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  1. Thanks Oldie - I bagged the 6% issue last week. 6.9 would have been very sweet - I should have been paying more attention. ANDY
  2. It will be faster this time. The credit crunch was not a factor in the last crash. It was merely affordability problems. The web means everyone everywhere is aware of everything (to an extent of course). Last time if it wasn't on the Nine o clock news or in the papers you didn't know and couldn't find out very easily. It will be quicker and deeper this time. 10% by Dec 31st at least. ANDY
  3. Northern Rock, fixed at 6% for a year, easy access, no penalty no tie in, 100% government guaranteed up to an unlimited deposit amount. You can't argue with that. ANDY
  4. I closed my Iceave account an hour ago. It took 35 minutes of holding to get through to a customer advisor. It usually is very quick - I think they were very busy. Opening or closing accounts I do not know... Northern Rock is having my savings business. ANDY
  5. Greenland got its name from the Vikings who colonised it when it was Green. They left when it turned to ice. Now it is becoming green again. Did the Vikings not have enough Range Rovers? ANDY
  6. I'd laugh my tits off if the Earth started cooling again. The amount of hasty shuffling of positions would be hilarious. I believe peak temps occurred in 1999...? Oh - and that big spotlamp in the sky... does that sometimes pump out more sunshine than at other times and wouldn't that effect the temp here on earth or is that too simple and stupid a question to ask? ANDY
  7. I've just taken over half a million out of Icesave. They were fine and a pleasure to deal with. There are two arguments about how strong or how weak the Icelandic banking system is. I don't know which one I believe despite many hours of thought. What I do know is the for 0.1% loss of interest I can put all my cash with Northern Rock for a 6% one year fix WITH easy penalty free access AND its 100% gauranteed (apologies to CGNAO.. I'm a big fan). Gordon guarantees 100% of ANY sized sum in NR. The 6% rate will be brilliant in a few months time when the BoE have slashed rates. I'm happy to lose my 0.1% in exchange for 100% security and penalty free access. Its a no brainer. ANDY
  8. Northern Rock has a 6% savings account. Its penalty free easy access. Its 100% guaranteed by the Government regardless of amount. Can't get much better than that. Oh - and the 6% is fixed for 12 months so when the MPC drop rates this 6% will look even more attractive.. Its where I've stored my gold money which I thankfully never spent on gold ;-) ANDY
  9. That's difficult. Airline pilots professional excellence means they rarely kill people. Because they rarely kill people you claim systems stop them from doing so... Doctors can kill only one at a time whilst pilots have 400 other people strapped to their **** at 500mph several times a day... ANDY
  10. Re airline pilots, their operational parameters are so tightly controlled, to the extent you'd have to be intent on malice to screw up. Hmm. So when both your engines fail 2 miles from touchdown or you have to land in a 50mph gusting crosswind with only the minimum legal spare fuel on board after having started work 11 hours ago following nothing more than 12 hours rest from yesterday THEN you contend malice could be the only explaination for an accident. I see. Nobody in this country has been killed or injured in the UK by any pilot on any airline flight since Kegworth. In the meantime there have been eleventy million flights involving eleventy billion passengers. If only the trams, trains, ferries, taxis, busses or theme park rides could claim such a feat of safety... You want cheaper pilots for you and your family on a dark and stormy night? Really?!? ANDY
  11. My STR fund easily covers the rent and the council tax. Meanwhile prices are falling month after month and being a Chain Free Buyer is IN ITSELF worth a further 5% discount as sellers become totally frustrated at failing chains. I think STR'ing 12 months ago will end up saving me £100k. Which over a 25 yr mortgage is actually a £175k cost saving. Tidy.
  12. Brittania are vulnerable as they are small in comaprison to mos Buidling S's AND they have quite a big finger in the dodgy mortgage pie. All the other on your list will be fine. I went with Nationwide simply because if there is a global economic banking collapse the Nationwide are the biggest mutual BS and have deposits that cover more than two thirds of lendings. If they get insolvent then by that point my job is gone and I'll be oiling the 12 bore.. Icesave are good and competitive but I'm too cautious this week to continue saving above the Banking Code gauranteed rate. ANDY
  13. Nationwide is the place I have chosen to park 100k. The E Saver account pays 5.3 which is mediocre BUT its safe. The depsot ratio for Nationwide is excellent and they are Big and Old and Boring and have no chance of having a run on them. Remember that a Run is caused by sentiment - not fact or maths. I've had half a million with Icesave up until this week. Which was sweet. But my worry threshold was breached last Tuesday and I moved all but 65k out. I'm glad I did as things are getting Very Runny now.. ANDY
  14. Explain how my STR fund - derived from hpi profit - will reduce in purchasing power over the next 12 months then Mr GeniusCockstarBoy. My wages, my dividends, my investments will all go up or down but the hundreds of thousands that I took out of my house to put into the next one is definitely going up by 5% whilst the asset it will be used to buy is deflating by the same amount. Ignorant am I?
  15. 1) Whilst good Agricultural land is fetching £7k an acre right now it is not a suitable investment. Often sold in parcels no smaller that 100acres it also attracts legal fees to buy and has to be kept in order and you might see gypsies move onto it or fly tipping etc and hedges need to be trimmed and gates maintained etc. A local farmer can buy it and offset the loan for it against his farm profits. He is also eligible for subsidy on it which you are not unless you registered under the Single Farm Payment scheme in 2005 which you did not. The Farmer can further afford to outbid you as he can plant 100 acres with wheat and harvest 350 tons and sell it for £200 a ton. Which you can't. 2) Gold is a speculative short term good bet but it does have to go up by the Net interest available in NS&I 2 year bonds which are risk free. 3) Inflation is not really a concern of a STR like me. The money in the bank is going up by 5% a year. All of it will be used to buy a house which is currently going down in value by 5/10/15% a year. The divergence is a LOT of money when considering a large desireable property. A STR'r can think of his money in the bank as a house that is going up in value by the same amount that house prices are falling PLUS the net interest earned... 4) Just like the Fed the BoE will end up cutting interest rates in the UK - maybe as low as 2-3%. Which is fine by me. As an STR'r I will wait for houses to come off 10 - 20% (more if its apocalypse now) AND THEN swoop in with a 50% deposit AND buy a 25yr FIXED mortgage for maybe 4%. Quids in now. Quids in for the next 25yrs. The future's bright. ANDY
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