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  1. Carpet in bathrooms - this is a British thing isn't it? Never really understood the attraction.
  2. Very well written article which made my blood boil. The author lays it all out in a very clever way, draws no conclusions but instead waits for the penny to drop for the reader. The Wilson's stating that they'd be sunk by a base rate in the ball park of official inflation figures - a truly remarkable admission right from the horses month. edit -spelling
  3. Something strange is going on in RM9. In the last few weeks, I've seen three of the one's of been watching go UP in price; 10K normally. These have all been on the market for months. At the same time others are coming down this week. Interesting times. The deposit is locked away on fixed deposit to the end of year, but still keeping an eye on it. I also note with glee that the flipped one mention above is still unsold...
  4. Agreed (I've been burnt more than once by retrospective changes to immigration laws for example). That's where the not taking the pxxx part seems to offer some degree of protection.
  5. Considering leaving my permanent IT job this year to go contracting (because it simply doesn't pay enough to get a 4x FTB mortgage, even with a massive deposit). Despite wanting to go over to the dark side myself, I think these guys need to be strung up. Is the somewhere I can pledge 5 Pounds to help the HRMC bring these people to justice? Play by the rules and don't take the pxxx
  6. +1 Fully inclined to agree. My landlord's generation - that's another matter...
  7. Really? Is it just me or are energy bills nothing compared to say council tax (or commuting costs)? For us (two persons in a flat with poor insulation) Gas 60 Pounds + Electricity 25 Pounds - for the last quarter. ie. about 1/3 of the council tax, so not the thing which is causing me the most pain.
  8. Agreed - preserve the National Parks and build on the rest. People simply don't use the green belt and it's economically destroying my generation having to fund it through huge rents. Surrey in particular - a waste of perfectly good rail links, leaving it as B grade farm land.
  9. 1 ship = useless. The whole idea is you need the system built around identical ships; one on patrol - one in servicing - one in overhaul for the next new thing One ship and it'll never be available for deployment.
  10. I walked past this one about 3 months ago when it was on for 145K - quite liked it. It's now turned up again, been painted and is on for 20K more: http://www.bairstoweves.co.uk/property-details-BEL_RPS-DAG090643 That feels abit much for that one. ie. compared to this 160K place (which went about 6 weeks ago): http://www.bairstoweves.co.uk/content/010_Search_Results/Property_Details/property-sales-BEL_RPS-DAG090300-1250527484
  11. Started following end of terrace semis at about 160k around 3 months ago. It's going to be another 6 months before I have another attempt at a mortgage application anyway; hoping things don't jump back out or reach. The deposit is safely tucked away in NZ dollars, so can wait it out.
  12. There seems to have been an increase in the amount of new listings coming on over the last 3 weeks. Asking prices still seem to be up on where they were 3 months ago though.
  13. This time round, is the low value of the Pound going to be the barrier? No easy start in a new country.
  14. Over the last month, I've started thinking seriously about heading back to New Zealand With the Pound approaching 2 NZD, I'd earn more net income back home and won't have to commute. Funny thing is - changes to UK immigration laws actually mean I'm stuck here to mid 2011. edit -spelling
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