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  1. I just got back from the North and have been amazed at the ammount of people that are returning to British shores. They are comming back because things seem to have gone wrong with their ventures out there. Money seems tighter than its ever been and it never flowed out there. If I did something for a French friend and there were many I usually got paid with a couple of Rabbits or Ducks. There is a price war starting with regards to consumer goods as well. I bought a gorgeous Bath brand new for £35-00p going back next week to get the Kitchen and other items I need. I bought my place out there 13 years ago and sold it a little while ago. Looks the time to do it again. If anyone wants a bath I can get it for a consideration. Oh those winter nights with no street lighting and the Log fires. Yes I think I will be going back.
  2. The Labour party is like a bad episode of Last of the Summer Wine. I will kiss the Tory parties ass because they let you have a bit on the side.
  3. Can anyone tell me why the U.K. Pound is so strong against other currencies. Is it because of clever book keeping or is 90% of the talk down of our economy a load of rubbish. I am perplexed.
  4. Care to hazard an unofficial guess at the true numbers Charlie?.
  5. Maybe if the government stops printing money and owns up it may be sooner. Pound is nearly 1-47 euro's. Its not right.
  6. What about the Oil in places like Kazekstan. Once the pipeline is built it should bolster supplies for some time. There is Oil but getting it to its destination will be more dificult.
  7. Perhaps you should look at whats in the crap bread from the big three most times its healthier. The (good stuff) will fur your Arteries up for sure.
  8. $1-40 to the pound please god. Cant we have it a little sooner.
  9. b,c,and d because of an inept government who as usual are more intrested in themselves than you. =ull=hit really does baffle brains in the U.K. as usual. The average man in the street is and always has been stitched up like a kipper. Dont need graphs for that mate.
  10. Well I for one am loving it. So glad I sat on Dollars. So glad the present government are being shown in their true colours. Maybe there's some life left in the British public after all. Sit on property and kill the market and see the panic start amongst the leeches that feed from it.
  11. Most Gypsies in Kent are ex Roaders living in council houses.
  12. I cant believe what I am reading. Last year I saw the greed and bull*hit that you Estate Agents were comming out with. Luckily I managed to buy a place that will see me alright. It most certainly wasnt done by listening to agents that were selling the property.
  13. DAMN, Does this mean that I wont be getting $1-60 to the pound for my Dollars. Suppose sell in May is right. LOL
  14. Labour should be known as the BBB party. ******** baffles brains. They have been Bullshitting since they got elected and have never been good for the economy of this country. I have never heard so many lies from a party and they have conned us all. They have treated the general public like a second IMF fund. Its the public that are really going to pay now. This is going to be serious stuff soon. Buddy can you spare a dime times are comming.
  15. Please think before speaking. These are not Churchills times DOH.
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