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  1. Cutting off their goolies is the only solution! (RIP Mel Smith).
  2. Hi, My friend is determined to buy his first home in the next few months, but seems to believe you have to offer whatever the vendor is asking for. I seem to remember reading a couple of years ago that the average difference between what a house is put on the market for, and what it actually sells at, is about 15%. But I may be making this up... Can anyone tell me what the real figure is, or where I can find it? Thanks, LP
  3. And they're just the ones you saw. There are probably another 10 back-office staff "organizing" the whole thing.
  4. Give some evidence for him being "nuts".
  5. I like the "What the experts say" page. Blanchflower, Stiglitz, Krugman. All the old favourites are there.
  6. What?! You mean Firefox 5 has a default setting whereby addons may not be compatible? WHAT??!?!?
  7. Why has he wasted anyone's time? He viewed a house he was interested in buying, then offered a lower price. Even if he doesn't buy it, he has at least made it clear to the vendor and the EA that it's overpriced. Sounds like a good thing all round.
  8. That quote is often used to give the impression that the old always moan about the young. The extreme age of it (700 BC) makes one think, "OK, so old people have been moaning about the young for the last 2700 years. Therefore, our young people are probably just fine." But it's funny the assumptions we make. Just because someone was moaning about the young in 700 BC, doesn't prove that people were doing the same for every year since then. Nor does it prove that he, or we, are wrong. Maybe 700 BC did see a massive drop in standards?
  9. Yes we're looking at everything really. Amazing how little you get around here for 1/3 million quid though, and I really like it here so don't want to move away. I'm looking for the biggest garden possible (and don't care about the house). Unfortunately my wife is the opposite!
  10. I sure would. I would like to avoid them too. Ideally I would live amongst other wage slaves like myself, so we could exchange resigned looks as we wearily headed off for the office at 6.30am.
  11. Might this not just mean the inhabitants are cheapskates like myself? Good tip though, I'll look out for that!
  12. I agree, but there are only so many hours in the day!
  13. I don't want to fork out £300K for a house only to find all my neighbours are getting theirs for free.
  14. Hi, Does anyone know if such a thing as a Council Housing map/database exists? So I can find which areas/streets have council houses? I'm in Surrey (Waverley council) if that helps. Thanks, LP
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