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  1. +1. I would say they produce better politicians. At least they support their own people which is more than can be said for UK politicians.
  2. And the homeless figures? I was under the impression that we had a housing crisis, or are we not suposed to mention that now?.
  3. They're closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. Its been a rip off from stable to table.
  4. Isnt housing ben' allowance being cut soon? This may be a pre emptive law to stop all those who are about to be evicted and made homeless from squatting on mass. I hear allot about chucking poor people out of thair homes but very little about where they are going to go. Cant see it ending well.
  5. +1. Mrs Mouse passed away sudenly back in March 2009 ( her kids turned on me and left for the biological father ) and now, in my late forties im looking at dying alone in a pile of my own s### being beaten up by some psycopath care worker. oh well, at least I have never drawn the dole and I wont die in debt. I supose the state will dispose of the body and auction my shirt. Living the dream ma.
  6. Will they be calculating how much tax we over pay and sending us a tax rebate cheque automatically like they used to? Oh alright I was only asking.
  7. Wow! im saddened but Im unsuprised to hear this from the young. Ever hopefull. The happy gathering at the wake.
  8. Try getting that passed elf n safety now! Loads of overtime where im working, if the boss had his way i would be doing an 84 hour week. The more employees you have the more holiday pay and specialist clothing, insurance, paperwork etc you have to provide so its cost effective to have one workaholic doing the job of 3..... sadly i am that workaholic, weather i want to be or not.
  9. Thanks for the reply. The media is already debating this issue as you know, and these debates are achieving what? Politics of all parties are debating away like crazy but who is winning? the banks are winning. QE2 has happened in the UK with 75 billion of tax payers money about to be paid out, i notice the debate about that decision didn't take long and we were not consulted. Other debates like weather we should invade Iraq or which public services are for the chop in these economic times are all held far away from the public and so we have no say in any of those. What my point is is that we the people (to coin a phrase) are utterly powerless when it comes to determining policy. It matters not which party is in power or weather or not those political parties honor their manifestos or lie or fiddle the expenses or whatever. We have already long since lost control of the system and any debating is just grass in the wind, and like rioting or marching or protesting. Achieves nothing. Doing nothing is not a great plan of action but what can we do? Stop buying useless tat and stop borrowing money would be a good start but the public has no organization, we cant all refuse to pay high rents for example because we are not organized and are leaderless. Until this situation changes all these protesters are wasting the train fare to London. Please if you have a plan, enlighten me.
  10. Go into the street and do what? Smash up a few things, provide some overtime for a few police, make a loud noise and then what? Go home, put the kettle on and watch some tv. Protests achieve nothing, zero. They never have and they never will. The govenment/bankers will do what the hell they like, never mind if your great grand children will still be paying for it in a hundred years from now they just dont care and their is nothing you can do about it... nothing. If you get violent you will be crushed, if you withdraw your labour you will starve. Stop buying rubish you dont need and stop borrowing money thats my only advice. Bite me.
  11. With the demise of the family and the fact that its now normal to leave elderly reletives to thair fate in later life, especialy if the family home has no equity left in it. Few options will remain for our ageing population. I think the govenment has a plan though. The media has been planting a solution in the population's conciousness for some time now, a previously unthinkable solution, a bit like abortion used to be unthinkable but is now common. The debate has begun and i think within a decade or two our industrial estates will have a few dark buildings springing up like they have in Switzerland. Incase you hav'nt already guessed try this link to the state funded BBC.link
  12. Back in late 2007 people were taking out %120 interest only mortgages on 8 times their annual salary. They held partys where they would chat about how clever they were. Now their all £*&$"). Unfortunate really.
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