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  1. Peter Schiff interview. Schiff talks about debt, the monetary system, his tax protesting father, the Fed, gold and the dollar. A lot of what he says about the central bank financing the deficits applies to the UK too. The BoE is doing just as much printing and we're headed for a disaster and a collapse of the pound.
  2. Britain may need more QE in 'uneven' recovery - OECD Having been “flat” for two and a half years, the economy should grow by 0.9pc this year and 1.6pc in the next, under the Paris-based think-tank’s latest review - unchanged from last November. However, if the economy stays weak, another push from the Bank of England’s £375bn quantitative easing (QE) programme, under which it buys up government debt in an effort to stimulate the economy, may be warranted, it said. “It is important that monetary policy continues to be supportive of the economy,” said Angel Gurria, the OECD’s secretary-general. “Unconventional measures, such as further quantitative easing may be needed - now, this is of course if growth fails to catch.” The recommendation came even as enthusiasm for QE appears to be waning among Bank policy-makers, viewing it as a tool which offers diminishing returns. However, other options, such as cutting interest rates - long held at 0.5pc - close to zero, or buying private securities rather than government bonds, did “not appear to have clear advantages over expanding QE”, in the think-tank’s eyes. .... In response to the report, Mr Osborne said the OECD had concluded that Britain was still on the “right track” with its fiscal effort, adding that “as the OECD points out, the monetary policy action by the Bank of England can and should continue to support the economy.” Separately, Lord Turner, the chairman of the Financial Services Authority (FSA), used a valedictory speech to urge the Government to print money to reduce the deficit. In a marathon lecture at Cass Business School, he accepted that so-called “helicopter drops” could be dangerous. However, he argued that the strategy had been unfairly demonised and should be considered to boost growth - although he added it would be better for other countries than the UK.
  3. REMOVED BY MODERATOR. Here's here to strip the country of what's left on behalf of his masters before the real crisis. More QE, more inflation, more bond and asset purchases from money created out of thin air, more low interest rates and more shrinking GDP. it doesn't take a genius to work out what he's going to do given his background being from the Goldman Sachs gang you only need to look at his ex-colleague and fellow gang member Mario Draghi at the ECB doing "unlimited" purchases of Italian and Spanish bonds. Who do you think is getting the commission on those?
  4. We know what Carney's agenda is. To deliver more inflation, more bond purchases and to enrich his friends at Goldman Sachs. That's all he's there for. Another crook who has come to loot the UK.
  5. Goldman Sachs gang member and incoming Bankrupt of England Governor Mark Carney made some comments in Davos that revealed what he plans to do to the UK economy and the British pound. His answer: Britain needs more inflation. Yes, this idiot plans to inflict more devastating inflation on British households when he takes up his post in June. Source: Channel 4 news just now, though the comments are not being widely reported by the propagandists in the British media yet.
  6. No, they don't. Maybe you should tell uber rich Switzerland and Singapore that they're tiny countries are irrelevant and that they need to subsume themselves into some behemoth to solve "global issues". I think they'd tell you to bugger off. "global issues" can be debated and solved through UN, WTO etc. existing structures. If we left the EU our influence would INCREASE because like Norway we'd get a seat at the table while currently the "EU" represents us
  7. The central complaint about the "EU" is that it's a corrupt cabal of politicians making laws and regulations in secret and imposing their will on hundreds of millions of people. One of the only 3 bodies in the world that meets and passes laws in secret. The other two being in Cuba and Communist China.
  8. We're no where near our crisis yet. What you see is a well constructed illusion of wealth. Look at the trade deficits, the budget deficits, the national debt, the shrinking GDP, the real inflation rate and real terms wage cuts. That gives you a better and more accurate picture. Living standards will have to reduce as a result. It will be slow over time sort of like the frog in the saucepan where the heat is being turned up one notch at a time. Sooner or later there will have to be massive public sector cuts which will just continue the downward spiral as most of our GDP is fake along with the generated "wealth". You will see public riots and sh&t going on like what happens in Greece which the BBC and its assortment of arrogant comedians like to make fun of yet don't realise that we're in no better shape financially. Britain is not some special island that is immune from economic law. The correction and crisis will come here in good time. The stupid politicians will make it worse with whatever schemes they dream up.
