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  1. well they will ahve to take 15% less in 6 months time then HA HA! ANything will sell if it is priced correctly...
  2. last time aroud the recession followed the house price falls/stagnation... just look at the stats house prices are falling over there - however no recession yet. Watch this space!
  3. time will tell - prob is everyone wants to live in the beautiful south west and why not!!!! Id rather rent in the south west than buy anywhere else - just my opinion of course!!! I do wish people wud stay waya tho - as I want it all to myself :-)
  4. why work when the value of your house increases more than the average earn in a year anyway?
  5. Get evertyhing in writing - make sure it is written on theinventory that the place was in a poor state of cleanlines and give points such that it is well known and sigend by all. (If not you could be paying for them to redocorated and recarpet their house on termination of contract... well paying towards it !!!!)
  6. Provided people dont panic we will all be fine....yeah right! PANIC!!!!!!!!! Now official - there is a chance of a 90s style recession!
  7. ...sorry i just read that as ...now we're due for some cold turkey ... and it ain't gonna be pheasant.
  8. Mate you deserve a pay rise a slap on hte back and a pint! ANd most normal decent folk wouldn argue with that !! Why shoudl have have a stage 2.5% pay rise just to keep inflation down? Sounds likes b0ll0cks to me - surely everyone else can see that? As for that tw@t that works in IT - igonre the likes of them they were born ignorant!
  9. Wot crash ? With the fed thinking about lowering interest rats - the BoE is sure to follow and then hpi will rocket once again with even more immigrants flooding into the country...
  10. Er but surely a 100 quid a month aint much when you consider all the mesing about you want to do to avoid it! after all if it is reduced in price it might sell within a month or 2.
  11. this wud be laughed out of small claims court! HE cant take all your deposit do do some weeding! FFS some landlords are scum!
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