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  1. Indeed. http://pigeonsnest.co.uk/stuff/thieving-gypsy-bastards.html
  2. Don't think many of them would have the qualities required for such a role.............. The recruitment agencies books are overflowing with these guys.
  3. I've spoken to a few desperate ex oil and gas guys recently - many of them on £50K plus offshore now chasing jobs on the beach at £25K to "keep them going" until the oil price rises. They're full of complaints when they have to deal with the reality of normal jobs and salaries - which many don't have the skills to do - and they are driving salaries down as many have huge mortgages and employers know they are desperate......... Also heard of quite a few trying to offload their X5s at the dealer in exchange for a smaller car,/lower monthly payments without success. On the plus side, hotel rooms are easier to find in the North East, and they are now open to some haggling on the price - this wasn't the case a few years ago!
  4. Often owned by people like this: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3200698/Meet-gipsy-king-worth-200million-born-roadside-learned-trade-offering-Tarmac-drives-lunches-Prime-Ministers.html Why would anyone even consider buying one of these park homes?
  5. What really is ridiculous is the 50mph speed limit for small vans on single carriageways where the natinal speed limit is 60mph. There's a stretch of road nearby where the camera vans regularly prosecute small vans i.e. those with a GVW just over the 2000Kg limit - e.g. Transit Connect at GVW 2050Kg. Crazy, especially since these vans are generally much safer (ABS etc.) than many 10 year old family hatchbacks loaded up with family and luggage.
  6. Indeed. To suggest that reliability, efficiency and performance of wind generators has not improved massively over the last 30 years is crazy. I wonder why China has the largest installed capacity of windpower in the world if, as suggested, they are merely built to take advantage of subsidies?
  7. I don't think anyone would doubt the real reason that iran wants nuclear!
  8. "Solid metal rod" - is the word "shaft" banned on HPC? How long ago did the example you cite in Hawaii occurr? Google IGBT and you'll see that things have moved on since that era. Gearbox failures are more often due to maintenance subcontractors not changing oil/sampling oil or properly inspecting gearboxes. Most windfarm owners contract the cheapest and corners are cut!
  9. With the need for a DPF on a diesel engine, and the associated problems, it's debatable if running a diesel vehicle saves any money over running the equivalent petrol model.
  10. Scottish Power are currently offering a fixed deal until January 2015. The annual price is only 1% more than my current tarrif with them - seriously considering this option so at least my energy costs are fixed for the next few years. I'm still adding stacks of insulation, woodburner, solar water heating! Energy prices can only go one way.
  11. it's all about revenue protection. As the price of energy increases, it's more attaractive to attempt to bypass the meter. This will alert the power company immediately, and they'll send the boys round........
  12. I was just about to invest in a 100kW PV system until I read about this reduction in FIT rates. Think I'll just buy a BTL now. You can't go wrong with bricks and mortar..................
  13. 80% of childcare costs? Maybe if you're earnings are very low, but not for the majority of people.
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