  9. Yes, we need similar cuts and furloughs of the wasteful public sector like what's happening in Greece. Also, we need to strip the public sector of their generous and unfunded pensions. It will not be pretty. But it will be necessary.
  10. So what you want is Keynesian nonsense, government "investment" is what these idiots have been doing since the year 2000, every sodding year and putting on a credit card which crowds out private - and real - investment therefore ensuring we have an even longer crisis. Indeed, that's how FDR and the FED created what we know as the Great Depression, which they didn't get out of until the 1950's.
  11. The worst part is they keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. Stimulus, huge public debt, huge deficit, zero interest rates, QE, high taxes, regulations, international aid increases, green company rip offs, corporate welfare, bank bailouts, pensions theft, real inflation of at least 10% and on it goes. That's why we're in such a mess because the politicians running the show are completely clueless and are working hard to make sure we never recover from their 2000-2012 binge which is still continuing like never before... £15bn the losers borrowed last month. How do you think that's funded? Not by international investors but by the criminals at the Bankrupt of England who are printing money out of thin air, buying the government toilet paper - I mean gilts- and devaluing your hard earned money therefore precipating the worst crisis EVER, yes, it's going to be worse than anything before in our history and it's just getting started. Mark Caney from the Goldman Sachs gang will be Mervyn King on steroids as he strips even more wealth from the country on behalf of his bankster friends and continues the same failed policies. They certainly don't give a sh^t about the country or the economy that's for sure, just what they can take out of it for themselves and their friends.
  12. How ironic that they're holding this economic summit in independent Switzerland, the richest per capita country in Europe? Maybe the brain dead politicians can learn something about their host country and think about copying it ? No, that would be too simple wouldn't it.
  13. The BBC 'News' is a disgrace and are knowingly spinning and spreading propaganda, not just trying to portray a rosy outlook for the economy whilst simultaneously excusing the central bankers and politicians running this disaster but on other issues like climate change where they tell us we must take urgent action and stuff yet more cash into the pockets of bankers and politicians. Notice how this works. The State broadcaster is an international joke and laughing stock especially after it was revealed that they did nothing about harboring a satanic pedophile for 40 years and then putting out puff pieces after he died. The worst part is we're paying £140/year to be essentially told a pack of lies and to support a mountain of corruption.
  14. Had to laugh at the statist pigs spinning the latest dire economic figures on the BBC's 6 O'Clock news. Stephanie Flanders is wheeled out to assure us that this isn't unusual, that the figures could be revised up, that the Chancellor is facing a challenging global environment and whatever else excuse she can dream up. No mention of the dire public debt and deficit which is rising not falling, no mention of the disastrous QE policy which has stolen savings and screwed pensioners, no mention of practically zero interest rates for 4 years screwing the economy, no mention of the massive annual trade deficit, permanently high taxes and rampant inflation in the economy (petrol up 4p a litre next week). Everything is fine and dandy, we're on track for complete recovery and untold riches and any hiccups along the way are the fault of malevolent global forces. If you look closely you can see Stephanie Flanders frantically running round telling passengers on the Titanic not to panic, the ship isn't sinking.
  15. If you think Gold was going to do well and you thought there was inflation then you've answered your own question: Gold is a store of value, there is a limited amount of it on the planet that is in circulation and that can be mined every year so its price adjusts relative to supply and demand. When the central banksters run their printers the price of gold increases because they're devaluing their currencies. It's not hordes of gold bugs buying up the world supply and keeping the price artificially high in a manic phase of a bubble as you like to portray. it's a steady inexorable growth (12 years and running) due to the increase of fiat money. Gold is money and identifiable store of value the world over and has been for 6,000 years. Central banks hold gold themselves and some of them are active in the market. As Ron Paul asked Bernanke once, why don't central banks hold diamonds? His answer was that it was "tradition" that they held gold.
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