal is good, so still tempted. House is in excellent repair in general, if it was not we wouldn't even be considering it. The LA has suggested i rewrite the contract and then she will see if the landlord agrees.... Let you know how it goes. F
  11. Furby

    New Ast

    Through a LA - though the landlord has insisted on her own contract rather than the LA standard one. She is a frustrated seller.....Gonna rent it out until the markt picks up. I suspect she could be waiting a while. A couple of the windows have blown (double glazing) so this could be why she wants this. Is it statutory to have the liability insurance? F
  12. Furby

    New Ast

    Thanks Matt - very helpful. One last question - the last page of the AST has a page called "special conditions" Listed as: "The Tenant must have insurance for the contents including fixture and fittings and glass windows." "Tenant must have cover for personal injury to any persons who are in or on the property." I haven't seen these on an agreement before. Any thoughts? F
  13. Furby

    New Ast

    Matt, Thanks for taking the time to reply - much appreciated. I am in England. So from your answer - if i sign the contract as is, the landlord will still have to provide me with 2 months notice? (as this is statutory?) We are not worried about leaving but we do want some security. It is easier to find somewhere else to live in 2 months rather than one! The landlord did used to live there, thought the house is now empty. The wording in the agreement is: "Notices is hereby given that possession might be recovered under Ground 1, shcedule 2 of the Housing Act 1988" So does that mean i am still "safe" for 6 months? Thanks, F
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