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  1. Thanks for the umptieth replay of your current situation, Bruce... We are well aware of your "my interest covers my rent" scenario. Now let's get back to the OP's question...
  2. Cheers, mate. Put in a few long positions, based on your call, and they are really looking good so far...
  3. I hear you, mate... Renting a lovely coutry house in Surrey at less than a 50% IO mortgage. No brainer! Also love the bits of Silver... Bought a few kilo bars for a laugh 5 years ago for £245... selling for a cool £1k at the moment on eBay. Anyway, enough smugness; just glad that most of us on here can every now and then get the feeling that we might just have done something right...
  4. The sarcasm FILTER is working very well. I think his sarcasm DETECTOR needs a bit of maintenance...
  5. Many arguments on this thread (rightly) point out that a tracker mortgage, e.g. BoE + 1%, is not in immediate danger in the near future. The chances of the base rate hitting , say 5% in the next 2 years, is relatively low. So, kudus to those who picked the lifetime tracker products. I am looking at those that picked the tracker mortgages over two or three years, who I think are a large part of the "9 out of 10 borrowers". After all, why have a 10 year tracker at BoE + 3% when you can have a two year tracker at BoE + 2.5%. Seriously, I know quite a few sheeple who argue like that. My point is, these borrowers are truly f**ked: Their term is nearly over and the new products on offer are at least double their existing rates, regardless of the BoE rate.
  6. For me POA brings back memories of menu items in a posh restaurant (like the Lobster). It sends a clear message: "If you have to ask the price, you cannot affort it." Totally escapes me how POA is helping a house sale.
  7. +1 Standard negotiation technique. Would you buy a house for , say £245k, from me if I started with "£250k and not a penny less or strike me dead", or would you buy at the same price if I had "£250k negotiable". Buyers who are interested will ignore the fixed price blurp and feel they have achieved something by getting you to give them something in the negotiation (e.g. a measly 2% discount)
  8. Seems pretty serious. I've got some Barclays stock and wanted to put in a "sell at limit". Got the following Error Message: sounds like a BUY signal to me...
  9. I seriously dislike unsolicited sales calls. Did not even try to catch him out, just told him politely to sod off.
  10. Did not take long for the opportunists to pick up on this one... Had a young lad calling at my home today, trying to urge me to switch to Scottish Power, as they will apparently not increase their rates. He did cite the Japan catastropheas reason why everyone else will have to increase their bills.
  11. But what about the yellow stuff? Why is the unmentionable "G" word also down... nealry 2%?
  12. Could probably been worse... Circuit breakers were triggered AGAIN. Last trigger was on 13 March. Reuters Linky
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